Pre-order the four-disc Skyrim soundtrack

Once 11.11.11 hits, Skyrim will be on the minds of many for weeks and months on end. To help with those awkward moments when you’re away from the game (work, driving, going to the gym), we’ve got just what you need: The Elder Scrolls® V: Skyrim™  – The Original Game Soundtrack 4-disc set!

Available through DirectSong, the four-disc set is a fantastic collector’s item for fans of The Elder Scrolls. The compilation will begin shipping the week after the game’s release. As a bonus to anyone that orders by December 23rd, copies of the soundtrack will be personally autographed by the game’s composer, Jeremy Soule!

The four-disc CD compilation can be pre-ordered now for $29.99.

Details on the music being made available on iTunes will be announced at a later date.

Reader Comments

  1. You guys are just determined to have all of my money this year, aren’t you. You know it’d just be easier to steal my bank card.

  2. I want to get this so bad! Iv spent $160.00 + $40.00 (for guide) and now this 🙁 I love you bethesda but your robbing my pockets 🙂

  3. Pretty sweet offer. But sadly I’ve got no use for physical disks any more and I look forward to hearing the itunes pricing and options.

    • yep they do, i just bought myself a copy, its $8 shipping, but it says it’s gonna take 4-6 weeks delivery, so thats a bit of a bummer 🙁

    • Yeah you can, but these CDs have high quality versions of them. As it looks from the image is seems to have 5 tracks on 1 CD, that’s close to 150mb per song…and yes you will definitely hear the difference if you pay attention to it.

      But yeah, shipment fees let me do the same as you hehe.

  4. Oh. My. God. THANK YOU BETHESDA. You answered my prayers!

    I’m 100% getting this, its very collectible, and 4 discs, wow. AND signed. That is just crazy.

  5. any chance of this being available at dutch stores? maybe signed. i don’t have paypal and neither do i have a credit card. i hope it will as i will pre-order it when i find it.

  6. That’s freakin Awesome!!!!


    Don’t you have guys another seller with a credit card like Amazon or something else.

    • Too big to fit. Besides, Jeremy Soule usually sells a lot of his music individually. Besides, if they were pre-shipped in the collectors it’d be hard to get them autographed.

  7. I wish this would have been included in the Skyrim Collectors Edition, but still glad they are releasing it so I can spend all my time away from the game listening to it!

  8. Skyrim Collector’s Edition: £130.
    Prima strategy guide: £18.
    Signed 4-disc soundtrack: £22.
    Hundreds of hours of glorious epic fantasy: priceless.

    £170 for Bethesda from a impulse-buying fanboys like me. I hope the staff are going to have some nice vacations…

    Oh and Americans, please stop complaining about prices when the Australians have to pay even more than us Europeans. You got off lightly. 🙂

      • For the record I’m 36, but between this and Skyrim’s specs, old Beth’s starting to give off a real “we’re stuck in 2005 technologically” vibe.

        • LOL CDs aren’t retro yet. They’re just abandoned by today’s young iGeneration who only cares what music sounds like through cheap earbuds. Very few musicians are doing digital downloads in lossless WAV or FLAC formats. MP3s as digital downloads just don’t cut it in terms of audio quality. Skyrim’s soundtrack is going to be epic on CD. And the year 2005 hardly qualifies with the length of time most people associate with the word “retro.”

          • How many is a few to you? Besides it’s a growing trend. I too think Cd’s are retro, but that is not a bad thing for me i still get one oncein a while just like a get LP once in a while because it still delivers the best sound.

          • Skyrim will sound especially amazing blasting through my truly-retro vintage 1970’s hifi stereo system my PC is plugged in to.

  9. So… complete “special edition” package of the CE game, CE guide, and signed sountrack for $200. I’m happy with this. Too bad the CE game wasn’t signed by Todd Howard but I guess we can’t have it all.

    • That would be a lot of games for Todd to sign LOL.

      Maybe he’ll have written an intro to the art book and “signed” it (his signature reproduced). I kind of doubt it, but it certainly would have been great to have some words of Todd introducing the world of Skyrim in the art book.

  10. Considering that in Skyrim the music that plays is based on the location you are in the world, could you please add some new tracks with the DLC you make?

    You’ve never made new music to go with exansion packs or DLC, and I think it would be a great way to create a refreshing atmosphere when you travel to new DLC areas to have unique music for those places.

  11. Epic. Many thanks for releasing the soundtrack on CD for CD quality. Wish it had been included in the CE of the game though.

