Splash Damage creates a Brink Nerf Gun

Brink features tons of weapon customization, but Splash Damage artist Laurens Corijn has just taken it to another level. On their official website, see how he took a Nerf  Stampede ECS18 gun and heavily modified it to resemble the Resistance’s Gerund assault rifle. Reading the feature, the whole time I imagined him in character — wearing a gas mask and a makeshift tire jacket.

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Reader Comments

  1. …Brink? Really, Bethesda? It seems like you’re trying to draw our attention away from your Skyrim mishaps…

        • Who cares about your opinion ?
          I am a troll, so let me do my job.

          And besides, i was wrong. i was reading “at the beginning of January” but the original is “Beginning in January”.

          But still i am waiting. i can not sleep till i get the CK. So hurry up beth. dont care about the needs of console players. bring out the CK ASAP.

  2. Geez, why do you need the Creation Kit so badly? I’d think the 1.4.x.x patch is more anticipated, particularly since the CK will likely require it.