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  1. AH I could not sleep, Why do I want this game so bad! Last game I could not sleep was MGS4 but this is on a different level. UPS hurry up I’m dying!

  2. So what do the Dev’s have to say about all the complaints about Steam, and it getting Hacked, not to mention over 60,000 ppl have already pirated the game, and admitting they did it because of Steam? will we still see Steam in your future games, or how about a re-release at a later date without Steam or the option to accept Steam or not. I don’t like Steam like many others but would buy your games again it Steam was not forced on us.

    • I was resistant to Steam years ago, but have come to accept it since then. At least it’s not GFWL, like Fallout 3 was!

      • ive had problems with steam since Halflife 2, every so often they ban my account saying that i don’t own it cause some other ass uses a keygen and uses my serial key, so it take a few days to straiten it out and anyother games i have they make me mail in copies of my recipts. so im done with steam.

        • Ah, that sucks. I’ve never had any problems with it – besides the forums getting hacked, which is ridiculous – so I guess I’ve been lucky.

          • No it wasn’t stop trying to spread paranoia because you do not like Steam. The only thing that was compromised was the forum database and all passwords and account information was encrypted. Their has been ZERO reports of account theft.

            And stop using Steam as an excuse to pirate games, a thief is a thief period.

    • >>>over 60,000 ppl have already pirated the game
      xbox users pirated it two weeks before release, so there are no ideal DRM system and ideal gaming servise – people will always steal.
      But anyway Steam is great system, some people afraid of it i dont know why. I was suspitious to it couple years ago but now there are about 50-60 games on my accout and it is very comfortable, because I can store my savegames on cloud and play on any computer

      • Afraid of it? No I am not afraid of it. I am totally pissed off it. I have always had problems with it in my region. I hate those region policies. I am playing English games in Czech republic, but I still have to wait fot our local distributor to release DLCs and stuff although I still got English isntalatin. That is ridiculous! Also installation problems. I had to use a command to install it from DVD to stop steam downloading it instead! I had also problems with NV bought in UK. Sorry, for me steam is one very unreliable system. I would like the idea if the support and quality was better, but not at the moment. My opinion is. I have a hard copy of the game, I should be able to do whatever I want with it, even lend it to my brother. But no, steam gets in the way. No problems on consoles though hey? That’s discrimination. 😉

        • PS: YES! The game is still awesome! Best Elders Scrolls to date! (cept few interface bugs;) )
          I just miss the old days when no DRM got into the way of gamers life. Not like it would help prevent stealing it anyway…

  3. Congrats to everyone that received it today, seems have screwed the pooch for me and a few others (like they did with Deus Ex:HR).

    HOPEFULLY it’ll arrive tomorrow, must admit I’m getting fed up with this retailer.

  4. Guys, this game is amazing, I’d looked forward to it for such a long time, but after 20 minutes, I’m going to have to send it back, as it’s unplayable on my “old” television. Very, very sad that this awesome game has been ruined because I can’t read any of the text.

  5. won’t be discovering skyrim till monday or tuesday. when the games shop i pre-ordered the collector’s edition receives it…you’d think, since it was pre-ordered that the distributors would have sent the pre-orders (ce or not), in ahead of time…no griping…no griping! only 3 or 4 more sleeps!

  6. Crashes every 4 hours or so. Certainly above par for Bethesda games at first release.

    NPCs will occasionally blink in and out.

    Biggest issue, though, is that the UI isn’t designed for a mouse. You can click on one menu item, and it will act as if a menu item like 4 spaces away was clicked instead.

    It’s dumbed down from Oblivion.

    Overall though, I’m liking it. A solid A- game.

  7. Guess what!? The pc version of this game sucks out loud! Horrible interface, messed up audio and graphics… shame shame. It’s a bit odd… Oblivion was around 8bg, yet this is only about 5gb… Don’t waste your money on the PC version!

  8. Picked this up at midnight, i was 5th in line of about 60 people. I got there at 11. I have 3 hours in it now, and it is epic, The guide is ridiculous, I was shocked at its size!

  9. I downloaded Skyrim from steam I was so excited until I discovered that the game was horribly glitch to the point I couldn’t even reach the beginning of the game. Nice one Bethesda, you just lost a life long fan.

  10. On it 15 hours yesterday, one thing iv learnt, not to mess with a frost troll, met one up the 7000 steps, ran all the way back down..

  11. Great Rip Van Winkle! I’ve been having such euphoric unending fun playing SKYRIM since picking it up friday i totally forgot to come to the Bethblog. I just saw the name Emilpag at the Official Forums and suddenly it dawned on me.

    Wowzers hope i didnt forget anything else in real life besides getting into trouble :>

    Thank you Bethesda for this perfect work of gaming bliss. Its the best Elder Scrolls i’ve played while having plenty of all the things which made previous chapters classics mixed with plenty of new ideas.

    Hail Bethesda! The friendly Dragon who gives freely and abundently of its golden treasures of happiness!

    • I also remember when purchasing it around 10:00am the GameStop was completely empty minus two parents and a child looking over some game shelves. I just walked in and picked up my fully paid pre-order in and out like Flynn 😀 Truly my path was clear. At one point my hand flinched as if to reach out for the box. Talk about over excitment. I just moved my hand up to pretend i was adjusting my hoodie :>

  12. Not sure if you can comment on this, but it’s happened to me and I am seeing more and more reports of it via Google searching.. PS3 users can’t seem to create a second character without wiping out any previously saved character.

    Before anyone asks: No, I am not an idiot. I have not overwritten anything. Nor was I asked to “overwrite” my save and just didn’t notice. It is a bug and I’ve tried several times to do this and each time it clears all of my savegames and starts anew with the first save being immediately after character creation.

    I just wanted to let Bethesda know so hopefully we can get this fixed for whenever patch #2 comes out. For now the workaround is to create a second user account on your PS3 and go from there..

  13. I think Bethesda should do what they did for halo anniversary, except with Oblivion. Think about it, Oblivion with Skyrim graphics!! It’d be pretty amazing. And Skyrim is amazing!! 🙂