Holiday Roundup (Updated)

Here’s one last roundup before the holidays.

On behalf of everyone at Bethesda, we wish you happy holiday season!

Reader Comments

  1. Here’s a holiday update…your PS3 version is freezing up my entire PS3 system more and more after the 1.3 update…aside from me playing your game as much as I can in between real life activities, it is a great disappointment that you don’t give two shits about the PS3 system…there is nothing more aggrevating than replaying over 2 hours of game play cause your programming caused it, this isn’t Dark Souls now. Hopefully you will show the PS3 version some much desererved attention very soon. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love the picture that accompanies this blog entry. 🙂

    If it’s not called something like ‘Sleighing a dragon’ then you’re missing a trick.

    Happy holidays and thanks for an awesome game.

  3. Stop right there, criminal scum!
    Nobody breaks into peoples houses on my watch! I’m confiscating your stolen goods. Now pay your fine or it’s off to jail.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 😀

  4. “IGN has named Skyrim their Game of the Year and RPG of the Year on PC and Xbox 360.”

    Well, gee Bethesda. Why don’t you investigate as to why IGN didn’t mention the PS3 console? You might actually learn something. Or, did you already know? Is that why Bethesda conveniently “forgot” to send a PS3 copy for IGN to review? Is that why IGN had to go out to a store and purchase a copy for themselves to test?

    You knowingly released, sold, and profited from a defective product. That is illegal, dishonorable, and the fact that you refuse to do anything about it shows the regard in which you hold paying customers.

    • It’s not illegal – particularly not for games where it would be harder to draw the line between what is and isn’t “defective.”
      Additionally, they are going to be releasing patches in the future to fix the issues. The consoles aren’t going to get them as fast as the PC because they have to go through other admin before they are ‘certified’ for the consoles.

      Just be patient: Better late than never. 😉

      ‘Your patience skill has increased you should rest and meditate on what you have learned…’ 😛

      • “Additionally, they are going to be releasing patches in the future to fix the issues.”

        The problem is, we’ve been hearing that since Oblivion. Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Fallout: New Vegas are still broken and Bethesda has said they will never be fixed.

        “Just be patient: Better late than never.”

        Until the company states that it will be never.

        • Are you on the PS3?
          If you are, then yes, the games got a few minor patches, but they were never fixed properly and Bethesda has publicly stated that they will never be.
          I’m not a troll, I just think what I pay for should work. I just think a company should stand behind its products and fix defects. Does that make sense?

          BTW, gee, you’re a sweetheart.

  5. My anger letter to bethesda:
    So I got Skyrim for my birthday and I saw there were some issues with it. It lags terribly on my PS3. I really don’t understand why this company would release a game this filled with bugs and glitches to the public!?!? But no. You have to make money off this don’t you? WHY NOT JUST COMPLETLY LEAVE THE PS3 OUT OF THIS INSTEAD OF MAKING US SPEND OUR MONEY ON THE CRAP YOU FEED US?!?!?!? This company already screwd up Fallout but did it again to us? Why? Suddenly were not important anymore? Is it that? WHY DON’T YOU PEOPLE TEST YOUR CRAP BEFORE SELLING IT TO US?! OUR MONEY IS WASTED BECAUSE OF YOU! Im VERY angered. I feel some sues coming on. The PS3 os here throwing their hard earned money at you to repay “the hard work” that went in to it. With all do respect, I ask you fix this really soon unless you want alot of sales drop and returns of Skyrim. – An unhappy PS3 user
    PS. Have a crappy christmas, Ill do the same.

    • If you buy a defective product, it’s your right to return it and get the money back. So do it; otherwise Bethesda won’t care anyway.

      • I don’t think there are any game stores that will give a refund for an opened game. The best one can get is a replacement/even exchange for the same title. So, one would exchange defective programming for the same defective programming.

        The anger is stemming from the fact that we paid our hard-earned money for something that is broken and will never be fixed. The customers are left “holding the bag.”

        • Don’t you have warranty and/or a customer protection agency in the US? Here in the olde continental Yurop the store has a limited amount of attempts to “repair” the product, but has to take it back for a full refund if it’s still clearly defective.

  6. I agree they just totally ignored the ps3. Idk what’s the point anymore. I’m wasting my breath and still nothing. Skyrim is still unplayable on ps3 and it’s sad because I was a Bethesda fan until now!!!!!! But I hope everyone have a merry skyrim Christmas unless you play on a ps3 like me.

  7. i agree that bethesda is an awesome company that makes awesome games, right now i’m waiting for a patch to fix the purity of revenge quest.

    merry chirstmas

  8. For the love of god and all things holy, please fix the season unending/joining the stormcloacks glitch on ps3… All I want for Christmas is to be able to move on in the main quest….

  9. I’ve always taken Bethesda’s games for what they are, but here I am TRYING to play Skyrim for the 5th time today on my PS3 but the New Vegas-grade game freezes make me wanna take my disc out and burn the shit out of it.

