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  1. what a load of ****
    the game is massively broken, it lags and becomes unplayable and theres thousands of glitches. every attempt the so called studio of the year makes to fix it they break something else, tell me bugthesda, how much did it cost to buy the GOTY title because it certainly was not earned

  2. farmerlynch youre a fag go play fag of duty, and bethesda wins because they make the best games and always will win the game of the year. next time mabey a fallout game. 🙂

    • real mature there garret, i can tell your a real intellectual. but im afraid you are WRONG. Bugthesda does not deserve any awards for the shambles that is skyrim. I love the game and had it been a polished product id be here supporting it but the truth (if you bother to do a little research) is the is full of bugs, iv got several quests cant be completed, duplicating npc’s, backwards flying indestructible dragons, 0 magic protection to mention a few. and of course there’s the lag(mainly ps3) that only gets worse as you play until you can no longer play(which has happened me) the so called studio of the years attempts to fix the lag only delayed its effects before it came back with a vengeance,there attempts to fix backwards dragons and 0 magic protection have resulted in enchantments not working and STILL dragons fly backwards. like i said i love skyrim and it had the potential to be an epic game but it was released 3 months too early in my opinion . (i apologize if there’s some words here to big for you to read garret maybe you can get an adult to help you)

      • What would you expect? The game contains a very large world, I don’t think they would expect to find ALL of the bugs do you? I bet you they found over thousands of bugs before releasing it, maybe even much more then the bugs that are left. The lag problem on the PS3 is also fixed.

        • The lag issue on the PS3 is FAR from fixed… and frankly Bethesda are making themselves look more incompetent with every patch.

        • Quite the contrary, I believe they only found small amounts of bugs because their QA employees were busy trying to achieve the quickest time in playing and completing the game under 2 hours (don’t tell me you never heard of that stupid speedrun tournament/challenge) and not testing the game thouroughly.

          Besides, the size of map or world doesn’t matter here. It’s a matter of QUALITY CONTROL, which Bethesda doesn’t have. And I’m not alone in this. Go ask people -or better, modders- and you’ll hear they complain about the lack of quality control in Bethesda’s games, particularly the Elder Scrolls and Fallout games. We wouldn’t need any of those community patches if Bethesda knew how to do their job as game devs.

          You can make a game with a map or world much bigger than the size of the whole universe and still manage to release a fully working game out of the box if you take your time to write the codes, model and animate the objects and draw and apply the textures and effects carefully and patienly and thouroughly test your game before you release it. Seriously.

          Sorry for the harsh opinion, but I refuse to become another blind fan of Bethesda and defend them and try to deny all the mistakes they’ve done. Skyrim’s a good and very promising game, and it’s my honest opinion. It’s so unfortunate it was released with so many flaws.

          • Do you have any idea what goes into games? “You can make a game with a map or world much bigger than the size of the whole universe” Oh really? So the universe is going to texture and render itself? Game companies don’t push a magic button, toss money in a fire, and out comes a game. They work 10+ hour work days, many times 7 days a week and put their very life and soul into the game. It takes me hours to texture a rock, amagine how long it will take to texture a Country. And if you think thats alot of texturing you can’t forget the 60+ (probably more) caves/dungeons they have? And thats just what you see, never mind the codes and the audio! Make a bugless game, then you have the right to whine about a few bugs. Congrats Beth, you never fail to leave me in awe!

      • farme relax!
        Rage is short and sux! there are no update after two months! just a little “fixe” nothing too serious. i’m a consumer of the product… Skyrim is really good, just patience, is too huge for a fast fixe.

      • You know what’s funny? SKYRIM DOESN’T HAVE ANY BUGS! Well, maybe on 6 year old consoles… But I’m not here to start a platform war.

      • If bethesda was to gonna wait until all bugs where fixed then the game would have never been released, seriosly grow the hell up, its just a video game, Oblivion had bugs at its release, every game has bugs at its release, deal with it.

  3. Congrats guys! A well and truly deserved collection of awards, even amidst the high-quality competition! Can’t wait to see how you improve Skyrim throughout 2012.

  4. Travesty. I have had Skyrim since release and it’s unplayable (PS3 version). Never seen so buggy game in my life. Bethesda should publicly apologize and return this undeserved awards :/

  5. @Idiotsbashingbethesda: Go crawl back under your troll bridges. Sure, the game may not be perfect, but no game this big ever will be bug-free upon release. Let us know when you idiots release a perfect game this big, and then you can bash all you want.

