Smithsonian Exhibit looking for game-inspired art


Beginning March 16, visitors to the Smithsonian American Art Museum in DC will be able to check out The Art of Video Games — featuring Fallout 3 & DOOM II!

Before the exhibit begins, the Smithsonian Institute is seeking photographs and artwork that show how games can inspire creativity. If you’ve got something Fallout or DOOM-related (or any game for that matter), be sure to upload it to the newly-created Art of Video Games Flickr page.

Reader Comments

    • Yes, a complex art form that Bethesda can’t seem to get to work for the PS3.

      Of course, it doesn’t help that they give up trying one month after a game is released, or when their programmers move onto the next project.

      Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Fallout New Vegas are still bugged and broken, Bethesda has the technology to fix them, but they don’t.


      • “Bethesda has the technology to fix them, but they don’t.


        I feel quite confidant that, despite the fact that it’s only Wednesday, this will be the absolute most naive thing I read this week. I’m sure everything is as simple and straightforward as this and they just don’t like the PS3 or whatever such non-sense you’ve invented as a reason for their refusing to do something ‘easy.’ The reality is there are no simple fixes with something this size.

  1. I love Fallout. And his bugs. The world that Fallout shows is so extensive that the bugs are a minor question. It’s true that sometimes these bugs are horrible and makes feel like an idiot, but I understand the difficult of making a game with that level of details and elements in real time. Anyway, it would be great that fallout 4 (if this Fallout is possible) comes with a better bug’s review…