Skyrim 1.2 update

Update: The 1.2 update is now available on PS3, 360, and Steam.

Today we’ve begun rolling out Skyrim’s 1.2 update for PlayStation 3. The update is already available for users in Europe and we will let you know as soon as it’s up in North America. Our current ETA for Xbox 360 and PC players is Wednesday.

So what does the new update cover? Details below…

UPDATE 1.2 NOTES (all platforms unless specified)

  • Improved occasional performance issues resulting from long term play (PlayStation 3)
  • Fixed issue where textures would not properly upgrade when installed to drive (Xbox 360)
  • Fixed crash on startup when audio is set to sample rate other than 44100Hz (PC)
  • Fixed issue where projectiles did not properly fade away
  • Fixed occasional issue where a guest would arrive to the player’s wedding dead
  • Dragon corpses now clean up properly
  • Fixed rare issue where dragons would not attack
  • Fixed rare NPC sleeping animation bug
  • Fixed rare issue with dead corpses being cleared up prematurely
  • Skeleton Key will now work properly if player has no lockpicks in their inventory
  • Fixed rare issue with renaming enchanted weapons and armor
  • Fixed rare issue with dragons not properly giving souls after death
  • ESC button can now be used to exit menus (PC)
  • Fixed occasional mouse sensitivity issues (PC)
  • General functionality fixes related to remapping buttons and controls (PC)

After releasing the 1.2 update, we will continue to monitor forums, blogs, etc. for issues you are reporting, and we will keep you updated on further updates to improve your gameplay experience.

Thanks for playing Skyrim.

Reader Comments

  1. Anyone else having trouble with not being able to sleep/wait, even in inns? Also, the mouse on the map screen is seriously glitchy.

  2. Skyrim is sick!

    A quick comment though:
    I feel sort of disengaged from my “smash you in the face with a 2H hammer” warrior toon… It just don’t feel like I’m running around in full plate armour.

    A small sound pack might fix this. Make it sound like I’m wearing chunky plate armour. Similar to Oblivion or better 😉

    Just a thought…
    Did I mention skyrim is AWESOME!

  3. (PS3) I didn’t download 1.2 and I wait until there are some good feedbacks on the next patch. If not, I’ll wait for the next one. Until then, I’ll enjoy some other games. And next time, I’ll wait a year before buying a Bethesda game, so all the bugs will be fixed and the game won’t cost me 60$

    However, apart from the bug-creating patch, I have to say I’m quite happy with the game 🙂

  4. I haven’t installed any updates for my PC. Ive not come a cross any probs at all apart from a few NPC issues but nothing to cry about. This game is awesome!!!

  5. + There are some missions have not proper explanations on Journal.
    Why am I should quit the game and seek some Walkthru on internet for remembering the details I forgot with the dialogue with the other NPC’s ???

    Plus there are serious glitches;
    + Some misiions are not displayed on the map with markers..
    + Some missions doesnt contains proper explanations on the Journal.
    + Some Dragons do not attack us while they should be just flying.
    + Our horses can flee without any reasons…
    + Our companion or spouse can disappear on the wilderness when you order them to stay-put on the entrance on some caves.
    + your wife/husband has always 800 gp, even when you give them 5000 gp as a gift. (not even less or more just 800)
    + When you turning to werewolf form while you are riding on horse, your camera stucks with the horse’s angle.
    + We married and don’t have Sex ??? Oh, C’mon…. whom you kidding?
    + Why we want to turn into Vampire while there is no one even talks us..
    But you can even marry with the Werewolf spouses… ??
    Why there is no Vampire spouses on Game.. ??
    I think Bethesda’s only choice now is let the “nude” modders come to save their investment. 😉

  6. Hi Bethesda,

    I have no idea if you read these comments

    or if any other PS3 owners have had this problem,

    but 50% of the time, the game does not respond to the d-pad/analog stick when at menus (start menu, item/magic/map menu, even the favourites menu). Usually it can be fixed by turning off and on the controller, but spending 10 seconds just to switch to a healing spell can be quite annoying. And the problem can’t be fixed this way at the skills menu. I have to sit there and spend 30 seconds spamming a direction hoping to select the right perk or skill.