    @Bethesda: Congratulations on the awards, you guys deserve them! Keep making great games.


  6. Congrats, I may moan when things do not work but when they do these games deserve all the praise they get, nobody else can make games like these.


    This has gone far enough, since Daggerfall. This game is only worth playing if you don’t care about completing quests. If you’re ok with just running around, then the game is perfect for you. But if you want to actually complete the quests, forget it.

    There are at least 5 known broken quests. Do I really, honestly need to say anything more? No. But I will. I have heard enough people say, “in a game this big, it is to be expected.” My question in response is, “why”? Why is it to be “expected”? Want to know what I expect? I expect to have a game that I can actually play after I spend my hard earned money on it. Not a game that is a little over 1/2 finished, but must be given another 10 to 12 months before they release 15 patches so that the game will actually work.

    I have been putting up with this crap for 10 years now. And with Skyrim, I EXPECTED to see a difference. I don’t think it is right for us to have to just buy into this lie that this is supposed to be “normal” and “expected”. Screw that. If a game creator doesn’t have the competance to create a game this “big”, which actually plays correctly once they are finished with it, then they have no business getting away with robbing us of our time, and money.

    I have adored, and appreciated Bethesda for over 10 years. I have mastered all of their games, and never ranted like this one time. I am upset because I never had the same problems in Skyrim when I played Oblivion, and Fallout 3. I expected that Skyrim would be virtually problem free, after this company had LEARNED how to create these kinds of giant open ended games. It isn’t like they haven’t had plenty of practice and opportunities to learn how to create a game without broken quests. Last but not least, I do not mind minor glitches, like dragons not flying correctly. Who cares? And the broken resistance stuff just makes the game more challenging. No big deal. I can continue playing with broken resistance and wait for a patch no problem. But it is frickin’ pathetic when I am trying to complete quests in the main questline, and essential npc’s that I am supposed to speak to in order to start the quests, or keep it going, are found DEAD doing the splits hanging from the top of a tree. Bugs and glitches like that are unacceptable, and a game creator should be embarrassed.

    • 5 broken quests, in a game with literally hundreds of quests, means questing is broken to the point of making the game unplayable…? That’s some odd logic.

      You’re entitled to your own opinion of course, but I’ve played for over 110 hours now and have come across one broken quest. It’s to find a flute for someone at the Bard’s College, which I already had when the quest was given to me. It doesn’t register that I already have it. Solution? Do another quest and wait for the fix on this tiny little fetch quest which has no major outcome on the gameworld past getting a ‘thank you’ from the quest giver.

      You may not think this game deserves GOTY, but the majority of professional critics and game journalists does. As do a lot of the players. But then, maybe we’re all mad, and you’re the only sane one? Judging by your post… not likely.

      • Fetch quests may not be important to you as they do not affect much but to others completing what they have set out to do can be necessary for true enjoyment. It’s like achievement glitches for Xbox games; not important in the grand scheme of things but very important to a lot of gamers.

        However, that’s hardly the point. There is a whole list of quest bugs (more than five).

        Why should an unfinished product win? It confuses me. Surely they could have held back and tried for next year?

    • Yea skyrim have a lot of bugs. And sometimes these bugs makes me so mad that I could remove skyrim from my pc. But when I switch from a bugged quest to one which has no bugs I understand that Skyrim is really worth to be GOTY. The bugs will be fixed with time. Bugs are just matter of time nothing else.. We can fix them ourselves when CK is out.

      • Creation Kit won’t help console owners.
        Oblivion is still filled with bugs, though at least nothing severe anymore. So this ‘matter of time’ business? Perhaps not.

  8. Quite sad that some people experience a broken game. However the only annoyance that i have experienced, is occasional crashes, i believe they stopped after the 1.3 update.
    I have played the game for about 130 hours now, according to steam. But never mind that, Congratulation Bethesda for your amazing game, and i look forward for playing your future games.

