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  1. Skyrim deserves to win every single Game of the Year award in existence, and Bethesda deserves to win every single “Best Developer” or “Best Studio” award. I love this, so awesome.

  2. Skyrim used to be great adventuring… Then it took an arrow in its knee.

    Now it limps along at a snail’s pace, and trips up and crashes flat on its face.

  3. Bethesda used to make good games, but then they took an arrow to their knee.

    Please stop this meme BETH and fix the damn unplayable game or atleast give the ps3 users af free PC-version of the game.

  4. It would be cool to get an arrow in the knee… too bad my game does not properly work.

    I understand Bethesda is known for bugs.
    (I could not even finish Daggerfall back in the day)

    But this is not 1997, Bethesda has grown. With that growth one would expect product quality to grow as well? nope.avi

    Please for the love of Akatosh, fix your game.

  5. I used to have a working game, then Bethesda patched it.

    Seriously though, stop posting rubbish like this and get back to work…

  6. I used to love playing Skyrim… Then it took an arrow in the knee, foot, ankle, hip, damn near anywhere you can stick one pretty much. Bethesda stop posting stupid sh*t an work on fixing the greatness that was an should continue to be. Skyrim.

  7. It’s thanks to this meme that I actually aim for people’s knees when stealth shooting. Of course they don’t become anything but a corpse afterward. If they’re lucky they get to be one of my dead thralls.

  8. Beware, it can really happen. My character got an arrow in his knee… permanently. The arrow doesn’t vanish even if I reload a previous save… The ultimate curse!

  9. I honestly think it’s funnier when the guards say ” I would have gone into that Dark Brotherhood hideout but … was sick that day.”

  10. Yo! Bethesda skyrim is AMAZING but please fix the ps3 bug so WE can enjoy skyrim to its fullest sincerely Faramir aka THE BAWS!!!!!

  11. Bethesda, you’re not getting it.

    Calling this a meme is missing the point. This line of dialog comes up way too often in the game – quoting it is a derisive comment to this fact.

    It’s about as ridiculous as a guard with a 2handed battleaxe on his back saying “you’re like me, you don’t fancy those clunky two handed weapons.”

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