Skyrim Update 1.3 now on Steam (Updated)

Update 12/20: The 1.3 update is now available on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Additionally, an incremental update, 1.3.10, is now available on Steam.

Update 1.3.10 Notes (PC)

  • Support for 4-Gigabyte Tuning (Large Address Aware)
  • Fixed issue with accented characters not displaying properly at the end of a line

Update 1.3 Notes (all platforms unless specified)

  • General stability improvements
  • Optimize performance for Core 2 Duo CPUs (PC)
  • Fixed Radiant Story incorrectly filling certain roles
  • Fixed magic resistances not calculating properly
  • Fixed issue with placing books on bookshelves inside player purchased homes
  • Fixed dragon animation issues with saving and loading
  • Fixed Y-look input to scale correctly with framerate
For more information on future updates, read our what we’re working on blog post.

Reader Comments

  1. ran into a game killer today, in skaldufn temple, the 3 turnable stones do not turn correctly they are, well angled, they dont line up correctly so therefore i cannot open the gate to proceed. i have reloaded, i have drowned myself. I just turned my system off ( ps3 ) and will turn it on and see if that helps.

  2. I am in Europe and own the PS3 version, but the game will not update to 1.3 as it should, I have internet connection and signed into PSN, there was no problem when 1.2 rolled out a few weeks ago in Europe, is there an issue with the update?

  3. is anyone having trouble just starting the game on a Xbox 360 with a 20GB HDD? Am I just stupid for trying this? Tried installing to the HDD and straight from the disk, with the patch and without (cleared system cache). Have only made it 20 MINUTES into the game, wondering if anyone else having that bad of a problem.

    I returned the first and got a replacement disk, turned all auto-saves off, cleared most other games off the HDD and have 12.5 GB Free now. I am just all out of ideas…just want to play the game, without having to watch the opening cut scene another 10 times

  4. Where is the Large Address Aware update? Why does it take a week to test what is presumably an executable that has one switch changed? This is a five mouseclick procedure with CFF explorer. Why is it a week-long endeavor for Bethesda?

  5. In the house you can buy in Markarth there is also a glitch with the stuff you can put armor, swords etc on.
    I`m guessing there is supposed to be armor on that mannequin and not it being invisible on the body and legs 😛
    I`ve put an elven shild, forswarn armor and forsworn boots on it.

  6. When will the “Blood on the ice” quest glich be fixed? The murder runs into the house and will not die, he just gets back up and the quest is never finished

  7. Have you guys fixed the Season Unending glitch? I started the Civil War quest line, but did not finish it. Later I started season unending and now I’m stuck… Please, please, please, tell me you guys fixed it! Thx.

  8. I just wanna know when they are gonna fix a bunch of the quests in the game, the only hold I am not a Thane in is in Riften and there are several other quests that are glitched.

    • I thought I read somewhere that the quests bug’s will be fixed with a update sometime in January.

      And you will have to start over again. So if you played 160h and the game went bezerk you have to start a new game so that everything works. Witch I don’t mind, the game I restarted after update 1.3 is already gaining on a whole different track. Found quest I missed the first time so it’s kinda fun, at least when it’s not freezing.

  9. Installed the new patch, 1.3, loaded my game, fast traveled, game crashed, corrupted ALL my data, 150 hours+. Thanks for the great new patch bethesda! And for my new $60 coaster.

  10. There are still a few glitches that I know my boyfriend and I are still experiencing. Picking up those instruments before you receive the quest means that they stay in the inventory… wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t so heavy. During the Sanguine Rose Daedric Quest, when Mist Grove portal opens we cannot enter into the room below as the portal never closes. Sanguine just walks around. If we do enter the room we get taken to the Mist Grove and then have to restart the game as you can’t leave.

  11. Dear Bethesda,

    Final Verdict for patch 1.03 on PS3: USELESS!!!!
    -The Dragon part you got it right, which is a minor glitch.
    -Bookshelves still doesn’t work= FAIL
    -Quest lines none fixed!!!= FAIL ( I haven’t played a week because I cannot complete Thieves Guild; can’t talk to Maven Black Briar, Stormcloak Campaign: Stuck at Fort Snowhawk, since I had a miscellaneous quest prior, everyone is dead so quest cannot be completed!). Not even going to try Darkbrotherhood since a lot of quest fails there as well!
    – Lagging and crashes still continue to appear!

    – Basically since patch 1.02, you guys did a lot of BS! All major issues were ignored and only the useless easy ones such as graphics were looked at.

