Back in February, we threw down a challenge: if anyone delivered a child on 11.11.11 and named him/her Dovahkiin, we would provide free Bethesda games for life.

Today we congratulate proud parents Megan and Eric Kellermeyer for completing the quest. As noted on their webcomic site (and documents shared with us), Megan gave birth to Dovahkiin Tom Kellermeyer last Friday at 6:08 pm PST.

Be it the real world or the game worlds we create, we wish young Dovahkiin the best in all his adventures. And if Alduin ever reaches this realm, we’ll be in touch.

Reader Comments

  1. We all get bullied at some point in our lives for one reason or another, and sometimes for no reason at all. So what is your point, exactly?

    Sounds like you’re being the bully right now.. Trying to stamp down on people for something as stupid as expressing their own RIGHT to be INDIVIDUALS.

    The child is lucky that his parents have given him an opportunity to be UNIQUE, and the choice not to be (to go by Dovah or Tom) – if he so CHOOSES to.

  2. Lol that’s probably why his middle name is Tom. He will probably go by Tom in public. Although personally I think it would be kickass to be named something like that. xD

  3. BWAHAHA! Thats amazing. @guy, they own a webcomic site. They likely would have ended up naming him something extremely retarded anyway. My friends parents used to own a comic store, his name is Allisair….. lmfao. At least this kid has the privelidge of being called a dragon born :]

  4. It’d take another 8 years for kids to start paying attention to it, by which point they’ll be wanting to get into Elder Scrolls games themselves. I’m betting he’ll do just fine! There are far more obscure names that are far worse to be stuck with than this.

  5. Guy, I’m fairly certain that little person will be called “Tom” for the rest of his life. Also, who is going to remember Skyrim around 8 years from now when that guy is starting school? The relevance of that name will fade pretty fast.

  6. @guy
    Most people probably don’t even know what Dovahkiin means at that time when this lil’ dragonslayer starts school. Plus if he truly is Dovahkiin he could just shout them down. And after all this world needs new good names.

  7. This boy is the first who plays over 10 ou 20 years after the primary REAL 3D game, who put him in real game, without television, so 10 or 20 years we have? imagine this game. and we have for free…

  8. Atleast someone had the balls to do it! Congrats! I’m 21 and have played every last Elder Scroll game there is. Pfft, my real name was from a soap opera that my mom watched >.>

  9. LOL why are you people soo worried about him being bullied…. How badass will be when he is in school and the teacher is reading the attendance list, itll just be like “Dave, David, Dan, Dovahkiin” LOL thats a badass name. What other kid in the world can claim his name is dragonborn. Auto chick magnet right there. PLUS he is Dovahkiin, if any one bullies him he can FUS ROH DAH them into oblivion hahaha

    • I like this.
      The universe is endless, therefore everything in the imagination is real.

  10. When he starts school, i dont really think people would tease him, mainly because Dovakiin means dragonborn and people wont really remember Skyrim, and lastly He could use his middle name, Tom.

  11. Being named after some kind of commercial product just to win in some contest would be reason enough for me to change my name and tell my parents to go kill themselves.

    This is just awful. I can’t believe parents can do something like this to their child. It’s like naming your child “Coca Cola Steve” so you get free Coke. Awful. Just awful.

    • I think you’re overreacting, man. If we’re gonna be that particular, what right do YOU have to judge a name that the kid doesn’t even need to use? You get three. That’s one for familial ties, and two for identification. Why shouldn’t one be fun and creative if the other is average and socially acceptable? Really, as long as they explain it to him early on, I don’t see any problem. So he’ll have a name that’s at best badass, and at worst odd, that will be said when they first record attendance. He can just ask to be called Tom, and it’ll only ever happen with the substitute teachers. In case you haven’t taken the time to look, kids are getting a lot less openly vicious these days. There shouldn’t be much of a problem.

    • yup thats actually my name (it was coincidence since I was born before futurama existance) and I don’t get bullied for it and never have so I dont see why this child should be for a name which by the time his generation would be reasonably old enough to play games like this will have no idea what it means

    • Well don’t we have an intelligent one? If you dislike Bathesda, then why are you on this site? Go play your Call of Duty, cheesebrain.
      The universe is endless, therefore everything in the imagination is real.

      • Bethesda*
        The universe is endless, therefore everything in the imagination is real.

  12. Problem right now is not so much about the child’s name, but rather the fact that their parents placed such a decision for a video game. This fallacy is not evident in a lot of people: to me, it seems that the parents care more about the video game than actually the child’s namesake. If they did it for fun and trying to achieve the sake of uniqueness, and not for a video game, Mr and Mrs Kellermeyer would not have actually told the BethBlog about it. I am also quite disappointed at BethBlog for appointing this ‘challenge’: tapping into the desperation of want of a couple for a game (nevertheless, a good one).

