Skyrim Update 1.3 now on Steam (Updated)

Update 12/20: The 1.3 update is now available on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Additionally, an incremental update, 1.3.10, is now available on Steam.

Update 1.3.10 Notes (PC)

  • Support for 4-Gigabyte Tuning (Large Address Aware)
  • Fixed issue with accented characters not displaying properly at the end of a line

Update 1.3 Notes (all platforms unless specified)

  • General stability improvements
  • Optimize performance for Core 2 Duo CPUs (PC)
  • Fixed Radiant Story incorrectly filling certain roles
  • Fixed magic resistances not calculating properly
  • Fixed issue with placing books on bookshelves inside player purchased homes
  • Fixed dragon animation issues with saving and loading
  • Fixed Y-look input to scale correctly with framerate
For more information on future updates, read our what we’re working on blog post.

Reader Comments

  1. are u guys guna fix the markarth problem were because i keep getting stopped by the guards they are saying it 4 murder n conspieracy but i have already completed the quest wen u have 2 go 2 the prison anything on that one yet?? ps skyrim is the best game in the world can u send me a free tshirt 🙂

  2. Great you made some fixes. So, any chance you’ll fix some of the more major ones, like not being able to advance in the Companions Quest line? If people on PC can type a code in and fix it, I’m sure you Game of the Year caliber programmers can come up with a fix for us poor, pitiful console gamers?

  3. Bug For Xbox 360: I can’t Retrieve any quest items, whether it be the fragment retrieval for the companion quest, to finding out the parter for the first thieves main quest(after poisoning the mead and guy being sent to jail, I go upstairs and open drawer and nothing is there). Those aren’t the only quests either, it even happens for small side quests.

  4. I was wondering if you can fix the armour stands in the console versions. I haven’t had ANY luck with those so far. Thanks.

  5. Help Bethesda 🙁 I have a bug with Dark Brotherhood, It’s quest “Whispers In The Dark” the bug is when I finish quest when player need to go to night mother’s coffin to hear Cicero. Then Astrid give me a task to go to and see Nazir who will give me a side quest, but there is no option for side quest, I know this bug is familiar but please fix this bug. I can’t continue. . . 🙁

  6. I just really want all Bethesda games to have a character screen so I quit accidentally saving over anytime I create a new character for a different play style.

  7. Im having problrms with the Companions, They say ive stolen something but when i go to play thet debt, It says ForceGreet.
    And when I select it, they go back to saying that i stole something which im pretty sure i didnt. Pretty much everyone in the guild says this and I have payed them all but it still goes back to ForceGreet. This is really annoying.

  8. Okay, several issues still. Still can’t complete/access the Abandoned House quest, the Missing Woman in Whiterun, and and several others! I’m done with most the game, so infuriating.

  9. I have had problems with finishing quests before actually starting them (ie: animal extermination quest for Companion). I killed a sabre cat in the wild then got a quest to go kill a sabre cat. My quest arrow led me to the sabre cat I had already killed and I can now not finish the Companion quest line because I can’t finish that quest.
    Similar things like this have happened in other Misc. quests

  10. also need to fix erikar so we can finish rebuilding the theives guild because he just sits in the middle of the ocean unable to talk

  11. I have a 360. And I don’t seem to be learning any shouts. I go to the walls to unlock them, then when go to use them it say dragon souls required. I have killed over 35 dragons but still cant use shouts.

    • You have to go to the Shout’s menu, select the shout you want to unlock and press the X button. If you have an available dragon soul obtained by killing a dragon, the shout will unlock.

      Once a shout it unlocked you will be able to use it by selecting the shout from the Shout menu and pressing the right bumper.

  12. Great fixes Bethesda. Will try them tomorrow and see if they solve some of my issues.

    Regarding the issues in homes, are there any work on fixing weapons racks and plackats which sometimes do not work? The “Push [INSERT BUTTON]” symbol does not appear makeing it impossible to equip them.

    Thanks in advance.

  13. How about patching the glitch on the blood on the ice quest that doesn’t allow it to begin, thus not allowing you to purchase a house or become a thane in windhelm

  14. Now how about fixing the glitch that’s stopping me from completing the main quest?! I can’t get The Cornered Rat questline. Google searches show other people having the same problem.

  15. PLEASE – for the love of god — fix the thieves guild armor glitch. If you sell your thieves guild armor to Tonilia (like I did), progress completely halts on the thieves guild story as soon as she asks you for a piece of armor back.