    So to all patch 1.03 is GARBAGE!!! Thank you Bethesda for making sure that when you decide to come out with any other future releases I will make sure to ignore your company!!! I had big hopes for you guys, but the BS keeps pilling up on your side!

    • Maybe you should try NOT yelling at the producers. I would like to see you try and do what they do. Every little problem they fix now is one thats out of the way for later. They’re probably just going down a list and fixing bugs as they see them. I agree that the bookshelves and weapon racks/mannequins should be fixed but give them some time. They have billions of lines of coding to go through. If you think you could do better then find a way to get the source code off of your disc, and do it yourself.

    • same for 360
      my books are stuck on the shelves, no way to add or remove them
      the game was great to begin with, but its proved to be a waste of money really. my sympathies to those that wasted £130 on it

    • It is well know that update 1.03 never had any solutions for Quest lines.

      The bug is semi-fixt. But sometimes you need to reload your game and buy your house again, or at least the bookshelves/weapons racks till they work.

      I did it, and no problems. The mannequins I haven’t tested yet. And I never will after replaying the game from lvl. 0 at lvl. 14 the lag & shutdown started. So it’s over yet again.

      Hopefully they keep their word and that we the PS3 users have a new patch somewhere in january.

      The only thing Bethesda can do to make it less painful is to give the DLC free, if there is DLC to come.

  12. Equipt firebolt in both hands and take the hands up and down sometimes(don`t remember what it`s called hehe).
    Square on PS3.
    There`s something blue appearing for a short time on the hands when I take them up again.

  13. I`m stuck inside a barrier, where those ghosts in the Forbidden LEgend Quest stand while waiting for their turn or after they`ve been taken down.
    I was Fus Ro Dah`d in there and now I can move down from that place, my firebolts just hits an invisible wall.
    Guess I could let Lydia do this quest or I could load the game 😛

  14. Okay so i updated my ps3 version of skyrim. but ever since i did that the game crashes even more. its starting to become anoying. i ussed to tell the customers who come to my store
    [wich is intertoys in the netherlands]

    for a ps3 game skyrim is the best out there. but with the issues im facing and the crashes im getting. i realy wonder if i should continue promoting it. ofcourse the game looks awesome and has a solid setup its just the crashes that annoy me the most and ofcourse the quests you cant finish
    i know you guys at Bethesda are proberbly running a 10 hour day to try and get it stable. but please just ensure the game does not crash it is frustrating. and i dont want to imagine the faces of the customers who I Refered Skyrim too. comming back and asking for a refund.

    Ofcourse i wish bethesda the best with thier awesome games. and they sure as hell deserve all those prizes but try to not only focuss on Xbox/PC but also the PS3 communtiy wich too is relatively huge !

    Kind Regards
    Dennis Verwer

  15. Hi Bethesda,

    Just wanted to say thanks very much for the 1.3 update, this fixed the backwards flying dragon for me on PS3. Still really enjoying the game, can’t believe how much you packed into it. Definitely my game of the year (decade)


  16. Hello,

    I’ve had a few minor bugs here or there…but one that I is annoying me is becoming Thane of Riften. The bug is if you go look at your house after buying it rather than just walking back to the Jarl, you never get to become Thane. I know how to fix this manually using the console, but I was wondering if this will be patched soon? If not then I’m going to use the console.

    I DID use the console for another quest….Waking Nightmare I think it was called…the one where you meet the wizard in Dawnstar and go to the Temple. When you go in…the guy is no-where to be found. I had to open the console and use the command “movetoplayer” I think to get the guy to be reset to my location.

    Having said that…its a great game…I actually look paste most of the minor things…these are the only 2 issues I’ve had

  17. Hey Bethesda,

    Patch 1.3 is wonderfull thank you very much. This patch fixed all the major problems and you guys fixed it in just a week good job. There is only a little problem with the new patch, i am playing Skyrim on the PS3 and it crashes more often now since the new update. Skyrim sure is the game of the year, it’s the best game ever.

  18. Hey

    So 1.3 on the PS3 has fixed everything for me other than my magic resistances. Specifically frost. Even with enchantments and frost resistant items, enemies are dealing the same amount of damage. Frost dragons have become impossible to kill and I stand no chance against boss level Draugrs. I patiently await 1.4 after the holidays but until then, any tips would be greatly appreciated.