    I really hope you guys could address this problem.

    And thanks for the absolutely wondermazingfullicious beast of a game!

    Skyrim crashes on when you use Beast Form power spell, when you turn into Werewolf, my game crahes.
    My display card is NVIDIA Ge Force 7950 GX2 (1 GB) and 4 GB of Kingston HyperX RAM

    Skyrim crashes on when you use Beast Form power spell, when you turn into Werewolf, my game crahes.
    My display card is NVIDIA Ge Force 7950 GX2 (1 GB) and 4 GB of Kingston HyperX RAM

  9. I don’t know what’s wrong… but I never had a problem with dragons flying backwards, animation freezing, or not being able to attack them before the update. I’m level 45 and on XBOX. Not only are they almost all flying backwards and glitching out, I can’t hit them with anything! Not even with Call Dragon. Annoying at the best times, deadly at the worst. Please fix!

    Also, on another profile, some of the treasure chests from the treasure maps aren’t showing up. (yes, we double checked online, and in another game save).

    And if you could fix the thing with decorating houses, where I can actually put food or ingredients out on tables, or put some of the trophies I bring back out with everything flying every which way… I would appreciate it. Thanks!

    • I see that the bookshelf thing is fixed in the new patch, but I have to ask– after the new patch, I had to re-put on my armour on the mannequins– did you guys change something there too? I almost had a heartattack when I saw my forsworn, shrouded, and thieves’ guild armour was gone.

      Also wanted to say that no matter how many glitches there are, I will continue to play, because this game is amazing. It will be even more awesome after everything is fixed. I love that I’ve played it for over 150 hours, and yet I’m still finding new stuff to do.

      Love you guys!

  10. PS 3 glitch When i put anything on the mannequins in my houses(markarth & solitude) that part just disappears. The item is still there but if I use a helmet the head is just missing so it ends up looking like nothing is there. Any one else experience that? It’d be nice to display some of my armor instead of stuffing it in chests. Bookshelves seem to work randomly. Just got the new patch and it sped up the action at first but in a civil war fort fight got slow again.

  11. I Have Played practically daily. I Have Put 66 hours In already, I honestly can;t wait for the Update. I Got Married, spouse (Farkas) Died in battle, I’m not sure If I can Re-marry, Wikia States that I can On PC but i Play on PS3. Not so Sure on what Will happen Next With the Patch. The Game is Amazing- Keep up the Great Work Bethesda !! Keep Making Games. Please. 😀

  12. Fixed rare issue with dragons not properly giving souls after death
    Fixed rare issue where dragons would not attack

    Yeah, no you didn’t. I’m still having trouble getting dragons to stop flying in circles and attack, even when I get a lucky bow shot. I also still keep killing dragons for no soul 50% of the time. I actually got attacked by an invisible named dragon after killing Mercer… no soul.

  13. At the quest Cornered rat, when I first talk tot Esbern – A DOOR TO HIS ROOM WONT OPEN! I tried to load it few times, I tried anything… but nothing helps. Please e-mail me someone if there is some solution.

      • Try googleing the elder scrolls wiki and look into the quest info, there are several ways to fix this. I have done it over console (advance in stages), still, he won’t talk, though. Had to watch an youtube video to get what was going on in the quest afterwards. 🙂 🙁

  14. im still having bugs on the xbox 360
    1.weapeon racks and plackes in my whiterun house and solitude housees do not work so far only the weapeon rack in dark brotherhood sanc. is working and the weapeon placks in my riften house work.can’t say for the othe houses yet. shelves can not be accesed if i remove a book at the same time as placing them. i can still grab the book off the shelf but not acsses it to put books back on.
    3.still can’t marry lydia on the xbox

  15. Michael, I get the feeling that if you were to write anything else in “quotation marks,” I’d probably die and then explode with the force of a thousand suns.

  16. Posted before about two days ago but never showed up in blog (blocked?). After running update over the weekend on my PS3 had following problems:
    Cannot trade with follower.
    Cannot absorb dragon soul.
    Cannot learn/absorb new shout.
    Cannot ‘complete’ killing dungeon boss in two different lairs even though they are killed.
    NPCs in a third dungeon don’t react to my presence.
    Cannot use shrines to heal/cure.

