Skyrim 1.2 update

Update: The 1.2 update is now available on PS3, 360, and Steam.

Today we’ve begun rolling out Skyrim’s 1.2 update for PlayStation 3. The update is already available for users in Europe and we will let you know as soon as it’s up in North America. Our current ETA for Xbox 360 and PC players is Wednesday.

So what does the new update cover? Details below…

UPDATE 1.2 NOTES (all platforms unless specified)

  • Improved occasional performance issues resulting from long term play (PlayStation 3)
  • Fixed issue where textures would not properly upgrade when installed to drive (Xbox 360)
  • Fixed crash on startup when audio is set to sample rate other than 44100Hz (PC)
  • Fixed issue where projectiles did not properly fade away
  • Fixed occasional issue where a guest would arrive to the player’s wedding dead
  • Dragon corpses now clean up properly
  • Fixed rare issue where dragons would not attack
  • Fixed rare NPC sleeping animation bug
  • Fixed rare issue with dead corpses being cleared up prematurely
  • Skeleton Key will now work properly if player has no lockpicks in their inventory
  • Fixed rare issue with renaming enchanted weapons and armor
  • Fixed rare issue with dragons not properly giving souls after death
  • ESC button can now be used to exit menus (PC)
  • Fixed occasional mouse sensitivity issues (PC)
  • General functionality fixes related to remapping buttons and controls (PC)

After releasing the 1.2 update, we will continue to monitor forums, blogs, etc. for issues you are reporting, and we will keep you updated on further updates to improve your gameplay experience.

Thanks for playing Skyrim.

Reader Comments

  1. some major glitches with a quest, yeah the dragon staying in the sky frozen not moving, major quest broken right after diplomatic immunity, bookcase. and some small ones like they mention.

  2. I have observed a few problems with the game pre and post-patch. since idk where else to post these suggestions atm, I’ll just post the list here:

    1) when turning in Arondil’s Journal’s to Vekel the Man, there I’ve received no reward even though it is implied he gives one or more.

    2)cannot complete the quest for turning in a copy of Waters of Oblivion. I found the book before receiving the quest.

    3)dragon texture problems. as these are the best facet of the experience, plz fix.

    4)quests attempt to repeat themselves and inherent questlines: for example, “Aftershock” and “Hard Answers”

    5)Oghma Infinum glitch: I don’t know if this is intentional; when the book is placed in a container or shelf and then activated, closing the inventory menu and then taking the book, replacing in sed container, and activating again, can be used to exploit leveling. I think this is how the process works…anyway, plz remove this from the game. it cheapens the overall experience from every conceivable angle. I will not use this cheat but still just knowing lol.

    Thank you very much.

  3. I have 13mb, 133 hour file. I booted up my skyrim today and after 10 minutes of play the lag became unbearable. I literally can’t play anymore. When will the issue be fixed?

    • I play on an xbox and have an issue like yours. I don’t lag I just freeze anywhere and everywhere. I cannot go into any of the Keeps in any kingdom. I cannot run freely out in the open world without freezing. This game has become unplayable. THIS SUCKS> and screw the posts about those who are not having issues. Then shut the [email protected]#$ up. I have purchased another new xbox, game and still no solution. Bethesda just simply replies with the bum-steer answers. Xbox/Microsoft cannot help they simple have reduced it to Skyrim’s patch problem.

  4. I play on the xbox 360. All of a sudden my xbox made this laud scratching noise and the game froze and this keeps happening as soon as i turn it on.

  5. When will the scoundrel’s folly glitch be fixed. I can not complete the thieves guild because the dang lizard glitched inside of the mountain. I have even glitched myself out of the map to try and find him but to no such luck.

    • When you’re past the first shout, your dragon souls may not automatically update any new words you have found. To do this, go to your shout menu… Highlight a faded shout and near the bottom, it should say Unlock. This is how you choose which shouts to spend your souls on.

  6. I can´t use put new things in the favorite list anymore. Very annoying as I switch between bow and close combat quite often and I have to go through the menu every single time. Also never had any issues before updates.