  19. Even with the new update and deleting everything else of my PS3, I still can’t progress in missions or trade or interact fully with any character. Will this be fixed so i can finally play again.

  20. Thank you for a Steam update that doesn’t mess with my delicately-balanced .ini files!

    [I had set Steam not to download any more updates for this game once I’d (finally) got it working to my satisfaction, thanks to a few things breaking the game for me in previous patches but it decided to update anyway.]

  21. HI
    Just wanted to say thank you for the 1.3 update. It fixed my magic resistance and my backwards flying dragon.
    I have come across a couple dragons that don’t give me their souls 1 before the update and 1 after.
    My game is also starting to freeze a lot more than it did before, before hand it only froze 2 times, but I may have been just lucky.
    Awesome job on the game guys, keep it up.


  22. Awsome, just spend 2 Hours on the Game with Zero Crash To Desktop and No Purple Textures, normally it would take 2 to 5 Minutes for these things to happen.

    Thanks Bethesda, now for the Bug Quests.

    By the way, some weirdness is going on, Creatures are starting to litterly Hop all over the place and dead creatures are falling from the sky when using Fast Travel.

    • funny… i’ve got exactly the the opposite effect: since i’ve installed the last 1.3.10 patch, i’ve got CTD every 5 minutes of game approx. 🙁
      No Mods are installed in my Skyrim folder…maybe i should ?!! 😉

  23. Game freezes every time i try to leave the Windhelm house. Is there any way i can leave the house without it freezing so that i can continue with my game?

  24. Gstaff, I take it we have to wait until next year until the PS3 version gets fixed? If so this is disgraceful, millions of PS3 owners have been left with an unplayable broken mess while you say nothing on the matter…

  25. The game is good.
    It is not optimized for PC.
    I like it a lot.
    But I wish you invested more money into PC optimization instead of going for the cash cow 360 crowd.

    Thanks for the patch

  26. Patch 1.3 has caused me a lot of issues with Makareth Hold, Everytime i go there Im arrested by the guards as my Bounty is around 40,000 Gold!! I have no option to pay the bounty and If i press the “I submit take me to jail” option then im in a loop where all i can say is “whats the problem”, which then results in me being arrested again, and I have no choice but to fight a few guards to be able to escape! This means I cannot complete the dark brotherhood quests, I also cannot buy the house in that hold, This leaves me with just being able to continue doing random quests as i cannot choose a side between, I cannot complete grey beards quest where i have to ask them to host talks, I cannot complete fallen or the dragon quest.. So all my remaining achievements are main story related and i cannot finish them..!
    I also just completed the 50 locks and 50 pick pockets acheivement, by doing this my stats now say that ive pick pocketed 974 items, I only lifted 3 sets of arrows which had around 14 arrows in each, intrigued where the other items came from!!

  27. Don’t install steam and other c r a p to your PC, get the
    R E L O A D E D version and enjoy, update 4 just got released.
    It’s nice to play a good game but it’s even more nice to play
    it for F R E E . cheers

  28. I wish there was an update to fix the freezing because I can’t even play the game for 10 minutes without it freezing on me. It has gotten to the point where I could care less about weird glitches, because all I want to do is play my game. Fortunately, I was able to put over 160 hours into the game but I can’t really play it anymore because I constantly have to re-start my system. I really don’t understand why the updates fix stupid little glitches instead of fixing the bigger problems like extreme lagging and freezing. Oh well, maybe it’s just because no attention is given to PS3.

  29. The incremental update for PC is working great for me. Played for a few hours last night with no problems after starting up a new character.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays with egg nog and cheese cake aplenty! 😀

  30. Please for the love of Akitosh fix the freezing issues on the PS3. I’ve pretty much given up on the game because I freeze every 10 minutes while playing.

  31. Do we have to do anything in order to enable the 4GB tuning? Or if we have a 64-bit system with over 4GB of RAM, will Skyrim automatically have LAA?

    Thank you for the patch! Skyrim is my “Best Game of 2011!”

  32. There’s a quest issue that’s really annoying me and I hope is fixed in future patches;
    The first companion quest coming into White run; “Intimidate Faenral” of Riverwood. Unfortunately, he was accidentally killed (don’t ask) before I even got to Whiterun. Thus, I can’t progress with the the Companion quest line..


  33. HELP i got some sort of problem in the legion questline… im at the battle of fort Dunstad for the legion but when it says join the troops there is no one there. then it says 100% enemy remaining and i go to the fort and its empty as well… no bandits. does anyone know how to fix this???

