Skyrim Update 1.3 now on Steam (Updated)

Update 12/20: The 1.3 update is now available on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Additionally, an incremental update, 1.3.10, is now available on Steam.

Update 1.3.10 Notes (PC)

  • Support for 4-Gigabyte Tuning (Large Address Aware)
  • Fixed issue with accented characters not displaying properly at the end of a line

Update 1.3 Notes (all platforms unless specified)

  • General stability improvements
  • Optimize performance for Core 2 Duo CPUs (PC)
  • Fixed Radiant Story incorrectly filling certain roles
  • Fixed magic resistances not calculating properly
  • Fixed issue with placing books on bookshelves inside player purchased homes
  • Fixed dragon animation issues with saving and loading
  • Fixed Y-look input to scale correctly with framerate
For more information on future updates, read our what we’re working on blog post.

Reader Comments

  1. hi all just thought i would say that i have returned my copy of skyrim and i would recommend that all ps3 owners return there copys of skyrim then maybe bethesda will then hold the ps3 in high regard as they do with xbox and pc and then fix the problems that the ps3 has instead ps3 owners have to wait until sometime next year to get these problems fixed and xbox and pc get there problems fixed not i think that it is a bit unfair that ps3 owners have to wait any i would like to say the same thing that snooker legend alex hurricane higgins said you can take your game and shove it right up your jacksay because i am not playing anymore and if bethesda actually fix the problems with the ps3 then maybe i will buy it again

  2. Please can anyone help me ??? When i launch skyrim after new patch..It says that My game version is not supported.And when i look on TESV exe i can see there version 1.3.1..What should i do ?? sorry for my english

    • Did you install the Script Dragon with some mod. Thats is not supported with the latest version of Skyrim yet and you will need to remove it. Check the top of the error message window!

  3. Bugs like we are seeing on the PS3 should not be tolerated. Is there no gaming body responsible for game quality?

    Whilst I can appreciate a game of this size to have issues the gamers who argue that these sort of problems should be expected and tolerated are simply encouraging the problem of game companies releasing faulty games. It’s lazy, and suspiciously intentional to use the million or so consumers (unsuspecting beta testers?) to report problems for free. Ideal for game companies but not gamers.

    If a gaming body could take action against the company we may well see less of this. If we just excuse it then it will become more common place.

    I bet without patching capability this wouldn’t happen! It would prove to costly in returned products!.

    Just my moan!..

  4. I’ve experienced maybe six or seven crashes in over 300 hours of gameplay (out of work actor), which is far few than I ever had during Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind and Oblivion! Arena’s crashes were likely due to fact that I kept treaking my memory manager incessantly, and Daggerfall kept crashing because my DOS emulator settings were off. I never made it out of the first dungeon–the first rat kept killing me! F^<ker!

    Anyway, Skyrim is a brilliant game and after update 1.3 for the 360, I noticed that my load-times dropped a bit in certain areas, like exiting a building that I'd just entered. Dragon battles sometimes still slow down a bit, but they no longer drop to one frame per second! I still have places to avoid because multiple quests are using the same location–two quests to talk to Sibbi Blackbriar, so the game crashes when I enter Riften's jail. Something weird happened about ten minutes ago:

    I was returning to Riften using the Thieves Guild fast travel icon. I appeared outside of the secret entrance with my follower, Illia, who is an amazing cryomage! Decked out in full glass armor, double-enchanted to enhane her abilities, she's leathal! A dragon appeared in the sky and attacked! This was the first time a dragon has attacked inside a walled city! Illia dropped the dragon with FOUR ice-bolts, but she happened to hit Romlyn Dreth with an ice-bolt, which killed him. The guards and townsfolk attack Illia while my Khajiit was absorbing the dragon's soul. Illia buckled and then the mob came after me. I drew my weapon, sheathed it, then bribed the guard. A courier came up to me and gave me an inheritance letter from the jarl in regard to ROMLYN DRETH! WTF?! My follower kills the man, then I'm rewarded with 90 septims? Weird. Funny, but weird. Was that scripted, or Radiant AI doing it's thing?