  17. On XBox 360: The day before yesterday Skyrim starting acting very buggy, with movements on the screen getting slow and choppy. Then I began shooting at a nearby dragon. Then the hand controller started to vibrate and shake all over the place. Then the game froze. I turned the unit off, and let it sit for a couple minutes. When I turned it back on, the machine told me I’d have to recover my gamertag. Then it told me I have no memory in the xbox. But I’ve got a 250 GB Hard drive on this machine that’s only about 1 year old. I retried getting it to work several more times. But nada. So the game killed my hard drive. I ordered a brand new one, to be delivered. Meanwhile I installed an older 20 GB HD that I had from a previous unit. I had to begin the game all over again (I lost my level 37 position…oh well). Now today…at almost the same identical place in the game, near Witchgrove…it started getting choppy again. And it froze up again. But it didn’t kill the HD this time. I’m giving this game plenty of chances to redeam itself. But other than it ruining my equipment…I love the game. I’ll begin it new all over again when the new larger HD arrives. This is almost like living with an abusive alcohlic spouse. You put up with all their abuse…because you love ’em.

  18. At the moment, I have one particular dragon I would love to kill, but it’s so buggy, I can’t hit it. It’s the dragon that is near Dawnstar. If I’m facing the Dawnstar sanctuary and look to the right, I can see a dragon flying off in the distance in the same spot. When I go closer, it’ll fly backwards&won’t come close enough for me to hit it. If I approach it, it’ll move away from me no matter which way I approach it. Also in my Windhelm house, I dropped a bunch of ingredients&arranged them around (’cause I was bored) and then when I re-entered my house later, they were all on the floor like I had just dropped them out of my inventory and not moved them.

    Overall, I love this game. I know the developers cannot possibly fool-proof the game&expect every thing people will do (like climbing up 90 degree angles with your horse).

  19. Yeah This patch messed with ps3 in a bad way. Dragons flying in mid air, turn into werewolf and get stuck. Just saying the game was definitely better before the patch. I still love Skyrim.

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  21. Bethesda!! Please please fix the bug on the ‘House of Horrors’ quest, I usually make it my priority to save before each mission, however I did not this time seeing as I didn’t realize how buggy it was! The vigilant doesn’t prompt conversation or lead me through the house, so I end up just killing him as opposed to Molag bal telling us to kill each other. Then the reddish brown tinting persists and it makes it so difficult to see everything. After I approach the altar, the door leading to markarth is locked. I’m sure others out there with the same or similar problem would really appreciate it if you guys could fix this game breaking bug, since now I’ve retraced my steps hours back into the game, saved, tried it out and it seems like all of my files are just infected with the bug. You guys make such epic and amazing games, I really hope you all are able to sort this out for us players out there. 🙂

  22. Is there any chance of getting a format fix written? When I played skyrim for the 360 before the update I was at least able to see half the compass & gauge bars. Now after the update came across xbox live it is impossible to see any of it.

  23. Having issues when playing “The Pursuit” mission. Trying to meet Karliah in the Ragged Flagon but she remains in a different location. I’ve reloaded from a previous save and still having the same issue. I cannot move forward with the mission unless she arrives.

  24. Fixed issue where textures would not properly upgrade when installed to drive (Xbox 360) – Still Having Issues Today

    Dragon corpses now clean up properly – Still Say there no matter what.

    Fixed rare issue where dragons would not attack – Still not fixed.

    Fixed rare issue with dragons not properly giving souls after death – I lose 1 in 5 dragon souls to this bug still as of today

  25. Skyrım is great game and surely will classic (like Morrowind), but like the Morrowind, this game has serious Glitches that can’t be easily solved within short 1-2 patches.. They will need serious modding-community for that.
    They need to sencronize with the experienced modders not breaking their hearts. 😉 We all love the Sky, and we too don’t want to waste the game.. So all we have to do is unite..
    Please mark my words dear Bethesda team..
    (old-dinosaurus-gamer since 1980’s)

  26. PS3 user and I played 110 hours before patch with 3 freezes. Yes lag was bad but it was better than 13 random freezes in the last 17 hours since patch. Book cases broken. More storage in labs please.

