RAGE Strategy and Interactive Map Pack available on iTunes

Finding yourself stuck in RAGE’s wasteland? Prima’s new iPad/iPhone App might be just what you need.

Visit iTunes to download the app and with it you’ll get access to the Hagar Settlement Map and Ghost Hideout Map for free. The maps allow you to view key locations, keep track of items you need, and zoom in/out on points of interest.

You can also purchase maps of the Wasteland and Eastern Wasteland along with their interior maps, a complete Mission Flow Chart of every quest and mission, and the RAGE Frenzy Card Game Tutorial with a list of all cards and their locations. Purchase each one separately or buy all five for $5.99.

  • Hagar Settlement & Ghost Hideout Map (FREE)
  • Engineering Schematic (FREE)
  • Wasteland and Interior Maps ($1.99)
  • Eastern Wasteland and Interior Maps ($1.99)
  • Mission Flow Chart ($2.99)
  • RAGE Frenzy Tutorial and Card List ($0.99)

Don’t have one of those newfangled iThingies? You can still purchase the official game guide in print and digital formats.

Reader Comments

  1. Hard to get stuck since I can’t play it on a Mac, but I’ll run right out and give you guys cash for this my iOS device so it can sit uselessly.

  2. would be better to have the game to work. I bought a license the day of release. So far, I can not play.
    Takes off. The latest drivers and all updates for windows 7. Game did not work. I bought the game and looking at how it is turned off at startup. Thanks for the “perfect” game. Someone have obviously curved hands. And this is the game developers …

  3. Now you are gonna sell us stuff, through itunes yet, for the game that still won’t run for many people. How about a manual.

    Even when it runs, on a PC, it’s really a console game. I can force, with large textures, the game into lag and freeze in some car battle situations. While that happen my CPU sits at idle temperatures and my GPU runs quiet as it’s not working very hard. I have two but the game does not like SLI.

    It’s just a console game compiled for PC. Uses my massive hardware advantage not at all.