  9. Congrats Bethesda!
    Must be an absurd work organizing multiple stories, items, characters, and all within a virtual ecosystem (respawn of vegetation, animals, climate) physics in all. Five years includes a new engine, the whole world, three platforms. Imagine programming for the ammount of artistic necessity and hardware, you try the best balance in the final. Few companies take risks, and the final result is so good. Just remeber “RAGE” with seven years of dev.. for eight hours of poor gameplay and bug. I think id software caused a bad moment, the sense of “all things with bug” for Bethesda. But Skyrim is light years better, is a step foward inside the company. When i really had problems, was because i tried tweaks. But it is difficult to consider this a reason for good stability, there are so many types of PC, not to mention the console.
    Excusez le fanboysm.. i think X)

  10. Congrats to the team at Beth! This is one of the awards that I think a game deserved from the VGAs last night. To think you announced this game last year at the same place and received GOTY a year later at the very same place.

    Can’t wait for what you have plan DLC wise and the kit in January. Sad to hear that people are having a hard time with the game; Personally I only had a couple freezes and the projectile glitch(Didn’t update to 1.2 because of the promblems I’ve been hearing with it), people just wait for them to fix it they have lives to you know and usually end up fixing the promblem anyway by the end so calm down.

  11. Thank you Bethesda for a great game. I’ve been able to run it smoothly since launch. You guys deserve Studio of the Year and Skyrim most definitely deserves Game of the Year. Keep it up and I can’t wait for Fallout 4.

  12. No one deserves it more than you guys for making such an awesome game! Actually, the word “game” doesn’t seem sufficient for such an amazing world that you’ve made for us all to play in. Looking forward to the GOTY edition! 🙂

  13. We saw that coming. It’s the only game that really deserved it. The others just feel incomplete.

    Also, please the next chapter MUST BE Valenwood. VALENWOOD PEOPLE, and make it as awesome as Morrowind, with all the mystic theme, so no one will complain about the lack of mystic in TES. I really want it, and it will be memorable.


    • Valenwood would be cool, I would love to kill some more Thalmor. Honestly I think it will take place in either Valenwood, Summerset, or Hammerfell. Valenwood or Summerset because its the home of the high elves (summerset) and the Thalmor (started in valenwood) and they are basically the reason the war in Skyrim happened and why the Empire is now weak. Or it will be in Hammerfell, one of the only place free of Thalmor rule in Tamriel. Then again all that story line could be a dlc since they sort-of have some of Cyrodil and Morrowind in the Skyrim map. So perhaps the dlc will have you push the thalmor out?

      • yeah i have had an idea that is u beat the empire(and are part of the stormcloaks) in skyrim maybe then you go to where ever the thalmor are and root them out of another country and have to stop them invading skyrim as well or something that would be really cool

  14. Congrats Bethesda! You deserve it!
    In an industry that is moving toward yearly releases with no real innovation, you guys are a like a light in the darkness. You bring the energy, vibrancy, and ambition that are so often found lacking in other studios.
    Also, maybe you guys should pick up S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, since GSC closed. If you could stay true to the vision of Stalker: SoC while adding your own Bethesda twist on it, you could a very good game.

  15. I love Skyrim, but let’s be honest, you guys won GOTY with a beta. As awesome as it is it’s obvious it needed more work (as do most games.) Anyhow, congrats.

    And to Ben, god no, please do not pick up S.T.A.L.K.E.R. II.

  16. You guys rock! the whole development team there at Bethesda. Congats on winning one of the best gaming awards out there.

    On a side note Fallout 3 should of won in 2008, it did get best RPG at least, but it was a lot better than GTA IV, and i love R* just as much as you guys.

  17. This game was Game of the Year the moment it was announced. XD

    As for the people moaning here in the comments: I challenge them to make a Skyrim-scale game and release it on time with less than…let’s say a limit as 10 bugs.

    I’ve played the game for over 100 hours on the PC (which it is meant to be played on – the console releases are just for people who don’t know how to use a keyboard and mouse or install software) and I have come across some bugs and had the occasional CTD.
    These are annoyances.
    But when I compare it to the rest of the game, and the future prospects for it e.g Steam features utilised, Community support, mods etc.
    It is evident that any complaints will be short term and relatively minor in comparison to a game worthy of the GOTY award.

    • It was developed for consoles and ported for PC. People play on consoles because they are cheaper, along with many other reasons. Controllers were designed for gaming, keyboards were not, they were designed for typing. If you really think the average person does not know how to use a keyboard, you are an idiot.

    • console’s are also for people who can’t get games for windows to download correctly (the client itself that comes with a dll that all games seem rely upon)

  18. I bought the game for my nephew…in 3 weeks hes played jack all of it due to issues…i’ve spent hours on forums looking for fixs…and although we can gett the game running now it still crashs every few mins to desktop…and by scanning the forums i can see im not the only one witht his problem.
    If you pay money for a game it should work…full stop, no arguement about size or anything else is acceptable…anyway im returning the peice of crap to get something that actaully works and a 11year old can play instad of test on behalf of bugthesda…the award is undeserved.

