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Heading into the Thanksgiving weekend, here’s some of our favorite Skyrim stories from the past week…

In the video above, watch Elder Scrolls’ fans Lara and Taylor’s beautiful rendition of the themes for both Morrowind and Skyrim.

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Reader Comments

  1. Sooooo…any concrete date on when the patch is coming out? I’ve stopped playing ps3 because the lag got so bad after my save file hit 10mb. I searched online and it was said on a review site that its supposed to be coming out after thanksgiving.

  2. Those timelapse videos are beyond beautiful. Bet you guys are proud, eh?

    Anyway, wasn’t the same song the opening theme on Oblivion (albeit stylized and performed on a different compass)??? Don’t you dare using another song in next installments. Make it a solo a capella version, whatever, but this song became as classic to the series as starting the games as a prisioner.

    Also, include this version should be included on official soundtrack. It’s awesome. 🙂

  3. I hope Bethesda will consider creating an update to Skyrim that will patch the duo and their duet into one of Skyrim’s locations in the game.

  4. A manifestation of musical emotions with each note curvaceous as if taking physical form which fade with the caressing tone.

    Thank you Lara and Taylor for the soothing touch upon my mind.

  5. I know that this is very random but I couldn’t find anywhere else to post about it …. I think that you should make a dlc that adds skyrim co-op where three of your friends can team up and adventure with you. I also think you should add a game mode that’s multiplayer online ( like the co-op ) and make it so that you and three friends choose imperial or stormcloaks and fight of hordes of the other side

  6. There is some really nice fan stuff out there these days, posted a fair bit on my site, including that video. I love the creativity that surrounds TES game. Being a creative type my self I know where they are coming from.

    Always great to see this stuff.

  7. A beautiful song that makes me want to say…

    Thanks to everybody at Bethesda for making one of the greatest game I have ever played! I already spent more than 200 hours in Skyrim and I enjoyed every single minute of it. Even when I’m sleeping I can’t take a break from it, I dream of Skyrim! And no this is not a joke!

    I was expecting a lot from TES V and you guys made a game that exceded all my wildest dreams. The beginning and ending of the game gave me shivers! The world of Skyrim and the dragons in it are among some of the most beautiful things I ever saw in a game… just epic.

    In my heart, Skyrim = Game of the Year! Bethesda = Studio of the Year!

    I’m ready for some Skyrim DLC and I can’t wait to see your next project using the Creation Engine 😉

    Keep up the great work and thanks again for this truly epic adventure!