  5. Whenever I load my saved games my Xbox freezes. I’m not going to start over because I believe this game has zero replay value. Thanks for a mediocre game from a crappy company that can’t make a stable product for consoles.

  6. i think i still have the Crash To Desktop issue here

    211 hours 62 level, looks like that more i play cause more worse.

    then i open a new character is run ok wtf? i thought the 1.310 is fixed everything. 60$ for that? btw there some people playing iegally have no crash like that because no update for them.

  7. i think i still have the Crash To Desktop issue here

    211 hours 62 level, looks like that more i play cause more worse.

    then i open a new character is run ok wtf? i thought the 1.310 is fixed everything. 60$ for that? btw there some people playing iegally have no crash like that because no update for them.

  8. Thanks for all your comments
    I still have to wait to buy this game
    I don’t understand the marketing idea of realising a game for beta testers ….

  9. Can you please fix the ps3 bug which makes it impossible to side with the empire (rikke doesn’t initiate the winterhold hold quest)? I can live with problems in side quests, but to be unable to play one of the main story lines is sooo bad.

    Honestly, if you can’t do better than this, why not include a “quest/item status facility” to allow users to work around this type of problems? On pc you have the console, why not give the same kind of possibility to ps3 players?

    • I have the same problem.Is there going to be a patch/update for this issue, if so when? I payed good money for this game it would be a shame if I can no longer use it pass this point!

  10. Any word on whether/when the Join the Stormcloaks/Season Unending bug will be addressed? Would like to continue the main quest line…

  11. First I would like to thank the creators and praise them for their great achievement.
    And secondly I’d like to mention that i haven’t had any problems with the missions on PS3, but there were some freezings and delays.
    And thirdly I would like to know if there’s gonna be an expansion any time soon?

  12. I would like my money back please i can’t finish the game it’s unplayable for me the lag is constant and sometimes causes the game to crash.

  13. How about you update the game without breaking it, please?

    1.2 broke the magic resistances and made dragons fly backwards.
    1.3 fixed the magic resistance, but removed random dragon encounters.

    I’ve started two characters after the update and played through the main quest to the point where you return horn of windcaller on one and on the other a little bit further.
    Lvl 43 and lvl 25. Haven’t seen random dragons.

  14. I dont know if i can Report Bugs here and if Bethesda read Bug Comments in the Nexus Forum or if they are Only interested in our Mods, just curious.

  15. Since the last patch, I can not play! My GPU has 100% load and the gameplay just jerks!
    Core i5 K2500, 8GB RAM Corsair Vengeance, ASUS EAH HD6970. Beautiful ruined! Oh I have complete original configuration. Nothing patched!

  16. I advised everybody i know to NOT buy this “game”. This isn’t a game but a proof of concept. It’s ridiculous. You “finish” the Dark Brotherhood quest, for example, only to end up killing the same target over and over again. It’s retarded. Bethesda should start making GAMES not engine demos.

  17. Is there going to be some kind of patch to fix the thieves guild, I have 49 of 50 achievements, but can’t get the last because I sold the armor when I got it. Really don’t want to start a new game and go through all of that again…

  18. i love, ABSOLUTELY LOVE, this game. had enough of the PS3 issues, so i traded it in for the PC version (the whole modding it to my liking thing). how long am I going to have to wait until you guys come up with the patches that fix the games issues? cause after reading some of these posts, I may be on deployment before that happens.

  19. Hey guys,

    Just want to say thanks for making such an awesome game! I played Fallout 3 years ago, but never finished that, I did get bored of that about 20 hours in – only because the wastelands got to be the same after a while for me. But this game – totally different. I could just play the game picking flowers really. And I don’t usually stroll down the street and see a flower and say “Ooooo – a flower – yay!”.