    I would love to complete the game, but like many others I’ve seen online, this glitch is preventing me from doing so.

  16. PLEASE FIX THE QUEST GLITCHES FOR 360 . i have the ivory claw and this dead dude on the floor who is dead and i cant get info from even after constantly searching his body for notes and clues and key items.. quest arrow is just above his dead body . and i cant do anything.. p.s. let us have mods..

  17. Vampevil, “the dead dude on the floor who is dead” – That’s some interesting info right there!

    Also, I agree with the quest item glitch being fixed. It’s not gamechanging but it’s still pretty frurstating still having quest items that aren’t supposed to be there after completing the quests just remaining in the inventory.

  18. wow, we in europe got 1.3 for PS3 before US?? i’m amazed it’s normally always the other way round…
    patch 1.3 is working fine on PS3. backwards dragon succesfully fixed; wich was pretty much the only major problem with my game.
    i still have a weird glitch where i can’t absorb the soul of a dragon i killed south of bonestrew crest. if i walk to his dead body nothing happens. it is a dragon that respawned there after i killed the first dragon that was there and learned its shout a few in-game weeks before.
    this is the first “respawned” dragon i kill for a second time; anyone knows if this is a glitch or if this is intended part of the game to prevent players for farming souls?? i’m confused…

    • my g/f has pc and i have ps3 and we both have this issue, she read somewhere on a bethesda forum, that it is a known issue and kinda more or less deal with it. not sure if they intend to fix it or not.

  19. Quest for animal extermination is still bugged, i have greenspring hollow as cleared on my game / map. killed the last sabre cat after arriving the other day and the games still saying that i havent completed it, so my companions quest is still stuck and im able to go no where with it.

  20. Hey bethesda,
    i play on a xbox 360. i haven’t had any of the bugs or glitches that others have been reporting, but i do hope for there enjoyment, they are fixed. However, i have had one bug, the season unending main quest. Im sure your plate is full of glitches to fix, but this one is holding me back as well as others from continuing the main story line. I would say there are tons of things to do, but i am starting to run out. i hope there is a fix to this soon as it wasn’t fixed in the 1.3 update.

    Thanks for your time and i wish everyone else a “good luck” with their glitches and hope the next patch moves us closer to a perfect gameplay experience.

  21. But why would I want to fix a backwards flying dragon? Or the ghost dragon for that matter? These quirks are fun. Lugging a bunch of instruments and briar’s hearts (because the one the quest points to is already dead) around – now they could do with fixing.

  22. Yea the Repair the White Phial quest is annoying, if you happen across the Forsworn prior to the quest and kill him, the quest is pretty much broken. I’ve even tried resurrecting him with the console and killing him again and that didnt work. The one with the Gauldur amulet fragments or w/e is also broken, I happened across the crypt, cleared it out and now that I have the quest for it, I can’t get the amulet from the guy (I think I may have gotten it off him before and sold it). but yes, those are the big issues I’m facing at the moment.

  23. Was the Companions quest fixed (xbox 360)? The silverhands attacked Jorrvaskr but nothing happens. no funeral, etc. really pisses me off…

  24. I know that everyone may not have these same difficulties, nut when doing the College of Winterhold quest “Revealing the Unseen” The final puzzle is not able to be done. Is there anything I can do? I would appreciate at least some advice, or a patch to fix this.

  25. You people sure do bitch a lot for a game that is bottom line awesome. Yeah so there’s a couple of bugs and kinks in the system, but has that deterred anyone from buying or playing the game? No, so shut up and enjoy your game.

  26. My PC game still “crashes” at random. That is “crashes” because it simply exits the game as though I alt-F4’ed. I suspect it might have something to do with Steam interference seeing as this happens much more often when I have Xfire running, but seeing as you have forced Steam down the throats of all your PC players I suggest you fix it in the next patch.

  27. Please fix (xbox 360 player) my weapon racks, which do not work except in the whiterun house. Also i have done everything to become thane in riften but the jarhl has no option to make me thane even tho a quest marker points to her.

  28. First of all, LOVE the game; good work! That being said, could you please fix the bug with Urag gro-Shub? I have the book he asked for, but he doesn’t recognize that I have it. Also the marker still indicates that I still need the book, despite the fact that I emptied it.