  34. Bethesda i think your making good on you promise so far the last two patches are giving me great performance.
    console players still seem to have a load of problems still Sony/MS should make there next gen consoles last year

  35. So, I updated, and suddenly my bordered windowed mode was no longer bordered. And mouse was no longer confined to the gamespace. Same for fullscreen, whenever I happened to look a little too far to the right(where my second monitor is), my mouse started showing up, and if I happened to try to attack, game minimized. This happening to anyone else? Any fix for this?

    • I’m getting the exact same issue with my mouse on dual monitors. It’s making the game nearly unplayable, because any time I turn to the right, I end up with a mouse cursor over the 2nd screen, which minimizes the game if I click.

  36. Thanks for another great game, Bethesda! I’m sticking to the release version for the pc, and after over 140 hours of gameplay I didn’t yet encounter any major issue/bugs (except for some frustrating desktop crashes). I’m confident in a definitive future patch that will satisfy everyone. Just one more thing: why are the cities in the Elder Scrolls series always getting smaller? Balmora from MW (not to mention the city of Vivec) was larger than the Capital City from Oblivion. Whiterun and Solitude are about the size of minor sites like Ald-rhun and Caldera. Also, Mournhold from the Tribunal expansion was actually larger than most of the cities in Oblivion.
    So please Beth, put some good-willed effort in the release of your new Construction Set/Creation Kit, I can’t wait to expand the cities to my taste.

    • Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Do you remember how cool it was to be able to precisely drop objects with your mouse and be able to rotate them to place them where you’d like the to be. Like diplaying my armor pieces on a table and such. Why not reintegrate this, at least on the pc versions?

      • … and why are there no naked nords in Skyrim? Didn’t they like to run around naked swirling their axes over their heads? Maybe they’ve learned to dress during the last centuries…

  37. Can you fix ‘Return to Your Roots’ so that you can’t have negative nirnroots? Right now I have -8, and probably can’t find 38 nirnroots in Blackreach.

  38. Someone over at the Official Forums has posted a little tool that will increase up to 40% performance increase (in the best case) in fps for Skyrim, i was having 30fps in Markarth and with the little tool i received 36fps in the exact same spot thats a 20% increase, the file to work you will need “SKSE”:

    The game should also needs to be patched to 1.3.10, the file is hosted in the Bethesda Skyrim Forums: Check first Post.

    Incredible what FANS are cappable of what Bethesda just cant.

  39. I have one serious question to bethesda if you can answer.

    Did any of you even check every quest and such to look for bugs when you was finnished with the game?

    Or did you just add the quest and released the game without thinking of possible bugs or glitches?

    • Yeah well im having a big problem with one quest. Its one of the dark brother hood quest and im a highborn. I have to talk to a cook and i am undercover as a gourmet i talk to the woman and then when she is supposed to respond yes it does not work. So im stuck at that room cant even go out. So major problems with quests. They need to fix….

    • I’d rather say say the quests were tested mostly seperately without a focus how running quests may intrfere as game- or queststoppers when it came to randomly selected quest dungeons and the like.

    • All RPG have problems if compare skyrim with all what is in it and other RPG game then it is easy to understand why skyrim has bug that it has.

    • The thing is with sandbox games like Skyrim. Its frickin huge to test EVERYTHING would take years. They’re still discovering stuff for Oblivion 5 years later. Not to mention that since you have three different Director Programs (e.g Radiant Anything) each running their own thing things are going to mess up that were not intended to mess up. The standard fix continues to be save and reload the Radiants will work out the problem on their own.

  40. Whats going on with 1.3.10 for the PC guys? Suddenly, everything is wrong. FPS went down to the single digits, the mouse is unresponsive, the game suddenly stutters and lags, moving is accompanied by an unrealistic movement past where you were trying to look or go. This is all on a system that ran the game fine on Ultra until the latest patch. To make matters worse, steam won’t let me use 1.2 and the game won’t let me bypass steam. What ever you did, please release the FULL patch notes because you did a lot more to the game than what you have stated to us, the customers. While your at it, get with Valve and let us NOT patch our games, your patches mess the game up more than it already is, which is an impressive, almost unbearable amount, and are driving us away. I love TES, I love Skyrim but, I’m finding it hard to love what I can’t play.

    • 1.3.10 seems to be unplayable to me. it’s night time in my game, I’m standing near a torch and teh games brightness and color keeps changing. fix this garbage because it suck