  19. Congrats Beth, Skyrim did deserve to win those awards. However, there is something very wrong with getting nominated for an award before a game is released. From a customers point of view it smells like hype and diminishes the value of the award.

  20. Ok im happy for Bethesda, really am, and dont get me wrong i love Skyrim, but i DO have to agree with some of the people in here. Ever sinse the game came out ive been experiencing bugs and crashes. At first just a few, not so bad right? But then it started to growing more and more unstable. Textures not loading, game lagging and slowing down, stutter, and more and more crashes. Its getting to the point where its getting pretty unplayable. I already tried everything, from re-installing the game, fiddle with the settings (lowering them), and even removing my save games.

    Ok Bethesda, you won the GOTY prize, now PLEASE, as a big fan of yours i beg you.. just solve the damned issues the game has…

  21. Bethesda you rock, another GOTY award in the bag like always, just like Oblivion and Fallout 3 Skyirm is your best work to date, can’t wait for Fallout 4

    Ok, i dont get why people are complaining so much, I have played roughly around 70 hrs of Skyrim, and I’ve only encountered 2 bugs, dragon souls not getting consumed and Mammoths flying, that’s it, no crash after inserting the disc in my Xbox, the game only froze once, and I guess it’s because I played like 10 hrs that day, time goes by when a game is this good. So i don’t know why people are complaining, maybe you’re just the unlucky ones, Bethesda deserves this game for so many reasons
    1. Great story and attention grabbing 2. Great visual effect, mostly the snow, magic, etc. 3. Massive replay ability 4. Amazing sound 5. Creation Engine making it look amazing 6. not that many issues, and if there are, nothing Bethesda can’t fix 7. Open world to give the player there moneys worth
    So stop complaining, if you have bugs,then ok that sucks, but they aren’t that big to make you want to hate on it

  22. Its a shame when a studio who KNOWINGLY releases a very faulty product (at least on 33% of the platforms they make it for) gets an award for “best studio” or studio of the year if you will. Unless it the studio of the year, with most bugs in one product.

    On a different note, from what i’ve played of skyrim its a beautiful game when it wants to work.

  23. Not sure what the problem is. According to Steam, I’ve got 289 hours on the game. Beat the game 3 times, already on my 4th play through and the main issue I have are my crappy ATI drivers making flame effects look distorted.

  24. I laugh at you people who are complaining about the game so much as I just sit back and play Skyrim and have so much fun I just don’t want to stop I have been playing it since it came out and I have hardly seen any bugs and the bugs I have seen I found a way past and trust me I have played over 65 misc quests and have beat the Darkbrother hood, the civil war, the companions, and of course the main questline I do agree bugs can be annoying but it is really hard to get rid of all them I have been modding Morrowind fo almost two years and I cant tell how many bugs I am still trying to get rid of in just one mod. So just give Bethesda some slack and think of it this way if they postponed Skyrim for another 3 months you would have just started doing what you are now and the only thing is you would actually had something to complain about.

  25. Sounds like it should of got the most “Broken Game of the Year” Fix the game on PS3 Beth.. Your first mistake was releasing it in the state it is now. I would of had no problem waiting 3+ months for a FULLY FUNCTIONAL game.

  26. Are these comments by Bethesda’s staff?

    You keep congratulating them for their broken game.

    And they will never fix it. You lose ultimately.

  27. This is my second playthrough till i got to Level 50 and boy the Bug Quests are Murder.

    Skyrim has become stale and Un-enjoyable, i havent even finished half the Dungeons and Forts yet, but the Game and Quests so to speak are done.

    I Love Skyrim, but why mention DLC when the Game is F-d up.

    Whoop dee doo on winning the Award for the most Bugged Up Game ever, we dident know that us Fans were your Beta Play Testers.

  28. Well i play skyrim only on pc, and i have not discovered anything game breaking in a month, and i get angry every time when someone tells skyrim is unplayable… Make a better one yourself, to me, skyrim, oblivion, morrowind and every game bethesda makes deserves a goty, and bethesda deserves even the best gaming company prize… Period. Good work beth!

  29. M’aiq does not get why people complain so much on bugs. M’aiq finds them pretty, and tasty. M’aiq thinks those people should Hakuna Matata.