    I’m on the PC and if I don’t have a 2 hour odd session – game plays fine. However during the holiday break, I played a couple days full on – and the game crashed about 3 or 4 times during one day. Never stuffed up game play though as I save before I do anything major, and I do that not because of the crashing, but if I get killed. So the crashes don’t bother me that much (saying that, would be nice if it didn’t). Only other problem I get is texture weirdness – sometimes things turn pink/purple. And also saying that – as I play the game I see how massive this game is, and it’s very impressive it can do what it can, especially with all the quests and letting the player do what he/she wants to do. Someone else said it – it’s more like a world rather than a game.

    I’m about 50 hours in now, on level 25-ish I think. And still haven’t killed the first dragon. Very impressive that a game could be made like this, and looking around the web at all the stuff fans are doing – definitely shows what a game can do! That chick doing a cover of the Dragonborn song – very awesome! And even the Christmas lights house!

    Only mods I’ve put in my game is for the Xbox 360 controller so that I can take a screenshot using the controller – it’s really unbelievable how beautiful this game is and that it runs on current hardware. I wouldn’t say it’s the most technically brilliant game in terms of graphics with some of the smaller things, but I would say it’s the most immersive game I’ve ever played. And the comes first. I haven’t really played a game where I would just stare at the clouds wisping through the mountains. Or feel a bit dreary when I walk out of a building in the morning and it’s overcast. All walk up a snowy mountain and see amazing lights in the sky.

    Thanks to all those involved for this game!
    Be proud of yourself, this is one awesome game!

    • Level 25 and you haven’t killed your first dragon. That’s actually going to ruin the game. Word of advice from someone over 200 hours in and did a lot of craziness his own way… don’t explore just do the quests. And if you want, explore after all questlines are done. I have a tonne of quests i can’t complete simply because I cleared out an area before the quest sent me there. Also start with the thieves guild. Nightingale blade cannot be upgraded after a certain level so get that early.

      • Cheers for the tips man!

        I actually found that at least two of the major quest lines are somewhat linked to each other. When I completed one (the main Dragon one), it made the other story line (civil war) rather odd. Actually found a bit on a website where the Season Unending quest is a bit odd if you’re in the middle of the civil war.

        What I ended up doing was just restarting and playing from scratch, but this time not exploring so much and doing the quests more. Doing the civil war quest all the way this time (at least past a certain battle that happens). And probably doing the Thieves quest line.

        Funnily enough, I’m not that bored with starting the game all over again – still playing nearly the same way, though using the perks a bit more effectively.

        Can’t imagine the difficulty and testing with a game like this! The amount of possibilities is pretty massive with how different people can complete the game!

  20. Erase un-needed saves in your hard drive. Too many saves will bog down your loading cappabilities. I suggest moving your most recent save to your cloud save, wipe your Skyrim saves out of your drive, replace the save that was in your cloud. This should help if you haven’t encountered a game breaking glitch. The only down side of this is that is you have installed your game (which would be rediculous is you haven’t already), you’re going to have to sit through installing once more.

  21. 1. The Bookshelf Bug for the XBox360 isnt fixed!! Now I can remove books but I can’t add any to it!

    2.Now Im stuck with this stupid book “The Wild Elves” which apparently you can’t get rid of if you pick it up before you activate the quest. Like i did.

    3. Since you released the Last Update my Xbox360 freezes up 2 or 3 times a day regardless of what Im doing in Skyrim, and it’s not just my Xbox that does this – it’s many of my friends too!

    4. Sometimes the game lags horribly like everything is in slow motion. Exiting the game and reloading doesnt help if I save my progress.

    Thanks for being in such a rush to make $$ and releasing a P.O.C.

    Im warning all XBox360 gamers not to get Skyrim untill you get rid of the bugs!

    Maybe we all need to stand outside of our Local Game stores with signs picketing and warning people not to buy the game!

    Ratt de “Mad at Bethesda” Rodent..

