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  1. Why is the dragon only a lightweight plastic? Given the price of the CE I had assumed the dragon made up the cost, but clearly not. The Witcher 2’s CE came with a big statue as well, made of a heavy and durable material, an art book, and an assortment of other collectibles, at a significantly lower price than the Skyrim CE.

    I’m not canceling my pre-order, I love TES. I would probably pay £129.99 for the game alone given how many hundreds of hours I garner from the experience, I’m just seriously starting to wonder how you justify that price point now that the dragon is revealed to be made of plastic. It’s worrying.

  2. I too was kind of dissapointed specially after watching the gamespot unboxing, that thing sound beyond cheap. I was really expecting a pretty decent quality statue in 1 piece. I have the ce on preorder and still think the thing looks sweet despite being so dam cheap and can overlook it since it would be sitting on top of my desk and wont be moved around much at all. I just hope the dragon sits on the base firmly and not just random fall off one day and break.

  3. And my winner of the best ce unboxing so far is…
    … drumroll
    … norse fanfares
    Jim Sterling (Destructoid) – didn’t have so much fan with 3rd party ES V videos since Harry Partridge’s Skyrim video on youtube
    (reaction on the announcement trailer; mildly nsfw, so not linked here)

  4. Could I get an accurate measure for the statue’s height, width and depth?

    I want to clear some space for it on a shelf, but I’m not sure if the shelf is deep enough.

    • I wish they had a version with just the artbook or sold it separately. I have nothing against the quality of the statue, I just don’t like them in general lol. Seems a shame buying something you’d throw away, so I won’t get it.

  5. The dragon looks pretty cool – the base, not so much.

    I saw the Witcher 2 CE art book because I wanted to get it – the art was fantastic, but sadly the quality of the book itself was cheap, I wasn’t impressed at all so I didn’t end up getting it.

    The quality of the Skyrim artbook looks fantastic though. As good as, or even better than, the Blizzard WoW CE art books. I’m cringing at the price, but ecstatic thinking about the art book – and the game too LOL of course!

    I wonder how much extra that piece of Styrofoam with the Skyrim logo on it cost them to make 🙂 I know that’s one of the things I’m most looking forward to!