Killing time before Skyrim

With less than five days until Skyrim’s launch, here’s some good stuff from around the web to occupy .01% of the remaining wait time. In the video above, watch Dan Bull’s Epic Skyrim Rap. If the name sounds familiar, Dan also did an Oblivion rap late last year.

More fun after the break…

What’s the best way to dream about Skyrim in your sleep? According to forum moderator CCNA, you need to have someone stitch a quilt with the Daedric alphabet on it (if you look closer, you’ll see the alphabet is stitched through out the quilt). Hats off to his mother for making an amazing quilt!

Finally, for a unique preview of the game, head to Kill Screen as writer Gus Mastrapa shares details on the food he ate while visiting Skyrim for three hours.

Reader Comments

    • Seriously! The worst, the absolute worst is waiting in line at the midnight launch. You know the game is physically located within the store, so close, yet so far. You know that in less than an hour, it will be in your hot little hands. And time slows to an absolute standstill as everyone turns to their phones and tablets for something to desperately distract them from that gnawing anxiousness. Then, when you finally get the game, you end up tearing through the streets to get home, which you cannot do fast enough, as the box sits there in your passenger seat, taunting you. So here’s hoping the wait ends as painless (and as soon) as possible!

  1. Hey guys,

    Quick question on DLC: my one major criticism of DLC in past games is that it just gets dumped on you. It was jarring and not a lot of fun to leave the Imperial Sewers and have a bunch of missions unceremoniously dumped on me. Are you working on a way of giving the players the option of discovering DLC organically in the game, the same way they would ever other quest?

    Hope so!