Skyrim CE Game Guide Reprint

Exciting news from Prima. Due to unprecedented demand, they have — for the first time ever — printed a Second Edition of a Collector’s Edition Game Guide.

The Skyrim CE guide has all of the original CE guide’s features: hardback cover, two bookmark ribbons, and free access to the Interactive World Map. Oh, and they even corrected a few spelling errors.

The Second Edition of the CE guide is available today for $39.99 (US) and $46.99 (CAN). Look for it wherever strat guides and games are sold.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Prima Official Game Guide Collector’s Edition is available at select retailers in North America. Below is a list of retailers distributing this guide (availability may vary)…

Amazon Canada
Barnes & Noble
Books A Million
Best Buy
Chapters Canada
EB Canada
Fred Meyer
Fry’s Electronics
Game Stop

Reader Comments

  1. The Prima Official Game Guide looks cool, but here I am starving for info about the new patch! 🙁

    The last update about the patch was something like a week ago! 🙁

    At very least couldn’t you confirm us that there’s more “on the griddle” than a simple update to LAA?

    Were Bethesda adding something more significant (such as 64-bit exe or better tweaked graphic settings) I’d understand this delay as some issue or extra-care in testing, but changing the Large Address Aware flag on an exe takes 2 minutes of chronometer to pc user with a very basic programming experience (like me)…how could Bethesda take so much time changing and testing that? :-O

    • I mean…it’s like…taking CFF Explorer, opening the header of the exe and changing the flag. I guess (and hope) there’s something more “in the pot”, right Gstaff??

  2. Some of the Smithing information is wrong, for example the Daedra weapons do more damage than the Dragon ones. Noticed some errors in Alchemy too.

  3. I already bought this, Cost 2/3 the price of the game, and then they do this a month later?

    Skyrim wiki sites were already full a week after the game came out, and they are free.

    • Exactly. Fix the issues with the game and then do a reprint of the guide. The guide still isn’t going to be accurate as all of the issues in the game are still going on and not even included in the next 1.3 update.

  4. The only problem with the guide is a few pages are torn, smudged, stained, or missing.

    But, “they’re working on it” and value us as customers.

    Next week there should be a “patch” that gives us a few of the missing words. But, don’t worry, they’re still working on the missing chapters.

  5. Hey Gstaff?

    I think there’s some weird issue with the blog… 🙁

    After I’ve posted my comment above I could see “X Comments” (as usual), but after refreshing the page there was just “Leave Comments” and no comment number.

    At first, I was mad at you and I was starting to think that you were “gone fascist“…but after re-checking seems that there’s really something weird with your webpage.

    I use Firefox, but usually the Blog works fine for me…couldn’t you check on this weird thing?


    P.S.: While I keep bugging you for leaks on the new patch, I don’t really think you could change the “leaking policy” of Bethesda (and I know that “fillers” are to keep some info running and/or keep the “light tone” which is suitable for a game)…but honestly I’d like if Bethesda (as company) improved its post-launch communication by feeding you a little more substantial information to give us.

  6. Are there any plans to release more copies to UK stores other than Game? i really dont like the fact they got Exclusivity of the guide as they are overcharging badly(£20 for basic and £30 for special edition) and the secondhand market is ridiculous(£60 for the basic guide is a joke secondhand).

  7. This book is too expensive. Still waiting for the creation kit to fix all the mess beth isnt fixing because they have too much to do with console-“gamers” problems.

  8. Yes!!

    Ordered two through Amazon. I had already ordered the first print but Amazon failed to deliver it (and refunded me after holding onto my money for one month).

    Btw shouldn’t you guys be opening a post with the Game of The Year award that Gamespot gave Skyrim (besides winnning the best game in the RPG category, best PC game, best BOX game , best …etc).

    Really Bethesda, you guys are so predictably boring. Everytime a TES game comes out it becomes GOTY crushing all competitors (sniff TW2; ha ha ha DA2). A man can’t possible make an honest living betting against you. Oh well.


    • And every time a TES game comes out and wins GOTY the people at Bethesda are too busy congratulating each other to actually fix the game so it can be played as advertised.

      I’m glad that Fallout NV didn’t win GOTY. It deserved it as far as story and concept, but as far as “playability”, customer support, and company integrity it failed miserably.

      If we use Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Fallout NV as examples we can deduce that Skyrim will never be fixed. As soon as the next project distracts the production team like a shiny new toy they will forget about Skyrim and leave it a broken mess.

  9. cool, so that means that the folks who bought the first edition CE guide will have a more valuable book a few years down the line. good job Prima Games.

  10. Slimebeast
    Don’t quote me on this but I don’t remember the collector’s set having a guide in the package. I’m a US player so at least for Americans that’s true. The guide they’re talking about here is from Prima, not Bethesda, so they are bought separately. That said, you can find all the information you need in forums. WIKIA and UESP are some great sites for guides and lore.