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    Will we be able to pre-download the game a week early as usual? cause i live in the middle of no where with an awful connection! (id gladly pay for better but there just isnt any better :()

  2. Really looking forward to this. The game, of course, is the biggest thing and what I’ve been anticipating since… oh… I think February or March when I first heard about it, but this “The Making Of Skyrim” video is the reason why I HAD to order the collectors edition. And it’s only thse Bethesda games from this team that I like so much. I’ve watched “the making of”s for other games, and I get bored really quick, but with Todd Howard’s team I find it fascinating to watch. The glimpses of the game making process, and the little stories they tell of stuff that happened while they were working on it and how they came up with the ideas and everything, these people make it all unexpectedly fascinating.

    Waiting for November 11th is driving me absolutely crazy.

  3. Too bad the Collector’s Edition has a $70 paperweight packaged with it. I would have sprung for it if it weren’t for that.

  4. I wish I could purchase the dvd separately. I love watching those things. However, I don’t want to pay $150.00 for it… and I don’t really need a dragon statue (as awesome as is it). I think making of dvd’s make a cool pre-order bonus.

  5. A miraculous work of artistic creation. Looks like i’ll be switching my pre-order to the Collectors Edition. The tempting beauty is just too much as my mind and flesh burn with passionate awe.

    Thank you for this portrait of advertising power.

  6. The reason the CE is so expensive is because of the high development costs of creating a game like this. Plus zenimax went a little crazy with advertising, and that must of cost a lot.

  7. The reason why it’s so exspensive is either Because they got greedy or because someone made some teirrible financial choices. Advertising and PR often carry some of this, but not exclusively. High costs please. This is not the fist Elder Scrolls Game and definately not the first one that took a long time to develope. Plus the company got bigger this time round with more big IP’s therefore less risk is calculated and less weight has to be put in each game.
    So all in all I would say they’ve made a bad decision and kicked some long time fans in the stomach (some would say again). Personally though I’m over it, and have bought a copy of the game regular edition. Though at the time og perchase in a bit of spite I found the legal way in which to support Bethesda the least financially. Hope it’s not to strong for the blog Beth, Sorry if it is. 🙂

  8. Loved the making of for Oblivion and F3 .. Its going to be hard not watching it till I finish the game.

    The CE was totally worth it.. Really guys, look into it before you call Bethesda greedy .. Those items stand alone are not cheap. PVC collectable figures of that scale sale for around 50-100USD .. the game is 60 .. and the Book is hard cover and large.. 20 bucks easy .. The DVD 5-10USD .. So the price of the CE should be around 130-200 by my estimations .. Its 150.

    So this really comes down to “Is it worth it to you?”

    • Dylan. If you have ever bought another CE of large games such as The Witcher 2 or Starcraft 2 you would know how much that can be added at lower cost. If youve seen the Gerald bust. You would know the quality of it and this piece of plastic costs more then that. Hmmm I say again. Terrible financial choice. It comes down to what you would expect based on comparison with other similar products or standards of the same kind of products. Plus if you talk retail price. Please remember Bethesda did not pay the retail price to have those items made.
      your price estimates are guesswork just like any other such estimates, but 5-10 bucks for a DVD of which most is probably going to be legally advailable on the net in HD (based on previous Beth products, of which I have most)does not add up.
      No if you want to throw that much money after such a small amount of stuff fine it’s your money. There are however quite a few long time fans who would have bought a CE at normal prices or with at lot of content even at this price. Excluding most EU citizens of course since someone though 1 dollar = 1 Euro. and then what ever the retailers demand on top of it. Who feel that Bethesda has let them down. So let them voice their displeasure with the way that Bethesda is going (not limiting to the price of the limited edition).
      As for me I’ve bought the regular game (as said before at the time I was quite angry at Beth. So I found a way to buy it and substantially limit my financial support of Bethesda). Perhaps one of my local game stores will get a CE they can’t sell and in a few months the price will fall dramatically as often happens.

    • That’s all well and good, but when some countries are charged *double* that of the Americans despite our dollar values being (more or less) identical, then yes, it’s not even remotely worth it.

      I’d call it 30% Bethesda’s fault for picking an expensive CE to begin with, and 70% what game retailers think they can get away with.

      But either way, I’m happy with my marginally cheaper normal edition.

  9. The more realistic it gets the better, i wish i could work with them i have always been a fan of elder scrolls and fallout. And i payed of the collectors edition 3 months ago, its worth my 150 bucks. 10 more days cant wait. And thanks for putting out on a friday the best day you could release the game of the year 🙂 its going tom win game of the year out of all games, no problem.

  10. All this information *would* make me consider getting a CE, if it hadn’t already been sold out in Australia hours after it was up for pre-order.