  30. Hardly any PC games require Games For Windows Live. Which by the way is atrocious. Well done on Bethesda for using Steam. Shame there are those who don’t like steam. Their excuse is that they don’t like auto-patching, well they are fools because auto-patching can be turned off in steam.

  31. I’m loving the game, it plays almost perfect on xbox and i haven’t seen that many glitches, I think the only problems are with the ps3 players and the way it hold game data/

  32. Honestly, you could have made it more polished and that statuette won’t stop me from cracking jokes about your efforts until you’ll have squashed most bugs and improved the settings (read “quadcore support”, “improved INI files” and “64-bit support”) for the game…

    …as a matter of fact in the Behind the Wall video, Todd Howard is *damned right* in saying that you were getting yourself in troubles by putting together a huge amount of *potential* for the player…in fact it’s funny how much truth there is in a video conceived for creating hype…

    …while I am no programmer (apart from Excel macros, which, I guess don’t count as such! XD), I have often tried to undertake huge projects to improve the P&P roleplaying games I liked or smaller projects to create roleplaying games that
    I fealt really groundbreaking…

    …and I know how’s like when you want to put everything into your project and sometimes find that time’s not enough for doing everything, for polishing everything and so on…

    …I don’t think you deserve any GOTY award for this game being polished or bug-free…and I won’t attack people for saying like this…it’s because you have chosen to create hype* and hyped people want perfection…so if they feel that GOTY awards are about perfect games, they’re completely right in saying that you didn’t deserve those prize…

    …but what I do think is that you deserved those GOTY awards
    because Skyrim is an act of passion…how unpolished and buggy it could be, it’s a true act of passion from its developers…and playing it it’s truly a powerful experience (which is another damned truth said in Behind the Wall)…

    …while as a player, I could feel unhappy because you didn’t make everything craftable or took debatable balancing choices that seem more lack of polish than thoughtful balance…
    well…how I feel like when I end up smashed into a pulp by a mammoth and his giant “owners” for striking the mammoth to get his tusk…and then, after reloading, I lure the mammoth and the giants to a nearby castle, in which I was killed once,
    and have them badly beaten by bandits?

    …how could call the sensation that gives that as anything but a powerful game experience??

    …and for these two reasons I think that you deserved those prizes. Congratulations!

    * = I have to admit that the marketing was amazing. I’ve never
    seen a videogame with such a great live action spot! But, in the end, was counter-productive…

  33. X Gstaff: Probably you cannot do much about this. Being a company blog, any information is probably carefully weighted before being released and get some “big boss” permission.

    However, the impression from the outside is that you guys aren’t much keen on “emergency dealing PR”. The marketing of this game was really great and created a huge hype, however, now you’re getting back a lot of that in form of pissed off players who are angry because the game is unpolished and suffer from bugs (I make my jokes, but the truth is that I’ve re-installed a clean copy of Skyrim and no more Skyrim until January…when CK comes out, I’ll have all sorts of mods and the game is probably more stable).

    I think that the “big bosses” out there in Bethesda should consider that silence is a bad thing. Honestly I don’t think anyone will stop complaining until the biggest bugs, unpolished elements and issues are solved, but at least, giving 1-2 “leaks” on the improvements being worked on at week would help improving the mood here.

    If you guys tell us at least something about bugs being squashed or what we can expect from the next patch..even
    letting “leak” minor things (obviously I guess that programmers wouldn’t like to be bothered too much about giving info…but some little info may be it’s not a big issue!)…well…people would take notice.

      • I do appreciate that you appreciate the feedback (as long as that’s not sarcastic), but, while the initial “What were working on” is a good idea in the right direction, updates aren’t “leaks” as much as they are the post-release information about a patch.

        It’s not the same.

        Letting some minor information leak while “in progress” would give something to feed the people on the Web.

        Moreover I think that patch release notes should be more verbose, because when people sees a list of seven points (such as 1.3) end up thinking “What? They only solved this??!” while probably the list of things solved was much larger. If you see the detailed description of hotfixes and similar “patch” in Microsoft website you get what I mean:

        You could find things sounding like “This hotfix solves an issue with Whitesnow and the Seven Dwarves crashing to desktop when I was making a shower”…and while this sounds a veritable b…t, when you see a list of twenty points instead of seven, none would dare thinking that you solved “just this”…they get the feeling of the complexity behind the whole patch.