  7. I have just received my Skyrim copy for PS3 as well as updated 1.2 patch. I turned on with the entry seen causing lots of popping and static noises. I tried to adjust the TV as well as test with other headphones and I still am having this issue- I notice there were issues via PC and the bug fixes were based on detailed Audio settings not accessible via PS3.

    Has this issue been replicated on Bethesda’s end and being looked into at the moment?

  8. Okay so what am I supposed to do?My internet is not good enough(fast enough)to connect to the PSN.So I have no way of patching this lag problem and frequent save/load screen freeze ups?Can I possibly update the game via usb stick?by downloading it to pc first??Or am I stuck with a broken game?Shame on you Bethesda for trying to make the Christmas sales,before thr game was even ready to be released!

  9. Haven’t been able to play the game for more that 3 minutes since I bought it. Tried downloading to hard drive, clearing cache, and doing a rain dance! Downloaded the patch and now it just freezes every 30 seconds. I have a brand new xbox and have traded in my copy 2 times to make sure it wasn’t my disk. What a waste of freaking money!

  10. Hey guys,
    I nearly despair of skyrim! This Texture Problem still exists on my xbox. i have a slim with 4gb…if its installed or uninstalled -> skyrim looks really bad at most textures if i enter the ingame menue.
    its scaling down but not up again -.-
    to clear my cache doesnt work also!
    pleeeeeeaaaaase help me…whats the problem…whats wrong with my xbox?!

  11. (PS3 Version) Nirnroots still glow after you pick them up after 1.2, did not before. Not major, but something I thought should be passed along

  12. Im stuck at the dragon seekers quest. The god damn dragon wont land and is having seizures in the air. I cant kill the dragon and so i cant get rid of the f*cking idiot vilkas that keep following me.

    PLS FIX THIS. We pay good money for this game and you give us a half made product.

  13. I put in about 40 hours on the game. I was totally addicted. After the new patch everything was so crappy I just stopped playing. Thanks for ruining the experience for me!

  14. How in this day and age can any software company release a product without testing it properly. I’ve had hardly one hours play out of the game before it crashed on my PS3

  15. There’s a bug where I can’t complete the “trinity restored” mission becausE karliah and brinjolf wouldn’t show. Also make remarriage possible for ps3 version

  16. waiting for user reports on new games seems the best way to buy games. there are many good games so why wast time with duds or technical messes.
    games that are duds is one thing but technical problems are just deal breakers no matter how good the game material is.
    games like skyrim it is just best to wait to see what the patches may fix and benefit from the price drop.

  17. this game discriminates against left handed people. The number pad is locked for binding, so going to have to shelf until they allow the customers to bind the keys.

    I never had any problems with this until BF3 and Skyrim. I think game developers are getting lazy!

  18. Please fix the bug whereby casting magic on vilkas puts the companion quest in a “what do you think this is” speech loop and subsequently halts the updating of shop inventories. It’s a major game breaker.

  19. I have 360 and dont know how to even get the updates… no update has been offered when I load the game and under download page on xbox live it only shows clothing for avatar

  20. put more keybinds to ps3 version whit only2 binds the game gets really boring even i figured a method to use the binds for spell change of the left hand and stay almost all the time whit samespell on the right hand makethinks like this destroy the gamexperience of this beautifull game and im sure a lot of players agree whit mi.please make something to change this because this magical game deserve it.sorry for mi englis i cant expres mi self like i want

  21. Are you guys even reading these messages? Do you even care? Do you have a clue as to what you are doing? Can you fix this in a timely fashion or should we all just give up on this game and all other future Bethesda products?

  22. I play on pc:

    3.30GHz i5 2500 CPU
    4GB DDR3 1333 RAM
    1GB Nvidia Geforce 9400gt
    320GB HDD

    The only problem I have is with performance. When I’m out in the open, the game runs fine. As soon I get into combat or run into a building or cave, I experience quite severe frame rate issues. It’s like it skips several frames while I’m running.

    Before I upgraded my CPU and RAM, I just had poor performance in general. This isn’t a “crippling” issue, but it does get irritating eventually.

