Skyrim Nominated for 5 Game Developer Choice Awards

The finalists for the 12th annual Game Developers Choice Awards were announced today — with Skyrim receiving nominations in five categories: Game of the Year, Best Game Design, Best Technology, Best Audio, and Best Visual Arts. Bethesda Game Studios previously was nominated for Best Game for Oblivion in 2006 and won Game of the Year Award for Fallout 3 (shown above) in 2009.

This year’s winners will be announced during the Game Developers Conference on Wednesday, March 7th.

In other award news, Skyrim has recently received the following accolades:

Reader Comments

  1. LOL. I bet those aren’t awards from PS3 community. Skyrim is broken on PS3 and Bethesda is just buying publicity with stolen money …

    • Look stop saying its “broken” on PS3. I have a 60GB ps3 with a larger but still 5400RPM HD. I am over the 10MB mark on the save file and well over 130 hours. I don’t have game freezing lag. I enjoy myself a great deal if your setup isn’t working I’m sorry, but don’t beat on the game/developer for something effecting a noisy minority. 8 million gamers can’t be wrong.

    • They said that the CK and 1.4 was liking appear sometime around the 21st. Stop whinning and let them enjoy the well deserved praise.

  2. I agree with Mitch P, we don’t care about the awards, you’ve already proven to us that you can make great games. We want info on patch 1.4 and the CK.

  3. Yeah the only thing i see Skyrim winning is Game of the Year the rest of the categories have games that where better in other departments. Best Visual Arts: BF3, Best Audio: Bastion, Best Technology: L.A. Noire, Best Game Design: Portal 2 or Batman: Arkham City. But it’s a developers choice award so wouldn’t be surprised they all go for Skyrim.

  4. Wow, what a surprise another blog entry that adumbrates, blots out, buries, caches, camouflages, cloaks, covers, curtains, disguises, dissembles, ditches, ducks, eclipses, ensconces, harbors, holds back, holes up, hushes up, keeps from, keeps secret, lies low, locks up, masks, obscures, protects, and put out of the way any mention of the continued problems.

    Talk about the patch or don’t say anything at all.

  5. They won’t fix the game, yet they show up to award shows?

    Hey Bethesda, how about you stop patting yourself on the back long enough to fix your games?

    It’s classless PR on your part that you receive, and accept, all these accolades, yet let your PS3 customers pay for defective products.

    • Since they are the only ones that can be fixed well enough to work properly, maybe.

      Of course, the fixes are created by the paying customers themselves.

      Isn’t it nice that Bethesda requires its customers to fix the games they paid for?

    • @mokmo Don’t be like that,I’m a PC gamer too,but I saw the calamity of PS3 version,so I think it would be appropriate for them to fix PS3 version first.

    • I am a dual PS3/PC gamer as well… I can certainly see now that I should have gone to my PC for TES, but I guess i had hopes for the PS3 version (i.e. for dualshock controls). This still doesn’t excuse the truly horrific performance of the PS3 version. We are all hard working and more importantly paying consumers of a product. “Let us not be divided and conquered, but united as a single voice”. They made a mistake, and need to own up and give details on a fix.

  6. Bethesda are indeed a very good developer of fine games and one of the best during 2011 so well done beth. And you get it after the game has been out a few months too, double thumbs up this time.

    Though I must ask, why is it that the best developers always seem to create the worst bugs too ?

    30 years as a game reveals these things over time 🙂

  7. PS as a gamer…. not a game lol… Seriously though, well done, well deserved. I do much admire your work here, speaking as a modder I can appreciate the artistry better than most players.

  8. This is beginning to become a joke. All those awards will be well earned once the problems have been dealt with, not before.

  9. Skryim is still a great game once you get past the bugs. It’s rare to find a single-player game that you can easily dump 120+ hours into.