  27. Have the xbox version and the only thing I’ve noticed really is the dragons that guard the inscribed walls are the only glitched out ones and my bookcase in Whiterun didn’t update when I changed the inventory. Other than that, still the same great game.

  28. anyone got a clue when we’re going to get the backwards flying dragons that never die fixed?!?!?!? im a newbie to bethesda and got skyrim cause my bf said oblivion was so good. I love playing the game its amazing but id really love it if i could kill a damn dragon!!!!!! seriously!!! i have so far only managed to get the first 1 at the western watchtower after that all the dragons fly backwards away from me when i try and attack!!!! not cool!!!!

  29. This is a great game, stop bitching about small things, they are gonna fix it sooner or later.

    as Frank zappa would’ve said.. shut up and play yer skyrim

  30. I am having an issue with freezing loading screens. Happened once or twice while playing in labyrinthian(Also draugrs skins were not loading properly they were just blue models). I restarted my system, began playing my assassin class, got to a loading screen it froze again. Now the game is totally unplayable. When loading into a saved game from the start menu the game freezes towards what I assume is the end of the loading process, and I have to turn off my Xbox and try again. After 3 or 4 times I lost hope and started looking online. Didn’t realize how many bugs Skyrim has been having. I haven’t had any issues until Wednesday night. Been having a blast with the game (huge improvement from oblivian). I would very much like this issue reported and fixed ASAP, because I bought my Xbox on black friday (brand new) just so I could play skyrim and reckoning.

  31. So here’s the thing: first of all, I’m loving this game to death so far and the weird thing is, I have not even patched it yet and I don’t see most of the bugs that apparently are there, like the dragons not giving souls or what not. Secondly, when some didn’t want to attack, I didn’t even figure it was a bug, I just thought that’s how it was supposed to be, that some just fly by and don’t attack without being provoked (or they heard I killed a bunch of their buddies before and don’t want to get their scales handed to them).
    What I did notice, is that the game has a particular logic when it comes to crime. For example, getting a bounty for stealing something without being seen stealing, or getting goons sent after me by someone I pickpocketed successfully. I mean, if it was successful, the person shouldn’t even know it was me, right? It’s a dangerous world, people get mugged coming home from work every night XD
    Apart from that, I personally think the game would benefit from having more locked chests – with the small number of locked ones I find, it just makes loot hunting way less challenging. And I just kinda like picking locks, so that’s also a thing.

    I’m all for reprimending Bethesda (harshly) for not testing their product thoroughly enough to the point of leaving broken quests in the released game, but I’m not gonna hate on the guys, because, as I said at the start, I enjoy TES to damn much (Oblivion’s my least favorite of the post y2K releases, but still not a bad game), and it’s really kind of hard not to have any bugs in that big a game – yeah, it’s been said enough times before, but maybe the haters will finally get the point. For me personally, they’re nothing game-breaking and they don’t take away from my enjoyment, but don’t think that I won’t notice, if something’s majorly broken.

  32. I’m glad bethesda fixed the low performance after long time playing, but the only problem I’m facing now and I think there may be more out there but when i am trying to get the treaty both Ulfrich and the other recruiter don’t open a radiology box but just say “Go talk to … he’s got an errand for you, while the other guy says I don’t know how you got Ulfric to talk to the empire. please fix this bethesda.

  33. Can someone help… how can i see witch version of skyrim i have… and why dosen’t my ps3 auto update to patch 1.2?? or how can i check it?

  34. after i did this update my ps3 freezes up on me constantly wtf? i was loving this game now it is just pissing me off! Bethesda needs to get get this fixed!

  35. Having problem`s killing dragon near drela`s hut! just goes off on one when you get near it and doesn`t attack you! hope this is being fixed? enjoying the game a lot!

  36. I’m having a problem with the ‘Hired Muscle’ quest for the companions. The man I have to intimidate is Severio Pelagia, but he is missing. From what I’ve read he is killed during the assault/defence of Whiterun, so I can’t complete the quest and can’t continue with the companions! Is there any way around this? If not, it definitely needs fixed!

