Win a customized Astro A40 Wireless System

Nothing’s worse than when you get a new game and the real world interrupts: loud roommates, crying babies, pots & pans. Sometimes you just want to scream out, “I have no idea what Paarthurnax just said… you’ve ruined everything!”

The good folks at Astro Gaming know how you feel, and they want to help out. Two lucky winners will win an Astro A40 Wireless System — complete with customizable RAGE & Skyrim speakertags.

Need these headphones to block out that special someone during game time? Read the contest rules after the break…

Sweepstakes Rules

  • The contest is open to anyone ages 18 &  up in North America and the United Kingdom. One entry per email address. Void where prohibited.
  • All participants must be 18 or older to enter and verification may be required before the winner is announced. Entries shall be original and deemed non-proprietary and become the property of the Bethesda and will not be acknowledged or returned.
  • Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “A40 Sweepstakes” in the subject line. The email must include your name, valid mailing address, and email address. Along with your contact information, tell us why you need to block out the noise around you when playing Skyrim or RAGE.  Invalid or ineligible entries shall be excluded from consideration. By their submission of entry, participants warrant that all information is original and accurate, and they are legally entitled and authorized to make such submission, either on their own behalf, or as to information submitted upon the express authorization of another on whose behalf the information is submitted.
  • All e-mails must be received by midnight (U.S. Eastern Time), Sunday, December 18, 2011.
  • Two (2) lucky winners will be selected at random and notified by email.  Drawing will be held on or about December 20, 2011. Drawing will be conducted by Bethesda, whose decisions on all matters related to the Sweepstakes shall be final and binding and within its sole discretion.  To claim prize, winner so notified must within ten (10) days of notice of award, complete, execute and return any additional documents required by Bethesda.
  • Bethesda reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any suspect entry or entrant and to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Sweepstakes. Participants agree that by participating they release the Bethesda and its affiliates from any liability in connection with the Sweepstakes and any prizing.

Reader Comments

  1. I just love Skyrim! Best game ever! I would propably love it even more with those awesome headphones!

    // Matti the Skyrimfanboy

    • I have to agree alittle bit, sure sweepstakes are fun.
      But those headsets are awesome looking! If I didnt win, and if i have the money on me.. I would totally buy one!

      • Obviously you all aren’t aware that you can customize the tags with ANY image you want for the A40s on their website so you can make these yourself lol. They’re just the default headset with a different tag picture on them. Unlike the Saints Row limited edition headsets, now THOSE you can’t recreate since they’re not just black with a different tag, they’re purple. So there you go. You CAN buy them yourself. All you gotta do is get the picture, upload it to the tags option, and click checkout 🙂 Peace.

      • I’m sure that Astro wont pass up the opportunity to make money off these. Keep checking their site til they put them up. Or at least they’ll sell the speaker tags so you can buy whatever color headset then put the tags on them.

  2. I know the contest is in all probability randomized but if in anyway it is not, I MUST WIN! I love TES! I have since Daggerfall and it would be amazing to wear these as I play all of my Elder Scrolls. Safe Travels, Nicholas.

  3. (Insert Subject Line A40 Sweepstakes) Hello bethesda, i would like a pair of the skyrim headsets to block out the noise of my ridiculously loud breathing…. Its been a problem for a long time now but only untill recently its become somewhat of an issue, I love playing your game, but i find it hard to hear the amazing effects/voice acting etc etc over my very loud breathing….as you can imagine its quite annoying – The only way to not hear my very loud breathing is to not breath and unfortunatly i have ran out of potions!!! Please find it in your hearts to help a fan out in a prediciment!!!!

  4. A Skyrim logo and some glue on any old head set….

    I think most people feel the need to buy stuff they could have created them selves these days, when you embrace your creative side, custom skyrim towers become common place and things like this seem a bit boring and dull.

    PS I am a creative person… in case you could not tell 🙂

    Here is a trick for you, make a shield shape out of a piece of wood, cut out a skyrim post to fit in the middle of it and pour clear varnish over the whole thing, let it dry and do it again so it builds up nice and thick.

    Now put it on your wall and impress your friends with your totally original Skyrim Shield Art.

  5. I’ve been dying for a decent head set to use with my 360. The tv i currently have was handed down to me, its an older LCD and the speakers are partially blown… 🙁 whenever there is a loud explosion in a game, the speakers crackle and sound TERRIBLE… i feel like a good headset would help in solving my problem when gaming. Like i said i’ve been wanting a head set for a while, but my money situation is really tight. Between paying for school and fixing my car, i haven’t been able to afford to spend money on things like this. I havent even been able to buy my family christmas presents.. :/ I would be HIGHLY grateful to be able to receive a set of these. I very much like the Skyrim themed set!!!

  6. With a decent pair of headphone’s like this not only can I enjoy playing TES:3 TES:4 or TES:5 Rage (and all the fallout series by the way) visually but my ears can enjoy it as much too….!!

    Love your games, from me!!

  7. @giskard: your not entering for the speaker tags, your entering for the $300 headphones that happen to come with speaker tags you cheeky monkey, learn to read

  8. Great stuff! Good luck to everyone, but I hope I win. 😉 Haven’t played the games yet, but they look great and I am sure are better with Astro’s to be able to hear.

  9. This is a great chance to winsomthing why complain why bother with hate Skyrim rules Long Live The Dragon Born!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  10. could you guys just like give me one if i convince all the “wow” ( thats right uncapped ) players to start playing skyrim… those of them that haven’t already converted that is

  11. Wow, this is truly a really nice headset, I disagree with the people moaning that they’re just some ‘old’ headphones with a Skyrim logo stuck to the side of it. Either way, these Headphones are still worth nearly $300. :L

  12. Im building a whole room in my house around a Bethesda theme. Complete with a Fallout look mixed with Elders scrolls in there too. I have to have these to go with the theme of the room.!!!!!!!

  13. “Nothing’s worse than when you get a new game and the real world interrupts”

    You mean beside a game so riddled with bugs it becomes a miserable experience…. right?

    • Do you know how hard it is do find Fallout posters/ T-Shirts and other merchandise. Bethesda could make a lot of money selling stuff.

  14. Wait a minute, you guys are asking us to submit an email of WHY we want the headphones, yet you’re going to pick two entries at RANDOM? So what’s the point of telling you if you’re going to pick randomly and not base it off a certain criteria?

    I’m still going to enter, but I hope you guys rethink what you just wrote.

  15. No point in wasting my time with these if the Quest Bugs hammer me so, plus for the third time, i decided Quits till the Game gets fixed and i Never Officially finished the Entire Game, ofcourse the Factions and MQ are done, but there are still many Caves and Forts to go.

  16. hmm should’t it be: Nothing’s worse than when you get a new game and it freezes & crashes when you play it on your PS3?

    ATM it’s not “Sometimes you just want to scream out…” but most of the PS3 owners already scream it out.

    Never the less, great prices to bad I live in Belgium. I really like the Skyrim speakertags.

  17. I think Bethesda sucks sometimes…
    Why do i have to 18 or older? Why do i have to live, in the US or in the UK.

    Pff.. Sometimes.. i just dont like you guys..

  18. great to hear about Skyrim merchandise – even better though to get a list of the available merchandise sorted by continent, retailer and country 😉