  22. Game is fantastic, running on core2 quad 2.33ghz with 8gb ram and 1gb hd radeon graphics card, no lag, no crashes. Game failed to load from start screen twice reloaded from disc took about 5 mins no problems. running latest patch from steam and 3 mods from the nexus, everything spot on. as to all the people complaining about the game on PS3 the reason there is a problem is the PS3, sony have tried to reinvent the wheel where as xbox is using a lot of the same architecture as a pc. It the same reason you have problems with nat type set up, crap console.

  23. 2 questions
    1. Where are the modding tools? (come on get the finger out)
    2. Will the modding community have access to cryodil and morrowind game space or are these being saved for expansion packs?

  24. My critical strikes with greatswords and bows dont do extra damage anymore? Is it just me? I didnt notice this for a while untill i started to pay attention to it.

  25. Hi guys. Skyrim is a beautiful game and a joy to play when it works on PS3. But to publicly say in a statement that these glitches won’t affect future sales is naive. You released the game knowing full well the problems it had, we know this because they happened in oblivion, fallout3 and new vegas. I’m starting to think your PS3 consumers don’t matter. Don’t get me wrong, I know that it would have cost a lot of money to fix the problem before release but let’s be honest, you should have done it anyway as opposed to making roughly 920,000 ps3 users worldwide wait months for a software update to correct your mistake. I’m disappointed, almost 1 million other people are too.

  26. You know what don’t worry about it. I’m going to follow another bloggers advice and return my copy of skyrim. I encourage other users to do the same. It’s time to kill the cash cow and maybe then Bethesda will care about what we as PS3 users have to say. It’s a joke that it has continued this long, title after title.

  27. PC Game data files are missing??
    I´m not let into Esberns hideout in the Ratway in Riften and therefore I´m not able to carry on in the main quest – apparently due to unpacked sound files in the game´s data folder. having googled the issue, I´m told to unpack cetain files….and I can´t really locate any Skyrim datafolder on my hard drive ??
    Does anyone know if Esberns sound issues are addressed in one of the patches ?

  28. Please please please fix dual wielding favorite bindings. It is making me dislike my game experience and is literally causing me physical pain from hair tearing.

  29. i just got this game over steam but i notice it only uses 2gb ram after its updated..? i am wondering if there is something i am missing somwhere to add the 4gb ? as i got 12gb ram.

    @most of you, ps. download the game out of steam(uninstall steams ver.) and play it unpatched if you do not like the patch updates.

  30. After beating the mainquest and clear skies shouting on the TOTW …its constantly snowing now. I reloaded to before i fought Alduin…my last save. Still snowing. Indoors..outdoors..sunny skies…etc. clear skies shout does nothing.

    Also…bookshelves broken still in all three of my houses. Weapon rack is strictly ornamental…and manequin is invisible where an item would be equiped (boots make lower legs disappear).

    I have been watching for Skyrim before Bethesda even mentioned it and it was speculative as to whether there would even BE an ES5 (years). Counted down the days til ES5 from the day Todd Howard announced its release (Q1 2011…i think).

    I dealt with the ES4 GOTY edition bug for curing vampires on PS3 even AFTER Bethesda wrote me back and told me too bad…start a new game. This is my second gme in Skyrim and Im simply not doing it again. I have about 200 total hours invested and the story gets old and frustrating to play again.

    As you listed 1.03 fixed the house mnequins and bookslefs…i was excited that you noticed and fixed known bugs…although this is a lie. You might as well have said it included a new city or addition to the min quest since it was not true lest on one or two test machines in QA.

    Bottomline…if a real soluable update doesnt come out by the end of Jan…im done being let down by Bethesda. Show your fans some compassion and at least forwarn tht this update was barely tested and should be used at your own risk, with probable game data lost or needing to be restarted before they take effect.

    Im a huge fan of the games….very loyal…i own them all. Sometimes you have to move on. Im not tpking up this game to friends anymore…and 2 people bought this by my suggestion.

    Good luck!