    Bethesda goes “turning off all auto-saves helps”. I do that, barely any difference, except now I gotta keep saving and saving like an idiot so that I don’t lose much time when my game INEVITABLY FREEZES…

    I miss Oblivion. Least that one barely froze on me once a day or so.

  10. Omg will you plz shut up about ps3 the game was originally made for 360 so for everyone crying about the ps3 issues its not bethesdas fault the ps3 and 360 are very different processing wise ones a dual core I think and ones not I don’t know much about consoles I program for computer but still that is idiotic to think that bethesda made skyrim purposely defective on ps3 if anything they’d make it defective on pc because the piratebay and so many ppl steal the game so stop making excuses yes I’m pretty sure and this is a very logical guess that bethesda got paid buy Microsoft to make sure the game is only shown on xbox this is why the dlc is available on 360 30 days before pc or ps3 Microsoft definitely wants ppl to buy there system and to get more technical pc and xbox OS are very similar because it is made by the same company Microsoft so that is also why ps3 is the only one having problems

  11. As a PS3 gamer, I will admit that there are some problems, but that was to be expected. Sure, we can argue about who’s to blame, or what console/device is the best, but that would be pointless. You see, this a common principle that applies to common sense; nothing is perfect. They’ve given us something amazing, and all most of you want to do is focus on the imperfections. Please, can we not just be loyal fans and give them our utmost support?

    • There are limits to that loyalty though. There were a lot of promises made to PC users as well that went totally undelivered. Bethesda hasn’t entirely ignored our pleas though since they did provide a 4GB enabled EXE file to allow for the full potential of the game to be accessed.

      It would be pretty sweet if they’d eventually give us the DX11 support that was promised along with the graphic quality we had been promised. Any PC user who has played the game on Ultra will know what I’m getting at, and we’ve heard nothing about whether its a bug or if those things that look like blurred smears are done that way on purpose.

      There’s also the revalation recently that they didn’t actually optimize the game for PC. No code level optimizations that would have resulted in significant performance boosts were done. Hopefully now that a couple of brilliant modders have shown us the way Bethesda will take notice and recompile the official PC source with at least some of those optimizations in place.

    • Some of us have been loyal fans since TES:Arena, that doesn’t mean we have to like the mess they made of Skyrim PS3. I’m sure there’s an amazing game in there somewhere, but that just makes the game-crippling framerate issues all the more annoying… you dedicate any decent amount of time to the game and you’re rewarded with a total breakdown. None of my characters can get far beyond 40 hours without the game becoming unplayably slow… imagine renting 20 films and finding they’re all missing the last 10 minutes. That’s roughly equivalent to the Skyrim experience – a waste of time.

  12. please new updates! or at least some word of progress or whats being worked on!

    pc optimization + recompiled code would be AMAZING ! please show some love the pc users out here… starting to mod now to get some improvements on this game. they should come from bethesda!

  13. I can’t help but laugh a little at these rage replies about their PS3 game on a thread created to wish everyone happy holidays.

    Sure, it sucks that you bought a game that you now can’t play properly, but what do expect really? That all of a sudden a magic patch appears to fix it? They have to find the problem(s), find a solution and then create it. Who knows how long it all takes. It’s been little over a month, guys. Relax.

    Beside, I think purchasing such a game (solely) for the console is a pretty stupid move in itself. In a month or two the awesome mods for Skyrim will be flowing like a river, most of which PC exclusive. They will literally add a limitless amount of downloadable content to the game. For free. Not to mention I’m having near to no trouble at all on the PC. Other then the menu’s (whom are admittedly GOD AWFUL), it’s running like a dream.

    And don’t give me the ”I’m too poor for a powerful PC”-story because they needn’t be expensive if you buy smart. Not to mention that PC’s that simply make due aren’t that expensive anymore. Consoles and their games aren’t cheap either. If you count up all your expenses, and the ones you save, by epic Steam discounts you’ll eventually see that PC gaming is a hell lot cheaper then console gaming anyway. But I have by far digressed.

    ~ Happy holidays, Bethesda!

    • “They have to find the problem(s), find a solution and then create it. Who knows how long it all takes. It’s been little over a month, guys. Relax.”

      Disagree. Skyrim has the same problems that plagued Fallout: NV, Fallout 3, and Oblivion. What does that mean? It means they have had five years to fix these problems.

      I think they just don’t know what they are doing when it comes to PS3 programming and they are in way over their heads.

  14. Please fix the stormclokes quest for the ps3. My wife is level 65 and can’t finish the main quest. She is driving me crazy

  15. Less wang sucking; those PS3 gamers have a right to be upset.

    P.S. Wondering when the next news of an update will be? I don’t want to play Skyrim until I know I will get the best possible experience out of it. Don’t know why anyone would be happy to play a game with such wonderful potential in a state less than they can eventually get it. I want to be able to fully immerse myself and happily hop about questing without worrying about not being able to complete said quest due to bugs.

    I’d have liked to have waited a year or two more for this game before it was released. I could have dealt with that but having it here, winking at me, taunting me from its place on the shelf… agony.