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  1. I have DOOM 3. I really enjoyed the visual impact.
    Is a graphical experience, push the hardware to a
    new level at the time. The real time lighting and
    textures, amazing.
    Congratulations on the source!

  2. Thanks and congratulations on the release of the source for DOOM 3 the only game to give me nightmares after five minutes of going to sleep from an all night game session 😀

  3. Hmmm, current technologies and engines are not so friendly for modding because they are too simple and too complicated at the same time. The main problem here is of course – textures. To make something using the source code – something normal – you will need to draw awful amount of textures. Alone, you will draw them all your life.
    I’m not sure why developer community still not developed some automated algorythm or mechanics for operations with textures in masses – i mean enlarging the scale to operate with textures. This will just speed up the work with textures – if most of them will be made automatically and randomly at the same time. There’s no need to draw every leaflet – let the computer draw it…
    And the instruments to make gaming environment are too bulky – the Fallout gecko is awful. The best way to modify game – is in-game by 3D view from third person and real-time instruments for modifying the game environment.
    The one of the example of forever-development project is of course – the Black Mesa project, which is half-made and noone knows when it will be done.

    • Looking at character creation, soon, create worlds should approach a ZBrush on The interface type, manipulate polygons and paint directly in the editor. John Carmack already made ​​a good approach about this, Rage is a early stage of the idea, i think a early stage for now. If you check the Unreal 3 Engine editor, already have tool to paint the mountain, reliefs, very similar to ZBrush, Mudbox. The technology for unified textures, and the whole process directly in the environment. If this change of the process, is more easy or hard… people with skills are the answer.

    • Hmm… why do we still need programers and why haven’t we created intelligent machines to do the code for us?

      there is absolutely no need to program every feature, most of them are really standard. You can even have a machine come up with an algorithm for succesful level design and encounters!

      Why would you need game developers in the first place? We should have created software that after you descibe it what game you want to create it automatically generates all the resources and code for you, fixes all bugs, does QA and produces the exe automatically, directly in steam FTP, and ready to go! All with just a push of a button! 😀

      what a question… is that what we really need? to automate and exclude others from the creation process? Is that the future of game development you envision?

  4. This sort of thing is always good, it lets those who want to get in to the industry get hands on experience with professional game code.

    Thumbs up from me.
    I btw do not want to get in to the industry but I know alot of modders who do.

    • They lost the source code to their older before morrowind games. And since morrowind they use 3rd party technology like gamebryo, which they don´t own.