    That said, I can’t understand some game companies. It’s like they’re all social recluses. Blizzard is the only company that readily responds and communicates with its player-base on upcoming changes. Hell, even during holidays! Is it *really* that hard to jump on your computer from home, go to the Bethesda forums and make a *substantial* post about the status of things? And by substantial I mean having substance.. not “Oh the Creative Kit is coming out sometime in January”. You realize you’re only fuelling the flames when you’re intentionally being vague? You don’t really think that little of your customers do you, especially after all those shiny rewards?

  10. Congratulations Bethesda and Mr Todd Howard! You guys and gals deserve the rewards of your highly skilled one of a kind immensely hard work completely and then some. Thanks for being the best and enjoy the fun that comes with it. Salute oh mighty champions!

  11. Haters gonna hate.. Thank you Bethesda! and Congrats .. This game deserves every bit of it’s praise.. The players and “more importantly” the industry knows it .. With Shooters and hollywood style linear games owning the field in these past few years its good to see the reviewers and industry insiders still know what makes this format of entertainment stand out from movies and TV.. Player control!

    *insert reasonable explanation for bugs that will go ignored by ignorant thumb suckers*

  12. Every game has bugs. It happens. That’s reasonable. Even the rate of which Bethesda is fixing the bugs is perfectly fine.

    What they fail at is communication. They should look to Blizzard on how to properly communicate with your community to keep them informed on upcoming bug fixes. That is, if it were Blizzard it would be a weekly routine. You would have a lot less angry people if people simply *knew* that bugs were going to be fixed, not necessarily that they have been fixed.

    • Every time a Bethesda employee has attempted to engage the community through the forums they’ve been deluged with negative or demanding responses. It would be nice if they got someone with a thick enough skin to do the job.

      But software design and support is not an exact science when you have a huge world that you’ve created, with hundreds of quests and limited resources (qualified people, hours in the day). I suppose they could have someone give us daily or weekly updates on what they can or can not fix for the next patch, but that would be one less person working on the patch. The game’s less than two months old. Give them a chance – Skyrim has already received better support than previous Bethesda titles.

    • I agree with almost every word you said above mike, except I disagree its reasonable for developers to release buggy games. They created the games, they should make sure they work or should be prepared to refund the customers money in full without complaint like any other industry.

      They have been getting away with that for so long gamers consider it okay, but I do not and I never will consider it okay.

      Other than that, I do agree with you about your other points in both posts.

  13. Congratulations Bethesda!
    Let me mention, that it’s january already, and the creation kit is still missing… Would you guys be so kind and tell us more info about when the CK will let us play gods of skyrim?

  14. I love the fact I purchased a $65 product on the release and can’t use after 100+ hrs of playing on my PS3 because my save is 11mb.. Seriously awesome game guys. Certainly GOTY worthy…. You deserve much praise.

    • Let me slightly alter your post for those of us in Australia Mat :
      I love the fact I purchased a $110 product on the release and can’t use after 100+ hrs of playing on my PS3 because my save is 11mb.. Seriously awesome game guys. Certainly GOTY worthy…. You deserve much praise.

      • I really am sorry…. That is such a shame, and quite horrible to hear. I guess all we can do now is carry on brother. Other games for go to’s I suppose.

  15. Skyrim was made for xbox 360 and pc. The reason the ps3 version is so buggy is because Sony has a completely different program for making games. Xbox and pc both have Microsoft net or whatever it’s called so it’s much more easier making games on their systems. Sony is completely different and it pretty much requires the game to be re-made for the ps3 which is very expensive and such. So take it as it is but skyrim and any other TES games were meant for microsoft based systems which is why multiplatform games are almost always better on pc and 360

  16. Skyrim is Game of the Year worthy, but that title should have went to another game. Batman: Arkham City for example, is a much better game, better polishing, better graphics, one version isn’t broken, etc. The Developer of the Year award they received really should be taken away, or not have been given in the first place. You don’t reward a company for failure, and the PS3 version certainly is a failure. It’s really a slap in the face that these bafoons could win DOTY, when they can’t even turn out working versions on all 3 platforms. It wouldn’t surprise me if these shady developers don’t use pay offs and bribes to win these awards.