  12. I hope they will ship this to DK. Because if so I’m definately going to get it and definately before December 23. Jeremy Soule is one of the best entertainment composers of our time! 🙂

  13. I Love it !

    If I remember correctly, Jeremy works his digital music while in sample no real orchestra.
    So, i think it is unlikely that one day this ost sold in a studio like flac quality 24 bit / 96.0 kHz …

    Tell me I’m wrong

  14. So… I tried like five times but I can’t seem to order the Soundtrack D: I put my Mom’s credit card info in a few different times and it doesn’t wanna work.

    • Benjamin,

      The billing address on your mother’s card might be different from the shipping address. Paypal will need the correct billing address. I made that mistake with my card, forgetting that my billing address was different from my shipping address. Hope this helps. Advice might be a little late anyway.

  15. The music to this game is EPIC! I have the game on when im doing other things so that i can listen to it! im ordering me a copy right now!

  16. Do we know when these albums will be shipping? I don’t see a shipment date anywhere.

    I’ve already ordered it and living in the UK I was hoping to have it before Christmas.

    • Ah, I was reading from the purchase website, in this article it says a week after release which means they should be shipping now.

  17. So I have the CE of Skyrim…the guide…and now this. I ordered it a bit ago…can’t wait to get it. This game has some of…if not…the most epic music I have ever heard in a game. I can’t wait to get my soundtrack. Though like others have said…it def should have been included in the CE of the game lol….it’s all good though.

  18. I ordered this some weeks ago and paid with Paypal, but I did not get an e-mail confirmation that my order was recieved, only a e-mail from PayPal that payment was done. I e-mailed DirectSong about this, and opened a ticket on their support page, but I don’t get an e-mail back from them. Can anyone tell me if they recieved a order confirmation or had contact with DirectSong?

    • They’ve supposedly already started shipping (or at least I assume). I personally haven’t gotten any sort of confirmation from DirectSong from when I purchased it (just an email of a receipt from paypal), and I haven’t gotten any sort of email about it being shipped out.

      I’m hoping it’ll come in the mail soon, preferably before thanksgiving. But I have a feeling it’ll be a while longer than that..

      Really stoked about this though, I can’t wait for it to come in. Looking forward to listening through the music and being able to listen to some great pieces outside of the game. 🙂

  19. I also ordered the soundtrack before the game was released and order status is still on “Card approved”. Submitted a support ticket on directsong as well but with no reply so far.

    I think informing us of what’s happening (or rather not happening) with the soundtrack would be a nice move: We paid for this, it wasn’t cheap, I think we deserve some information…
    If not, i’ll know what not to buy in the future.


  20. I know this has already been asked, but has anyone received this thing yet? I am starting to get worried. All I have is a paypal email, and is one of the worst websites on Earth. I also have no response from them and cannot fix my password.

  21. Hello. The next time you sell something else Bethesda through DirectSong not buy you, the customer service is dire, do not update the site, do not answer email anymore … Then they say of piracy, but you’re of legal and is worse for the customer. I could download the OST and have it now. That if the payment is made ​​immediately to collect if they are fast. A shame, I said never again.

  22. What a rip off, why not in 1 pack i already got a Collectors edition 150 euro and i want a C.E. game guide 60 euro wich you can’t buy in the Netherlands and now this!!!! Only in us probably?? Nice done Bethesda, the more money you have the more @#$%&games you make.

    About post patch 1.2

    What about some quests that you can’t do because they have bugs in it. I got about 3 quests that have that issue and i haven’t even spoken about the TONS of bugs through out the game. I have read that some bugs aren’t being fixed because ‘they are funny’!!!! Can you belief that!!

  23. I sent in a support ticket yesterday and have not received any reply as of yet (even an automated one). Heck, I requested the site to send my ticket/case tracking number to my email address because I forgot… The site never sent it. I am NOT using gmail, instead Yahoo mail. Dunno what’s up with these guys.

    I have yet to receive any info about my order or WHEN it will ship. Although, I got a happy email from paypal about them taking funds out of my bank account.

    Bethesda, I love your company and your products. But next time do not deal with this company as they have poor customer service.

  24. I ordered it on Friday, November 11th, and I hope it’s shipped here to Germany ’til christmas, but I lose hope … Is it normal, that I haven’t received ANY information about my order yet? No Email, nothing?

    But one thing is sure: The soundtrack is absolutely awesome!