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  1. This is the closest I’ve found to an unofficial site so that this might be looked at.

    First off I’d like to say thank you Bethesda for making a great game, 90 hours or so in and not even close to done with a first character.

    I’d love a reskin or introduction of dedicated ‘zombie’ enemies, because the characters resurrected aren’t zombie’ish’.

    Now on to the main reason for me posting, DLC packs.

    I’ve read that Bethesda is planning some large DLC packs some time in the future and I thought I’d chip in with an idea. I’ve loved working for those houses, watching them change from dumps to livable and full of items, so I’ve thought why not take this 10 steps farther? Why not found your own village/ becoming a Jarl?

    Requirements to obtain the quest: all the thane titles and completing the battle for skyrim (Stormcloaks vs Imperials)
    talk to your faction’s highest npc.

    What the quest npc says: After the npc expresses their joy/honor/horror/whatever at you fighting with them, they inform you that they one of their scouts investigating possible hostile activity barely made it back alive to inform them of an abandoned city (of either dwarven or human make) behind a bandit and beast infested crevice. If you can clear the village and surrounding areas of monsters the npc (or associated authority figure) would be more than willing to make you a jarl of the area.

    What the area is: The surrounding region is small on the surface, just a few (abandoned of course) farms+ fields, a lake with a cabin, and a small forest in a mountain enclosed area whose only entrance is the mentioned infested crevice. The abandoned surface city itself is about the size of Solitude or Malakarth (only cities i’ve visited aside from Whiterun) with all the associated houses, market stalls, blacksmith area, etc. and the Keep is about the size of Whiterun’s keep. Under the city is an equally or even more sprawling complex which includes mines, a dwarven city, catacombs, and what have you.

    What the quest involves: Clearing out this village and the surrounding area to take control and repopulate the land.

    What this actually means: Monsters in this region, including the pass, do not respawn for an in game week. Areas that are cleared of monsters can be used for some purpose, either to give your ‘villagers’ wood to chop, fish to catch, deer to hunt, or ore to mine. Clearing the pass and keeping guards (to deter thieves) can increase village trade, open up the amount of settlers coming in, and in general increase the amount of income recieved as thane.

    There is no necessary order to take control of areas, but to keep control of areas guards must be posted, which costs money for wages (200-1000 gold an in game week lets say?) and to be completely safe from attacks from surrounding regions another 2000-3000 gold to build towers or checkpoints from which to base the guards (create a spawning point for guards)

    This whole quest in general and the rewards associated are about having huge amounts of money to redecorate and reopen parts of the city, the keep, the mines, the farms, populating the forests with deer and the lakes with types of fish, basically anything and everything can be restored with money after its been cleared with force of arms and patrolled by guards.


  2. Congratulations Bethesda for being the best and thanks for making this the fastest year of my life as 11-11-11 appeared at the blink of an eye with me suddenly at that magic moment of walking to my local GameStop to purchase TES V SKYRIM.

    Hail Bethesda! They give it their all and then some to make us happy!

  3. I can believe this load of crap we are getting, seriously.
    This game was definitely not worthy the title, I play Skyrim on the PS3 and the lag has turned it unplayable. Bethesda hasn’t even tried to apologize for this and hasn’t released any word of when are we getting the following patches. Pete Hines said we are getting the fix till January but why should we wait for this when it had to be done in the first place or a patch should have been released long ago or before Christmas. F**k you Bethesda

  4. Congratulations Bethesda. i wish to became game developer one day.

    you all give my great Inspiration. bethseda as team don’t forgot that we simply want superb single player games.

    ps. please bethseda you can fix my girlfriend in the 1.4 patch? she really mad at my because of skyrim.

  5. That’s the reason why we as the TES fans need to work together to list all the bugs, instead of complaining and doing nothing.. It’s not productive anyway…

    Go to and post any bugs that haven’t been listed… It will help them though.. I know it will take time for them to fix it.. Just be patient… 😀

    Since I know that designing a massive open world game is very damn hard, I won’t complain the bugs… The game is still playable and quite entertaining… (if u’re an university student, and know that designing a game needs many complex algorithms and physics of mechanics for the engine)

    As we know, in Oblivion, the TES fans also work together in the community to fix Oblivion and make it to the least bugged open world game (based on comparison with Gothic 3 and Fabled) So,why don’t we stand up and do the same? Guys, designing a game is not easy.. It took 4 years for Bethesda to create this epic game.. They have thought really hard..

    If you watch “Behind the Wall” of Skyrim, you will know that they think beyond what you can think. Every detail is considered carefully.. Bethesda have their own passion in TES.. So please stop complaining and do more.. Also, with the new Creation Engine, the experience they have from creating Fallout 3 and Oblivion won’t be enough.. The creators of this game are not deities. They’re humans.. and humans sometimes do mistakes..

    • I think the more reasonable amongst us understand that they are not ‘gods’.

      They should have took longer if they knew it wasn’t going to be ready. It’s that simple. Or they should have tried to enlist as many volunteer testers as they could. Or a whole bunch of different ways they could have handled it if they were aware the game would not be as polished as they could make it by 11/11/11.

      The majority of us experiencing glitches will have made it known. In detail. That’s not what we need to work on. We need to work on shaking this attitude of ‘oh well, it’s a big project and it’s difficult so I should just settle for what I get’. That doesn’t happen with programmes in airports or hospitals or wherever else intricate computer coding taked place. Sure, a game is not a matter of life or death but where else would we take a product that had holes and say “You know what? I’ll pay that £40-£50 price tag and be happy to stitch up the jeans myself.”

      These people are WONDERFUL for making these games so please don’t encourage complacency.

  6. Make a DLC in which Ulfric Stormcloak can become high king then you start battling the thalmor. And the opposite if you are an imperial.

  7. Dlc Dlc Dlc Dlc that all going through my mind now.
    Congratulations you guys deserve it.