A Big Mountain to Climb: Animating Skyrim

During Skyrim’s pre-production, the team set lofty goals for improving animations. In the fourth Skyrim team diary — “A Big Mountain to Climb: Animating Skyrim” — learn how they achieved those goals.

The diary can be read on the Elder Scrolls community page, and is accommodated by a new video and podcast.

You can also listen to the latest podcast separately in the regular places:

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Reader Comments

  1. I loved reading that diary from the community page then watching the video.

    I’m not sure if this is a bug, but from the YouTube video from Bethesda. There is one problem I noticed with the animation in the 20 mins of skyrim gameplay videos released on youtube from Bethesda, that I hope can be fixed.

    At the time 3.30+ in the video, when the archer is skewered through with the hero’s sword, is the enemy just meant to slip down like that when in a first person view version of that ‘finisher’ animation?

    I didn’t see the hero grab his leg and pull him down or anything like that, the guy just dropped into the animation which just seems a bit weird, even if he was alomst frozen. Am I right or not? We can’t see what that ‘finsher’ animation looks like from a third person view and the animation did play very fast.

  2. Now that Steam has been hacked will we see less use of Steam and possible re-releases of games with out steam? I for 1 would buy your games again if they came without steam or at least the option to accept steam or not as i do not like steam like many others.