  37. Just reached the 20mb save file size on PS3 (with 1.2 update) and now have problems maniputaing the environment (pulling levers and manipulating Dragon Claw Doors) and with buying and selling from vendors.

  38. Hi Bethesda could you at leat make a update to fix all problems l have quite a lot, on my copy of skyrim dragons just fly backwards by time l get up close to it, it flys straight past me backwards lol so please fix the lot.

  39. The patch ruined the game for me I never had any real problems before but now I can’t play for more than 2 minutes because it keeps freezing. Also the bookcase glitch is annoying. I’ll just wait for the next patch to start playing again. I play on the ps3.

      • And I for one will be trading my copy in for credit towards Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.
        Something that was actually Beta tested before being released. Because it’s made by EA, and not Bethesda.

        • LOL EA is no better! The tie in with Origins is worse then Steam and I am playing the recently released Battlefield 3 and its just as pathetically bugged as this, well, not has bad but EA releases crap too. Mind you Dragon Age wasn’t too bad…

      • To Toto: respect the freedom to choice. If I choice to play in PS3 or Xbox 360, I have this right, since the Bethesda made Skyrim for those plataforms. Don’t be a Jerk, kiddo.

    • I agree … Steam updated and now PC version won’t even load! This has been the worse game roll out I’ve seen … gone from freezing randomly within 5 mins to completely unplayable! Thanks Steam! Here’s an idea: Dump F*cking Steam !!!

      • Has Bethesda ever released a game that WASN’T plagued with bugs throughout it’s lifetime?
        Seriously, Oblivion still corrupts my saves every now and then…

    • this patch didnt ruin the game for me its never frozen on me and ive never had the bookcase glitch so i think there just your problem and not anything to do with the game. i play on ps3 and pc

    • Iv never had any real problems with Skyrim. The only time I started lagging was after 5-7 straight hours of play. This new patch had made Skyrim a very unenjoyable experience and i don’t mean to be demanding but I did not pay £37.99 for PS3 to put up with lousy “fixes” which make that little rip of glitches every now and again to a massive f**king wormhole. Lagging after 5 minutes continuously which ruins gameplay. I think I can say that this is a poor bunch of rushed “solutions” to try and fix the mainstream glitches in Skyrim which end up making things worse. Fix this ASAP I am ‘very disappoint’.

  40. i have about 35hrs in to the game a WAS level 16. I turned my game on last night and my entire game was deleted. I have to start the game over again?! Extreamly pissed. I also play on ps3.

    • Happened to me lots of times too. BUt it’s not the gmes fault. NEVER switch off until the orange light stops blinking NEVVAH! 😛 ( Not just for Skyrim 😉 )

  41. I’ve experienced several very annoying glitches on the Xbox version of Skyrim where the Jarl of Solitude has disappeared from the game and the quest marker that I have that points to her is somewhere in the southeast corner of the map. I followed the marker and she is not there. This glitch has made purchasing the house in Solitude impossible as well as completing the quest which involves the stones of Barenziah and a few misc. objectives. Additionally the blood on the ice quest won’t start because the body needed for the beginning of the quest will not spawn. Finally I’ve experienced what I call the dumb dragon glitch where dragons jump around in the sky, fly backwards, and spawn in and out rapidly. I’ve asked around Xbox live and almost everyone I’ve asked has experienced one or more of these glitches.

  42. I am extremely annoyed with the update. Most problems that are said “fixed” I had never had until the update. I have it for PS3 as well and it is unplayable now. Dragons fly in place, every loading screen takes twice as long, and the game freezes to the point where my Playstation has to run a restore to see if there are any long-term problems.

  43. Hello!
    I play on PC and i encounter a strage glich on the ‘main’ quest missions. The problem is one charter the master of dragon lore in Riften. He has no voice, the texts is faster than i able to read one word so talk with him is imposible and there is some problem with a movement coordinations. In short his not do it what he should do. That charter is a big problem in Riften and in Sky Haven Temple also.

    You guys have to do something about this or this is just onesided problem?

  44. Im having a problem doing a thieves guild quest…i just finished loud and clear and brynjolf told me to talk to maven black briar…but when i do all she says is “hmmm?”