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A little late to the party, but we’d be remiss to call out the fantastic Dragonborn Comes/Main Theme cover by YouTube user malufenix. It’s been mesmerizing folks at our office for weeks now.

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That’s all for now. Don’t get forget to tune into the SPIKE VGA Awards tonight at 8 PM EST. Skyrim, RAGE, Prey 2, and Fallout: New Vegas are all nominated for awards.

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  1. In my opinion, Skyrim (or any of the Elder Scrolls or Fallouts) shouldn’t be made into movie, as it wouldn’t be able to capture the true spirit of the game. i.e. the exploration, the feeling of victory when you find better gear, the satisfaction of finishing a quest, and just the sheer amount of ways to play the game.

    • I believe a game such as Elder Scrolls is more about a unique experience of your own that varies from person to person based on the decisions they have made. To make it a movie would, beyond a shadow doubt, steal that independent experience away from everyone. As a sales expert for one of leading video game retailers I hear a whole variety of stories from all walks of life on their experiences in Skyrim; from funny stories about giant attacks all the way to genuinely serious debates on the geopolitical atmosphere of the holdfasts of the north and their relationship at large with the empire(big goverment vs. little goverment).

      Bethesda isn’t simply producing another piece of entertainment, but rather an experience for so many to give their world a Fantastic spin while adding a touch of heroism to the individual. It’s all about the self-experience and the self-discovery; even if we realize it or not! To unlock a epic piece of ourselves and with it forge out our own opinions and philosophies with it. A game like this can clearly do that, a novel can do that as well causing our mind to draw up the world being describe in the pages, and even a youtube video can do that in where if we see something we can take it in and mold it to how we see fit and produce something exquisite such as Malukah has done. A film is a definite and an endgame to such creative expression, and will stifle that creativity that i feel Bethesda is trying to achieve in us all & that’s why Elder Scrolls should not be made into a movie.

      On a similar note I would like to congratulate Bethesda on receiving game of the year and studio of the year at the V.G.A.’s last night & again to Malukah for entrancing us all with the beautiful rendition of “Dragonborn Comes.”

      • Isaac has it right – a game-to-movie conversion is bound to be a poor translation of the experience of Skyrim.

        On a related note: A lot of people throw around “make it into a movie!” as if it were a compliment. It’s not, necessarily. Movies are not “the best medium”. They’re easily accessible and they gross a lot when successful, which seems to make some people (marketing guys, money guys) think that they are a great platform for storytelling, but there is no best medium. When you tell a story as well as possible within the constraints of one medium, then no other medium will be able to tell the exact same story exactly as well.

        Skyrim is a great GAME. It provides you with an excellent range of choices, and a powerful sense of identity with your character’s actions. It gives you a sense of freedom, and opens the horizons for you to discover what lies beyond the next hill. A movie cannot possibly replicate these qualities. The epic main storyline, as IGN suggests, could be the basis of a movie, but it’s not necessarily advisable to make it so.

    • It’d be like LoTR series. The lore and extensive background story to the game is just too huge to condense into a movie / trilogy.

  2. What version of Skyrim was given to those magazines/sites ? I am asking because my PS3 version just doesn’t work (broken quests/characters stuck). Or did you just buy those votes ?

    • Go to her site, there is a download link for the MP3. She has an amazing voice, and did an outstanding job on the song. There’s also a mod to replace the Skyrim intro song with hers, for the PC users.

  3. Congratulations on buying yourselves some awards. Maybe you should’ve spent the money on actually developing the game instead of releasing a beta to your paying customers. You’ve had my money since November yet I won’t have a playable game until January at the earliest. Way to treat your PS3 fanbase.

  4. I’ve been waiting for you to blog about this.
    Pay this woman. Hire her, have her sing songs for your games.
    Make this happen.

  5. Don’t look far away to find the magic. There is something magical about her voice. She is standing in front of your eyes. Catch the magic! Bethesda should hire her for future projects

  6. Please, Bethesda guys…I don’t think this would take you much time, but could you put some time of you guys into polishing those blasted Graphic Settings? 🙁

    While I am not a fanboy, I appreciate that you added LAA support in an official way (but I hope for 64-bit and quad-core too!), but honestly…

    …I have a quadcore processor, two GTX 295 in QuadSLI and
    12 GB of ram, everything running on Windows 7 Ultimate…

    …while my rig isn’t one of the NASA mega-computers, definitely would be powerful even for a graphic workstation…
    and I use it almost only for gaming.

    I was truly amazed when, after setting the graphic to Ultra,
    I ended up with choppy frame-rates (while ram & processor were little used!)…and then I tweaked the Ini files with a huge amount of weird stuff (force-this, force-that, etc…),
    I ended up with much better graphics and even better FPS! 🙁

    Since you are insiders you’re probably more adept at setting those files, so couldn’t you spend a little time in polishing those INI files? May be adding “power setting” in Ultra?

  7. I just fell in love. As for the game, it is truely one of the best games I have experienced. To play this game is an experience and not something you just play. I only play PC games, even though I have a PS3, and the game was never crashed or caused an issue. There are some bugs like being able to defy gravity in certain situations, but overall plays brilliantly at maxed settings. It brings something new every night that I play, and I will even miss it when I dive into SWTOR next week. Ty for the song.

  8. Dragon born comes song is awesome , Bethesda needs too mod in her song to the start screen for ps3 and xbox , and use her music for the dlc content to come .

  9. Often lyrical music doesnt really work well in games. Theres a few exceptions, like the bit in Red dead redemption where marston crosses the border into mexico and some neil-young style song kicks in as he busts into the sunset, and it just absolutely blows your mind.

    I could very well see this song being like that in the game where , I dunno perhaps climbing the 7000 stairs or something like that.

    Epic work, and an absolutely beautiful rendition.

    Who says computer game music has to be kitsch? This is art!