Pre-order the four-disc Skyrim soundtrack

Once 11.11.11 hits, Skyrim will be on the minds of many for weeks and months on end. To help with those awkward moments when you’re away from the game (work, driving, going to the gym), we’ve got just what you need: The Elder Scrolls® V: Skyrim™  – The Original Game Soundtrack 4-disc set!

Available through DirectSong, the four-disc set is a fantastic collector’s item for fans of The Elder Scrolls. The compilation will begin shipping the week after the game’s release. As a bonus to anyone that orders by December 23rd, copies of the soundtrack will be personally autographed by the game’s composer, Jeremy Soule!

The four-disc CD compilation can be pre-ordered now for $29.99.

Details on the music being made available on iTunes will be announced at a later date.

Reader Comments

  1. I love the Skyrim soundtrack, and very badly want to purchase a digital version of it. I ordered the Oblivion soundtrack through DirectSong years ago, and have enjoyed listening to it ever since. I know this is a Bethesda blog, not a Jeremy Soule blog, but Bethesda has been doing a great job of communicating with the fans lately. So, Bethesda, please let us know when a digital download version of the Skyrim soundtrack will be available! iTunes is preferred, but DirectSong is fine, too. Just hurry! These songs are stuck in my head!

  2. Hi just wondering if anyone has got their CD’s yet? I’m from Aussie and I preordered the CD for my Brothers Birthday which is in 2 weeks, so I’d really like to know If I need to get him a back up Birthday present or not.

  3. Hello.

    What happens with the OST? Does this weeks not being sent?

    Embarrassing, embarrassing. Never again. And without accurate information.


  4. I received confirmation that this was being sent to the composers to be signed. You have had my money since November 21st! It’s illegal to charge for goods unless they are shipped. I would seriously like some compensation for this. People are paying interest on credit cards before their soundtracks are received! I paid to support the composers…even though I already shelled out $150.00 + $39.99 for a Strategy guide. The least that could be done is to send us a copy of the Oblivion or Morrowind disc, or something as compensation. This is absurd!

  5. Still haven’t heard about my stuff being shipped or even if my order was received. Tried contacting sales department, but have heard nothing. I’m starting a claim on paypal about it to try to get my money back. Bad seller is bad. I’m gona pass on this one.