  29. So you only managed to fix what you broke with the last patch? Mean while thousands of people are still unable to complete main quest storylines because of all the bugs this game has. I personally have two i can not complete, thieves guild and dark brotherhood. Not to mention all of the other small misc problems that have plaqued my game. Me and some friends have been joking around about starting a class action lawsuit for selling a defunct product to millions of consumers. You guys have epically failed. Sad thing is you are winning awards and rave reviews on this piece of crap. You guys must be padding some pockets.

  30. I got very mad when this happen. I was in lv 49 and i was soo close to lv 50 which took me a month to get to and now i have to start all over >=/.All im saying is have a seprate saving station for every charater

  31. plz have separate saving stations for ever charater i had start over 2 times when i was in lv 49.i was playing my brothers charater when i accidently saved on my charater and i couldnt do nothing about it cause he used the auto save on his charater.

    • that’s whay you ALWAYS have a backup save. everybody knows this. in any game you have to do it. it’s not a game flaw if you were too lazy to do 2 saves for each of your characters and too hasty to avoid overwriting your own save…
      for big, long games like skyrim, where loosing my save whould hurt me a lot i ALWAYS have 2 saves; plus another backup save on another account i use only as a backup bank, plus another backup save on an external suport (in case my PC or console breaks). now you know it. sorry you lost your characters tough.

  32. I got a few questions about Skyrim, if any of the Bethesda staff reads this maybe they can answer this Questions:

    1: Where is the DX11 Support Todd Howard speak of in this article:,12495.html

    2 Where is the 4 CPU Cores support that is mentioned in Skyrim System Requirements?

    3 Where are the massive 5 Cities Todd Howard Mentioned in this Interview?

    4 Where are the Improved Animations that Todd Howard keep talking about? Jumping feels akward and when Dual Wielding just look at your char Feet:

    *Todd Howard Quote*
    “3rd person, with the new animation system, is better than ever, and people really seem to enjoy playing in it, seeing their character,” he admitted. “But it’s primarily designed as a first person game. I see the 3rd person as an extra, and certain things like picking up objects, talking to people, whatever, are always harder in 3rd person. Some people on the team think the combat is better in 3rd person because they can see their surroundings better. Personally, I usually play 1st person unless I’m just running through the wilderness and want a different view.”

    Still Skyrim is to date the BEST Damn RPG i have played EVER, but come on… this game perfoms Horrible (PC) and i am getting tired of the wacky feets when sheating my weapon.

    • dude 3rd person,and overall mechanics are greatly improved. Might not be what you want it to be, but you can’t say it’s not a huge leap from Oblivion.

    • Where is the 4 CPU Cores support that is mentioned in Skyrim System Requirements?
      Right where you’d expect it. In the game, doing exactly as was advertised. It’s a flat out falsehood that this game doesn’t support 4-core setups, because all 4 of my cores are humming along nicely while playing the game.

      I’m with you on the DX11 promise though. That was a flat out lie on the company’s part and ought to be actionable as false advertising. Along with Pete’s claim of “face melting graphics” on Ultra level, which are anything but in many cases.

      • I am too seeing all 4 cores being used up to 60%, but even if i disable 2 cores i am still getting exact same frame rate, i am not even losing 1 fps but it is rather strange that Task Manager and Resource Monitor is infact showing all 4 core usage.

        I never said i never liked the game, but i did said that Skyrim is the best RPG i have ever played, the performance in the other hand is TERRIBLE.

        The game is also using only 2Gb Ram, which is the reason 80% of the gamers experiencing Crashes, they unnofficially confirmed this by stating they were planning a 4GB LAA patch, which oddly enough did not arrive… but i dont mind, i rather let Bethesda take some time to actually do it right than to release another game breaking Patch.

        • Not that anyone will ever see this comment, but… yup… the v1.3 patch COMPLETELY broke the Y-Axis for my game.

          It was working fine under v1.1.2 or whatever… but… yeah… it just goes back to the whole “dare I” try to update?

          No. The answer is NO… do not update, under any circumstances. It’s not worth it–all it does is create MORE problems as opposed to less–most of which render the game unplayable. Lovely.

          That sums it up right there. Just build a game for consoles, then poop out a horrendous port… and let the PC modding community repair it. Then BREAK IT again with “official” patches while trying to DRM it left right up and down.

    • Im with you on this one, they did not keep their promises. I’ve been a fan for a long time but this….The release was dissapointing. Looks as if the real date should have been 11.11.12

    • I’m with you too. I think Bethesda should release a detailed roadmap for patches and improvements. Say the truth about d3d11, threading and animations.

      This would also allow the community to give them some feedback.