Watch X-Play’s new look at Skyrim

Watch 11+ minutes of Skyrim goodness (including plenty of new footage) at The video receives narration from Jake Gaskill and Nikole Zivalich, who recently had a chance to play the game for three hours in Los Angeles.

After the break, watch more Skyrim footage shown on tonight’s episode of X-Play.

Note: To watch the videos in HD, be sure to click the HD button in the bottom right corner.

Reader Comments

  1. Skyrim looks amazing, if it’s even half as addicting as Oblivion, its going to be hard to juggle my dragon born with all my school work and my practices. Good bye late friday parties

  2. Oh my goodness! The grass and other land textures are mind boggling photorealistic. Ye gads truly stunning!

    Love the ice spell sound effect. Perfectly balanced and not overpowering.

    Now back to seeing the rest of this jaw dropping X-Play video…

  3. Bethesda really knows face risks, to push their limits. The game is awesome! It will be a journey to improve mental health, learning to play something that goes beyond bullets, bombs, bullets.. and nothing else. The best? we have the first person + third person within Skyrim.
    I take a long break in the repetitive shooters. I can summarize most of the shooters, such as books that only make a pretty cover, but repeats the same story. Was a year with more mutant lizards, crushing human heads. The return of a “legacy” which brought light to his darkness, but forgot how to do the rest.. bonus? more mutants. Troops, bombs, shots everywhere! for long hours of Michael Bay.
    It will be a long-awaited journey.

  4. Holy crap this looks more amazing with every new sneak peek!! Can’t wait to get my hands on this and discover the world, and then when the modders begin developing content..! Psyched. Totally psyched.

  5. I remember thinking to myself back in May of this year that the BethSoft team was showing way too much footage and story points and features to leave anything to the imagination or to be suprised by in-game. And here we are two weeks till “D” Day and they are showing more than ever and still my gut tells me we are in for some very funny/scary/sad/crazy/weird as only Bethesda Game Studios is capable of Awesome suprises in the Original Home of Men that is Skyrim!!!!! Down with Alduin Long Live Do Va Kiin!!!

  6. There has been a lot of complaints on the forum about the commentators, and I have to agree – it’s much better to have commentators who are competent, know what they are talking about, than to have those who tries to make up for their deficiencies with enthusiasm and silly comments.

  7. “Oh my goodness, it’s like an elf-tree-demon!”

    Why is it that only the people who’ve never heard of the Elder Scrolls before get to play it..

    • You’re right. That commentary is so bad, I don’t understand why these people are Bethesda’s first choice for giving out gameplay videos.

        • The reason that everything is shown on the Xbox 360 has nothing to do with money. If it were down to money, there would be a 360 logo in the corner of all pictures and videos.

          The real reason was given by Todd Howard from day one: He said that the 360 is the worst version, so that is what they are showing. PS3 is the middle, and high-end PC is obviously the best.

          As for the commentary on the video, yes she annoyed the hell out of me. Sounded like my mother had just picked up and xbox controller for the first time.

  8. the commentary of the 2nd video was sooo unbelievably stupid!! seriously Bethesda you should sue those two stupid morons for their extended stupidity!!

  9. Sessler gave a great preview and even showed off some tid bits of the audio .. Sadly the other video with even more footage was completely coated in the joyful ranting of what seemed to be a couple of glee club rejects with no understanding of what they are viewing ~_~; (Ice arrows? Freezing the chicken? Mana?) .. it went on I’m sure but I had to mute those two

  10. I know this footage has accompanying sounds; I’ve heard snippets of it without the voice overs.

    Since G4 seems so reluctant to release this footage without that horrendous noise constantly playing over the top, could you release that without any kind of audio dub?

    Just, put it on the YouTube channel or something.

  11. = As everyone can see, the world is huge! beautiful! running at 60 frames… ow, sorry, wrong text.
    – Yes, and can cast spells in the style of sub-zero! creating ice statues… wow!
    = I’m now being attacked by a mutant tree! fantastic!
    – I learned that it is an RPG, but I need to play more to really understand that.
    = There are six types of dragons. I understood that its features are: red, blue, green, brown, yellow, white.
    – Yes I saw it! they can fly!
    = According to the story, you’re the son of a dragon born from the flames!
    – I’m so excited! The warrior knows how to read Chinese I think, and certainly, you can train your own dragon!
    = G4 is here folks! wait for more videos!