  23. I have a first generation PS3 60GB and have never had any problems with any games. Got Skyrim and constantly having games freezes. If I play for 3 hours…..I have to turn my playstation off and back on at least 5 or 6 times. WTF??? Great game but its aggrivating having to worry when it will freeze again .

  24. After this patch i am no longer able to obtain souls from dragons. The shouts screen says I’ve absorbed about 15, and i’ve only unlocked 4 shouts. The game says i captured them, and the stat increases, but i can’t unlock any more shouts.

  25. I play on an xbox and I hear this isn’t just a problem I have but others as well. The blood on ice quest is impossible to complete and now that I can’t complete it, now I can’t even buy the house in windhelm. It needs fixed. also the quest Help selveni Nethri escape the cave she ran to the end of the cave and want exit and now I can’t even talk to her sense see is past the point were it exits me as well. Please for the love of god fix the quest glitches Its made me stop playing almost all together.

  26. I’m on PS3. I attempt to go into ‘Froki’s Shack’. Game is frozen on the loading screen. This isn’t good enough. I’m finding the game to get progressively harder and harder to play.

  27. Please fix the “Trinity Restored” Glitch on Xbox 360. I can’t complete any more thieves guild quests because Karliah wont meet me at the standing stones. This is super annoying. If I were to try and reload from before the thieves guild quest I’d have to start like 20 levels ago and I really don’t want to do that. Please fix this bug in the next patch so I don’t have to start over!

  28. When using wait it freezes just about every time you are in the out side world for example when I wait outside at Bits and Pieces after using wait it will freeze the game but if i use it inside of a house it will work most of the time. when doing the mission at bards collage the items i have collected stay stored on my person and i can’t get rid of them. Tried to pickpocket the person who wanted the items (Finn’s lute,pantea’s flute, and rjorn’s drum)and store them on the persons and still no luck. I am cant buy the house in windhelm beacause I cant kill the dragon at bonestrewn nor can i do any thane missions. I think I killed him when i first started playing when exploring skyrim. But it part of the Thanes missions it does not give me the option to buy a house. azura star does not let me store souls. I have alot of game play time they are still more probles but you have my email i willing to help you but you got to help me. I AM PLAYING ON PS3…..

  29. im playing on pc…and i had this bug after i acquired the summon dremora lord form the winterhold college..the cinjurer gave me a tome then read it..but then when i summon nothing dremora lord came i can only summon atronarchs…

  30. On the PC version of the game, I can play for no longer than 5 minutes at a time without experiencing a computer restart. This is happening only with this software. Please address these issues asap, I am already telling my friends not to purchase a PC version of this game for this one gamebreaking problem.

    How is one supposed to immerse themselves in an RPG when they are forced to reload their computer every 5 minutes due to the very game they want to play.

  31. Where the hell is the patch?! I have a 360 and the only patch it downloaded was 1.1! I go on the net and find out 1.2 and 1.3 are available and yet Xbox Live doesn’t seem to have them? The only patch it downloaded was 4mb!

  32. This is what i dont understand: why my graphics change???
    When i start a new game it has excelent objects graphics after shutting console and playing aggain graphics change to worse…
    I also have lots of bugs and a occasional visual bug with light reflection when i enter some places like Whiterun (I play x360(sorry for bad english))

  33. First off’ great game. However the best house in the game, the one in windhelm, is only available to purchase after quest blood on the ice. The quest is glicthed. House is not ready for sale. Please fix

  34. When going to release a patch xbox in Latin America with Spanish subtitles, Chile and other countries there is only the English version on ps3 there are subtitles in Spanish ..

    I think it is a large Latin American desepcion not consider …

  35. I’m on the PC and Skyrim does not allow you to fast travel (m1 closes map). Also with enchanting, the m1 button does not work. Heard others elsewhere complain about picklocking and m1 buttons.

    I never changed the key settings. I used what the game had.

  36. I only have the problem with the Molag Bal Quest so far. I’m curious. Will this update fix the problem and specifically speaking, I am referring to the problem which that priest stands there and the once you kill him and accept the quest. The door remains locked. Luckily for me, I had a save out of there but as result it left the game discolored. So,if this problem isn’t addressed to in this update,can someone possibly tell me when it will. I play on Xbox.