New Fan Art

As we get ready to head out for the holidays, we wanted to share some of the latest fan art sent into the blog. Above is an amazing Dovahkiin statue created by mrben. For more outstanding contributions, check out the Flickr slideshow below.

If you’ve got art to share, send it to [email protected].

Reader Comments

    • Oh congratulations and thanks for the just released patch! Wasnt expecting another one til January since everythings been running so great.

      Happy Holidays!

    • That doesn’t have anything to do with this post. Why don’t you complain on the posting that has to do with what you have a problem with?

  1. I don’t understand the first image: Their skill with one handed weapons is high enough to decapitate enemies but they’re still wearing iron armor?! O.o


  2. Latest update on PS3 still doesn’t address the fact that the game freezes and causes the system to need shutdown. After which warning message about possible hard drive error occurs. This is on a brand new machine. The game will also not display in 1080i when all other games I own that say “1080i” on the box actually do. Your game, not my system, or setup.