Skyrim Team Diary #1

The first team diary for Skyrim — “Completely Blue Sky: The Concept of Skyrim” — is now live on the Elder Scrolls community page!

Featuring concept artists Ray Lederer and Adam Adamowicz, the diary offers a full article, over 40 pieces of concept art and a slick concept-to-reality montage video. Head over there now to check it out.

Supporting the article is also the first Skyrim podcast, which you can listen to there, or grab separately in the regular places:

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Reader Comments

  1. That reminds me of….Whats the jerk from SoulCaliber? Nightmare…ya know…before he grew some mutant arm and became a villan

    Well the armor does at least

  2. Found the end of vid. Howard: Why are you drawing meat?

    And the architecture looks interesting, very good. Much better presented than Oblivion.

  3. I love listening to you guys chat. It is so exciting to know that the people in charge of the project are truly enthusiastic about their work. That always signals a good game.

  4. I have to admit I always enjoy hearing from the guys at Bethesda. They are passionate about their creation and it makes me want to immerse myself in the world of Skyrim even more. 11-11-11 could not arrive sooner. I feel like this game is going to set the standard for single player fantasy RPGs. I seriously think it’s video game history in the making. It looks that enjoyable.

  5. Is it a bit late to start these diaries? We’ll be following them for the next 2 weeks, but … after that, we might be quite busy! 😉

  6. I have prepared everything for 11.11.11
    My office chair “butt happy” arrived today, now yes! I can spend hours sitting, without suffering from hemorrhoids.

  7. Cmon give us more! Something! All this waiting this close to release is driving me mad! Maybe just throw us a screenshot or a piece of concept art every day until launch! I need something to wonder at and have a cup of tea 😀