  31. Bought skyrim 2 weeks ago, quests like “panteas flute” and “investigate the bards college” are majorly bugged and cannot finish them……Updated it with 1.3 and STILL CANNOT COMPLETE THEM… is going on bethesda?

  32. I seem to be getting weird audio issues with the new patch. Whenever I do a dragon shout all of the audio cuts out until I’m done with the shout.

  33. Great. I can barely play now due to the game crashing every 45 minutes. without fail. I’ve gone crazy closing or opening doors to original positions, picking up every last item on the ground and selling, eating, smithing, crafting and everything in between in hopes it’ll make my save smaller, as suggested by many a person. ill try anything at this point. 9057KB. 75 hours. PS3. and what happened to random dragon encounters???

  34. I originally got Skyrim on PS3 and much to my surprise did not have that many issues just the main one … lag after a period of play.

    I was always going to get Skyrim on PC for any mods I might like to add to it but I got it after patch 1.2 and Skyrim at that point was so stable it was not funny, yes there were still littlew issues tht I came across but not many. Then I hear there is a new patch out and I must say 1.3.1 patch is just AWESOME!!!

    Start Skyrim and litteraly 5 seconds after loading save game TOTAL system lock and black screen. This happened a few times. On attempt number 4 it actually ran for at least 5 minutes but during that time there was 3 occasions where the game froze for a few seconds the screen went blank and then it came right again … the 4th time the game froze that was all she wrote. Complete system lock up again. Not even ctrl/alt/del worked. This is on a system which ran v1.2 just fine for “hours” on end in either high (mainly) but also ultra settings.

    Congratulations Bethesda you just made my game unplayable!!

    I’m wondering if anyone at Bethesda has actually heard of “TESTERS” coz they should have found a lot of these issues pre-initial release or does Bethesda think they are that good they get it right first time?

    Give us … your loyal customers who keep you in business I might add a break Bethesda!

    Fix this before more people return their games and potentually never buy another Bethesda product again … then where will you be?? Out of business!!

  35. Post 1.3 On the 360 my dragons still fly backwards and refuse to attack me but they will attack every other npc or mud crab in the area.

  36. Playing on PS3, just lost 20 hours of game play because the game froze (for about the 50th time), & then it deleted a bunch of corrupt save files. FU Bethesda. FU very much.

  37. hey guys im not gonna rag the game like other people because its the best game ive played and u guys did a great job. I just wanted to tell you that if you sell your thieves guild armor, after you complete a quest Tonilia wants to upgrade a piece of it. Well thats kinda hard when you no longer have the armor isnt it? Thats not the problem. The problem is thats the only option you are given when talking to her therefore you cannot become guild master (because you need to talk to her in order to do so). Next time you patch glitches please do one of the following; 1. have an alternate dialogue bubble 2. make it avalible for purchase 3. have an extra set laying around somewhere PLEASE PLEASE READ THIS BECAUSE IT IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!! but despite this inconvenience you produced a wonderful game .

  38. dear bethseda, skyrim become unplayable to me it crash to desketop (always) at two critical points.
    1. in the quest “ompelling tribute” the game always crash in the lodaing screen of the understoon keep, so mow i cam’t finish the stormcloaks questline nor the main quest line.
    (i dont the only one with this problem.
    2. in the “Evil in Waiting” i got the word of dragon, but now when i want to exit back to the game world. the game crash to desktop as well.

    please bethseda bring anoter patch.

  39. Bethesda,

    After installing my game to the Xbox 360 hard drive, I am now encountering a lot of stuttering whenever I move the camera around in first-person. Please look into this.

  40. Its so good of gstaff to answer one of the comments….. How is this the game of the year? Initial testing would have found the PS3 frame rate issue so Bethesda knowingly released an unplayable game? is there no laws for this? Im pretty sure its fraud. Its the same as buying an ipad and getting a sack of potatoes! I spent most of my 70 hours building up my character only to find that once my saved gamed reached a certain size the frame rate bottoms out! its like taking the time to set up mousetrap and then not playing it! I hate you bethesda… i really really do!