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  1. Agghh! The things they did to the poor Dragonborn! I guess the female rpgers finally got their swag on. Lucky femmes.

    Powerful looking statue. Love the shadowy black tones which could represent any type of character which represents the Elder Scrolls style of being whatever you want to be.

    Thanks 😀

  2. Youve gotta stop using Flash-based image sideshows. I only read your site on iPhone and iPad – the most popular phone and tablet.

  3. HTML 5 based would be better. Either way it’s an easy set up by Flickr, not like Bethesda coded it themselves.

    Also just because you use Apple’s mobile products isn’t a good excuse for them to switch over. There’s plenty of WebOS, WP7, and Android users around here. Android at the least gets Flash.

    You could always download one of the browsers in your the App store that support flash. Think it’s called Sky-something.

    I’m not a fan of Flash, it’s a “standard” that should be forgotten. But there’s a ton of content that uses Flash. There needs to be a mid-way so we’re not disadvantaged from no flash but are able to slowly break free into better standards like HTML 5.