    If you say bullies do not pick on people’s names, you either attend Puritanic schools, private schools or just plain lying. This visage of a conceited education is thinly veiled by bullying. Before people dismiss my claims as a product of an poor country, I live in Sydney, Australia. I attended a public primary school (one of the better ones, as I found out later in my life), and have suffered and witnessed bullying based on racism and trivial sake. And humiliation on name is one of them.

    Many do not understand the mind of a bully: it’s simple. If they cannot undermine your physical stature, they aim for your mental faculties. Failing that, your name, if it’s simple. No matter the trivialty or ackwardness of their direct attack on you, the victim nevertheless suffers. What the Kellermeyers did was provide one more angle of attack on their child, and for what? A video game, a trivial pay-off of something valued at $100 for the future of their child.

    Names are an unequivocal and personal matter: I like adopting the names of past Roman emperors, such as Claudius. This is not a problem: if a child is named with a unique name with NO incentive for their decision (note: Zelda Williams), that is fair enough. To simply reiterate, their parents, while not realizing, recognizing or even acknowledging the gravity of their decision, I simply hope that his name would not be subject to prejudice and discord.

    That being said, I wish for the Kellermeyers a good life, and a fruitful journey of the development of a child to an adult.

    • I forgot to note also that… my name is John Runyon. Perfectly innocent name, John (a pretty generic name) and Runyon (my family name). I’ve been made fun of for BOTH of them. THE NAME WILL ALWAYS BE AN “ANGLE OF ATTACK”. It doesn’t matter what it is! If it’s generic, they’ll find a way to make fun of that. If it’s unique, they’ll find a way to make fun of that. If it’s weird, they’ll find a way to make fun of that.

      You seem to think bullies will just “give up” because there’s not an immediately obvious way to make fun of someone – THEY WON’T.

  13. Coca Coal Steve and dragon born are a bit different lol. Yes. You Are A Retard lol. To bad your parents didn’t kill themselves and save us the retardedness of your now present comment lol

  14. I think it’s a cool name. Better than Hayden, Jayden, Kayden, or Aiden that everyone’s naming their kids these past couple years.

  15. Congratulations!!! I was fortunate enough to work with the mommy this Halloween season, and I’m surprised that kid didn’t pop out half her size, haha, but don’t worry, if you need somebody to teach young Dovahkiin to box and to use a sword, I’m available to help out =p

  16. I do not see why there is so much hate for this name. first off it meaning Dragonborn is kinda cool and really show the name to somebody outside of the world of video games it will be seen as simply unique.

    More importantly lets hope the kid grows up to be a gamer and not some braindead jock. XD

  17. I mean,If it was a bad name,i could argue.But you feel unique if you are called “Dragonborn” in an unknown yet existant language!

    And if he dosent like it,he can also be called Tom.

    Btw,why do you think that in 5 years Skyrim will be forgotten? I know people still playing Warcraft 3.And Half Life 1.At least he will be satified when he will see himself in the game :ç

  18. I think Dovahkiin is a cool name. I’m sure they could have made it his middle name. Either way, we call my son by his middle name. I’m sure once the teachers at his school look at it, they will choose to call him Tom too rather than try to figure out how to pronounce it.

  19. Congrats to the parents for a beautiful healthy baby boy. My kids first and middle name are from Oblivion. The tools bitchin’ the kid will be bullied need to realize everyone gets picked on for something name, height, size, etc. Grow a pair Richards! If his only worry in life is being picked on for his name then he is charmed and Dovahkinn indeed.

  20. Actually, after saying it a few times, “Dovahkiin” sounds like a legitimate name.

    Really, if people don’t get the reference, it’s fine, and if they do, then they’re already so nerdy, it voids their possible attempted teasing.

  21. Uniqueness will get you far in life as well as mind, trust me. Don’t trust me if you want to be like everyonelse >_> And that’s always boring…
    The universe is endless, therefore everything in the imagination is real.

  22. No wonder the world is turning into shit if it’s made of people who agree with this. Yes, this is their choice, but it’s their bad choice. Some of you people actually think kids start school at 8? My God where do you live, Liberia?

    He’s not gonna be bullied because his name is from Skyrim, or a norse or german mythological hero, but because it’s just plain old ridiculous. It’s not a first name, I’m sorry, people who call their child Obi-Wan or Padme because they’re Star Wars fans should just die. Before making kids, please.