RAGE demo up on Xbox Live; PS3 demo coming December 6

If you haven’t had a chance to give id Software’s latest a go, step right up and sit down with the RAGE demo, now available on Xbox Live.

The demo presents a slice of the early game, giving players a chance to explore the town of Wellspring and participate in races, games and other attractions. When you’ve had your fill there, you can head out to deal with some Ghost Clan raiders. Shooting might be involved.

If you’re a PS3 gamer, the PlayStation 3 demo will be available on December 6.

Reader Comments

  1. Excellent, shame I have to wait until December 6th mind, I would of thought the demo would come out on both consoles at the same time. No PC demo? I will be buying the game on PC if I like it but I am happy I can at least try a demo first on my PS3 🙂

  2. I don’t understand why you didn’t put a demo out on release. Rage could of sold a lot better if you did. Rage had a good marketing campaign but failed to meet its potential because it was a new IP and people weren’t sure if they were going to like it. I hope with this demo and the lower prices ($48 Amazon) it does well this holiday season. It’s a good game, at least a 8.5/10.

    • agreed. releasing demo now is really strange. Plus, why using early game graphics? Just looking at the Wellspring Mayor above, the quality is lower then in the actual game. I played Rage already, I would understand taking a bit of very polished part to show off and release the demo.

  3. Im surprised that a demo is being released at all. From what I heard from someone at id, On a video on this blog, He said a demo wouldn’t happen…So this is interesting. Just hope its as good as they planned, And the reason for releasing this after all does the game justice.

  4. Skyrim 5 years dev:
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (X360) Nov 11, 2011 8.7
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PS3) Nov 11, 2011 8.6
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PC) Nov 11, 2011 8.5

    Rage 7 years dev:
    Rage (PC) Oct 4, 2011 4.3
    Rage (PS3) Oct 4, 2011 5.7
    Rage (X360) Oct 4, 2011 6.5

    Please, let´s support good products! Rage is already dead.

      • I’m a PC gamer. I’ve been interested in RAGE for a long time. Even though I’ve heard less-than-positive things about it, I would be very interested in checking out a demo. A demo would definitely help me make a decision to purchase.

        • There won’t be a PC demo, nor will there be much PC support for this game.

          According to John Carmack, PC Is Not the “Leading Platform for Games.”

          Go buy Skyrim! 😀

    • PC is no longer the focus of them remember?
      The hard part, is trying to understand why the 360 ​​version and ps3 are far from being the best look for consoles.
      And worst, they block content if a try sell my Rage.. because i really desire pass this. (360 version)

  5. RAGE failed because Id pretty much told pc gamers to go f themselves and release a crappy/bugged unfinished release. Way to go, hope you enjoy bankruptcy a-holes.

  6. I liked Rage, it is very good shooter. In my view, it is just shame that it is “only” a shooter. If it had more RPG elements and better written story (with an actual ending!), it would be 9/10 game easy.

    Still, I had good fun and world id created is often amazing.

  7. Rage was lots of fun, the 2 hours I was able to play it on my ultra pc. Then waited a while for a fix for all those crashes and texture fails, but since they dont care for pc gamers, I dont care for Rage anymore. Deleted it, never going to play it again, and never will buy any ID game again. And worst of all is that they create this joke of a game while being part of Bethesda, so now people think the creators of rage are the same as those of Skyrim.. And ID shouldnt f****** mess with The Elder Scrolls!