Support Bethesda at the VGAs

The SPIKE VGAs are in less than two weeks, and we’d love for you to be on hand to support our nominees!

Interested? This year the show will have a limited number of prime reserved seats for fans. To apply, register and apply at as quickly as possible. After the break, you can find instructions along with the required Invite Code…

Apply for Seats

Visit to register. and applyOnce you’re at  sign on, you will need to register an account following these instructions:

  1. Click on Sign Up Now
  2. Once you have registered your free account, and signed on click on Show Registration.
  3. Read this page in its entirety, click continue.
  4. When you get to the Show Registration Page, click on Register.
  5. Use the same screen name and password you used when you first signed up.
  6. Once you have completed this sign on to this page.
  7. Click on Register for Show.
  8. Select Video Game Awards from the drop down menu.
  9. Fill out the required fields.
  10. At the Invite Code field, be sure to enter Spike2011
  11. Click create to submit your request.
Those chosen will receive two reserved prime audience seats to the show for you and a guest. Any and all travel related expenses to attend the show will be at your own expense. Good luck!

Reader Comments

  1. I do not think Skyrim deserves to be a game of year or whatever award it is aiming for. It’s just too buggy and basically unplayable. So far I am just waiting for another patches to arrive as I have at least two broken quests/items and do not want to spend any more time with this game just to be eventually told by Bethesda that my saves will not work :/

  2. Games that win awards aren’t games that are beta-tested by paying customers after the game is released for sale.

    Skyrim is an excellent game in all ways except reliability. Too many bugs, too many crashes, too many issues. Not to mention your company’s willingness to simply not address bugs at all (See Unofficial Oblivion patch… 10,000+ bug fixes made by USERS. Never officially implemented.)

  3. I don’t know what DLC you have planned for us, but I know I wouldn’t mind paying a buck or three for a speech perk that allows you to convince any one who is nonessential (I.e. They can die). That would be rather cool, other than that keep up the good work and good luck Bethesda!