  12. If you intend to watch this turn the sound off. The amazing new visual snippets of Skyrim’s glory are marred by what sounds like over-caffeinated, inarticulate middle-schoolers talking about stuff that is either incorrect or already well known to anyone who visits bethblog on a regular basis. I understand Skyrim has mass appeal but these two didn’t take any time to learn anything about the game.

  13. TAKE MY MONEY, BETHESDA! JUST TAKE IT! I’ll knock down your door just to give it to you!

    But in all seriousness, you deserve much more for your awesome work. I’ve given Intel and nVidia over $600 just to enjoy your game more. You should be getting a cut of that.

  14. That dude just got beheaded! Damn, Skyrim! You scary!

    In all seriousness, though, I suppose dismemberment is back in some capacity?

    • Steve J,
      From what I have heard, dismemberment isn’t there from the start, but you can unlock the decapitation perk (For rag-doll-physics fun with heads rolling down mountains, or maybe reverse-pick-pocketing them into someone’s clothing)

    • Yay for..DECAPITATION.

      SKYRIM looks like a cold stark brutal world giving buildings and homes a strong sense of shelter and protecting warmth. A buetiful grim gothic landscape. I wonder if some highly talented Modder will create a Dracula world with the available resources.

      It was great hearing the dialogue of the commentators with their sense of awe and appreciation at seeing such a masterpiece of gaming artistry before their eyes.


  15. I’m not able to watch these videos, neither here nor on the original website, neither in SD or HD. I press play and nothing happens (or in some cases, I just get a box full of blank white). Anybody know what’s wrong?

  16. “Is that a wind axe?” ARE THESE PEOPLE RETARDED. I mean really Bethesda said that that was an enchantment/shout for increased speed, G4 even mentioned that in a previous video. Tards not researching.

    • They didnt have a clue about ElderScrolls mythology, they didnt even bother to read a wikia or something nor follow up the recent skyrim news. All they did was:
      “waaoo, look how cool is this”;
      “hey I hope for gets in the game”;
      “man you can play with your dragon, a real dragon, wow, dragon you know?”

      Its like showing my 10 year son this game and asking “try to make a decent comentary about this video” he would been better for sure.

    • It is quite disturbing how both of them ignored the interesting footage – as if they just threw sporadic glimpses at the screen

  17. Well. The new footage simply makes me want this game more. Seriously. It is captivating. Gorgeous. I want nothing else, Skyrim is the only game for me. I even prepared a Skyrim drinking game for me and my friends for release day.

    However I will say that the commentators were simply, abysmal. Seriously I can’t believe these people were allowed to dirty Skyrim with their childish analysis. “We hope there is a shout to call a dragon or befriend a dragon” THERE IS! THEY ANNOUNCED THAT RECENTLY! Dear god. Never let those people near my precious Skyrim ever again.

  18. G4 explains:
    X-Play is a standard program “osmosis”. Absorb all the information just by looking at the product. We are experts in RPG (Gears of Wars, COD, BF, Angry Birds) so no need to explain our arguments.

  19. So many un-educated reviewers…probably because they know that all the people that have played before are going to run and find the Dark Brotherhood and leak all the secrets. Todd Howard you shneaky guy you!

  20. Wow. The commentary for this video was like baby’s first pod cast. Inane ramblings from two people who sound like they’re either high, or have the mental maturity of a 14 year old kid who was locked in a closet until recently. I don’t even mind that they don’t know the terminology about this particular game, it’s that they seem to be totally oblivious to anything but what seems like a fleeting experience with games in general. These two come off as the kind of people that played a game for 15 minutes one time and now consider themselves gamers.

    I would continue by saying that this is what it would be like if I got my non gaming father to comment on a 3 hour preview, but I give my father more credit than that, and even if he just sat there in silent awe of this game’s depth and scope for 11 minutes and then proceeded to utter the word :wow” under his breath it would be vastly better than what I just listened to.

    I can only assume that Bethesda sent an invitation to G4 for the preview, but everyone was too busy or blind drunk to go themselves, so they selected two interns or parking attendees, gave them the address, and then shoved them out the door with bus fare and a couple of bagged lunches.

  21. Yes, she said she played oblivion before. But she didn’t know how to name the ‘mana bar’. If you really played TES before, you know it’s magicka.

  22. I agree with Kevin about a lot of the previewers out there getting the features wrong. Like Sessler saying that you assign points to your 18 skills and then you assign a perk. You just use them and you get better. Anyone who has played The Elder Scrolls knows you dont “assign” skill points. Its the most Roleplayingest feature in the game!

  23. Great footage, looks amazing but those two were bloody annoying. they knew nothing about Skyrim and the footage kept on repeating as they twittered on about their amazing experience.