Brink: Clans,Tournaments, and a free weekend on Steam

Attention Brink fans! The Clans and Tournament features we previewed last month are now available. To get started, visit and enter your unique access code found within the main menu for Brink (under Online Stats).

To celebrate the affair, we have a Brink free play on Steam starting at 10 AM PST today that runs through Monday at 10 AM PST. Anyone playing during that time can purchase the game at 75% off.

See you on the Ark!

Reader Comments

  1. A C too much.

    Clan support?. Nice.

    LAN support?. PROMISED 6 months ago and still missing.

    Great work, guys. Bravo. Way to kill your own game.

    • You’re right. They have killed their own game. I can’t bring myself to play this game anymore. I loved it when it first game out but still should have all this content ready and done before the game was released. Stop rushing out games!!!

  2. who cares about this at all? stop blogging about inanities and respond to all the people angry that you screwed up Skyrim with your patch please Beth.

  3. I have run into a major glitch in the “Revealing the unseen” quest. I have made it to the end of the quest where I need to refocus the crystal. The first time I made it there, I was unable to refocus the crystal. Neither of my spells worked moving the light beams. So I waited till you guys put out a patch in hopes that this would be fixed. I’ve gotten the update, and have gone back, and this time I can neither refocus the crystals OR move the concentric circles above the crystal. I was able to move the circles the first time around. Very frustrating as I would like to finish this quest line out to conclusion. Any ideas on when this will be resolved?


    Chuck Webb

  4. I really hope a Brink 2 drops with in-game clan support an battle for ARK. It was a great game, but competitions are long over. Sorry, but Cod has almost everything your game has, but more support. BTW Wallhop FTW 🙂

  5. It would be nice if the next Brink-ish game (it doesn’t deserve a direct sequel) had a story. I suck at games, but I 100%’d it on Xbox, and again in a week with the DLC. It was just too short and everyone got bored with it just as they fixed all the connection issues.

    I knew you wouldn’t let us down Bethesda!

    Despite the haters you show that you have a slight intrest in the game and I can happly say that I will keep on supporting your games.