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  1. Skyrim – Going to win.
    Portal 2 – Amazing game, will get 3rd.
    Batman: Arkham City – Great game but too short IMO. 2nd Place.
    Uncharted 3 – Really? A game so short? 4th.
    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – Lol.

    • NO.
      1: EIther Skyrim or Skyward…
      3: Portal 2
      4: Batman
      5: Uncharted
      anyone who thinks LoZ is stupid is stupid in and of themselves, they are one of the most creative puzzle-action games I have ever seen, and I think I know considering most LoZ beats Portal 2…and I LOVED Portal 2…

  2. What is it with short campaigns for games? This is one area where the elderscrolls always shines. Long live the elderscrolls saga!

  3. Congratulations Bethesda on the nomination of Game Of The Year for the SKYRIM child yet to be born. And thanks for another glorious wallpaper ๐Ÿ˜€

    Hail Bethesda! Hail the Elder Scrolls Studio the unstoppables in goal setting and execution!

  4. As much as I love you guys, this is a blatant example of the industry patting itself on the back. How can a game be Game of the Year when nobody’s even played it yet?

      • I mean the release date hasn’t happened yet. And reviewers are part of the game industry. Hence the “patting themselves on the back”.

        • OH! Come on. I know game journalists are brownnosers, but seriously. If they think the game is that good why not? and by 10/12 We will all have lost a lot of hours to the game and I’m surewe will agree with the critics.

  5. First they review game, then they nominate it for an award before it is even released. I wonder, who exactly is going to vote for it when nobody has it yet.

    And they wonder why players stop trusting professional review sites……

    • @giskard… make no mistake, the reviewers have the game to play it. The embargo goes up on 11/10, but we’ve given them time to go through the game and play it.

  6. Gstaff

    Beth must know that this sort of thing leaves a bad taste in their customers mouths. It is seen as protecting your interests by sacrificing ours.

    We like to see our favorite games winning these things fairly and openly and AFTER RELEASE when we have seen the game too and can take part in the vote.

    This one smells to high heaven….

    What players really want from you is more videos, more interviews and more technical stuff from the guys making the game. Let those sites publish that sort of thing.

    I love that stuff. I want to hear more from the guy who did the scripting language and definitely more on the sound and voice work. All my site users love that stuff too.

    Even after release, you should keep these videos coming.
    We enjoy them out here.

    And for you the best part is nobody is going to complain when the game footage we see matches in the videos what we get in the game.

    I will add though, between dragons you can summon, frost spells and invulnerability spells, I get this feeling the player will become super man. It is a concern for the late game I am starting to get.

    Anyway I am a fan and I do hope the release goes well.
    All the best.

    • Giskard when the show airs we will have been playing the game for almost a month. So that they nominate the game now in order to get in the show is hardly course for outrage among the broad fan base. I’m sure most will love skyrim ewnough to agrre with the nomination when the time comes.

  7. LOL at Skyrim being nominated before it’s released, but that’s awesome.

    What’s also awesome is this large version of the Skyrim logo that you posted with this blog entry – thanks!!!! I can only imagine how large this thing is rendered fullsize – I would love to see even more of the detail on it! But it’s now my desktop and it looks SOOO good.

  8. Too bad Witcher 2 is not nominated, it is my personal GOTY. Dark Souls did not top it, and I am pretty sure neither will Skyrim, although I am certain it will be a great game.

  9. Games that win a game of the year award 6 months after release tend to be games that deserved that award, games that win a game of the year award around christmas tend to be pure hype.

    See the Golden Joystick award for Fallout NV for a tip on how a great game can win such awards at any time not just 1 month after release whilst the hype is at its strongest.

    Like it not, every player I have spoken too things this smells rotten.

  10. it’s has became tradition for bethesda to be goty.
    it took a while to make skyrim, but they always set a standart for future games, they are simply the best gamecompany I know, they never disapoint

  11. In it’s current state, Skyrim isn’t even worthy of game of the month. Maybe after a patch or two it will be. Next time, wait until a game isn’t so bug-ridden before you release it.

  12. I really hope that Skyrim wins, the devs made a very nice product, with loads of fun and play in it. Yet again Bethesda shows the world how to make good rp sp games. Other studios listen and learn by this great bunch.

    Skyrim GOTY in the near future.!

  13. Quite how it qualifies as a GOTY when it’s still practically a beta is beyond me. My experience thus far would make it ‘biggest disappoint of the year’ if anything. The potential is there, the polish is not.