Skyrim Tweak Guide Livestream

To help PC players get the most out of Skyrim, last month we shared info on NVIDIA’s official tweak guide. If you missed the guide or were overwhelmed by its massiveness, you won’t want to miss NVIDIA’s livestream event taking place tomorrow.

During the stream, NVIDIA’s Kris Rey and Andrew Coonrad will discuss the guide’s ins and outs. They’ll also be joined by two special guests from the Skyrim modding community — Martigen (Martigen’s Mutant Mod & Martigen’s Monster Mod) and Skyrim Nexus’ founder and operator, DarkOne.

Catch all the fun tomorrow (January 10th) on NVIDIA’s Twitch TV channel. The stream begins at 11 AM PST.

Reader Comments

      • Yes, the sooner you can get that out, the sooner the modders can fix the bugs that still exist in the game 5 times faster than you guys can. (yeah I am a little ticked that I got struck by a bug that several attempts to circumvent failed)

    • Or you can shutup and buy a pc, or enjoy playing the game on console, youll get an update faggot, and you wont have to pay like we xbox users do, so stop your bitching…sheep

    • That’s the advantage PC gaming has. We don’t get co-op anymore because of piracy and steam. at least let us have this. And you knew that PS3 users don’t get modding when you bought the game. And skyrim doesn’t require a high-end gaming laptop to function decently. I understand you don’t like the problems of the PS3 version, but that doesn’t mean the PC users can’t have modding tools, just because your problem isn’t fixed.

    • I believe it is only because it is easier to get things done for the PC. Patches and things for the console versions have to go through middle men. 😉

    • I am pretty sure that this is more of a “Hey! Look what the guys at Nvidia did!” Maybe if Sony did something on how to make skyrim look better on a PS3, oh wait, the PS3 skyrim is set in stone how it runs.

    • I’m the owner of several consoles as well, but saying you love to suffer doesn’t make any sense. Most of the time the PC-community are the ones taking the fall for the consoles. It’s about time we get SOME bit of love at least rather than a sad, disappointing, half-baked port(which sadly, is what Skyrim is).

      So in that way, consoles do get a lot of love. 🙁 A bit too much from some developers. 🙁

    • Have you ever tried to imagine the big @#$! be making maps in the level of complexity of those engines and tools today, using a joystick? maybe a mouse and keyboard, but this start change the using of a videogame machine. After all those lovers of Xbox/PS with “joystick is the way”.
      The next generation of both (Xbox360/PS3) is like a dvd/bluray with steroids, you play and chat. The next generations of CPU and GPU inside PC/Apple, always have the best horsepower for the complex working (3d modeling, map editor, movie making and games) but not just “games”. There are a mountain between PC (work and fun) and videogame machine.

    • And to complete the thought. Bethesda has shown notable professionalism, adapting as best as possible Skyrim, to run on PC hardware and videogame machine. Even with so many comments (bugs) the game has a visual and stability, really extraordinary. Imagine the Bethesda, just acting like id software.. even with the legendary JC, and I’m not talking about Jesus Christ. Lets make the game, and just say “some plataforms do not have the necessary”.
      Quakecon 2012 for PC users? just for the real id softwares bitches.

    • Don’t blame Bethesda. Blame Sony and Microsoft for putting their stupid rules in place. Otherwise get a decent PC and buy the PC version. You won’t regret it.

    • you knew what you signed up for is all i can tell ya… i mean bethesda always released their tools as is for pc. To be able to even run tools on a console would take alot of reprogramming and to top it of, they’d have to make it alot more user friendly (as in lbp drag n drop style use friendly) so it would be limited.

  1. @JasonPWalker, why are you complaining? First and foremost, you can’t use mods or tweak your system because Microsoft and Sony don’t allow it, not because Bethesda likes PC users more then console users. Then the second reason why I think you should not whine about this, is because you knew you would not be able to do this on console before you bought. Don’t like it, don’t buy it, or buy it for PC. Excuse me for my rant, awesome news the CK is still planned to release this month!

  2. I’m so jealous of all the things PC gamers get with Skyrim.
    I know it’s not Betheseda’s fault, I know about the processes it all has to go through.

    I don’t see why Microsoft and Sony have to be so touchy when it comes to the Creation Kit.
    If they’re thinking it’s because it can interfere with Acheivments/Trophies then just have it disable them when using it, like when you put in a cheat in other games.
    Sometimes I wish Todd Howard controlled the gaming history, things would get done on time, be amazing, and even come with armor DLC!

  3. What about AMD? Haha. I don’t care my radeon card runs this game great! Keep up the good work with your games. Keep inspiring 3d CG students like me. Will take a crack at the creation kit although I’ve yet to really explore much in the way of code.

  4. I have no idea what FT was trying to say, but “tweaks” by independent developers are virtually impossible for anything but PC. PC has the environment necessary for editing code, while consoles do not.

    And of you’re referring to the CK release, I refer to Sheogorath’s post.

  5. How abt 2WaySli? My second GPU useless in skyrim(
    And how abt fix masks? Even masks that obliviosly for mages has an armor and i cant use my Alteration perk as good as it should.

  6. Yeah I read that “tweak guide.” The one that tells you can turn off blood splatter on the screen. Then you try and add than line to your ini file only to have your game crash every time you try and get to your world map.
    Fortunately, I am familiar with ini files. I back them up between changes. I know which changes I made. I know how to undo them. And believe me, this is the ‘tweak’ that caused the crash. I know this because I tried them one at a time.
    And moreover…Martigen and Dark One. Really? I mean, I applaud Dark One’s dedication to modders and making mods available to all of us. But Martigen is the guy who turned Oblivion into a hack and slash action RPG. And not everyone shares the views of Dark One and Martigen on what constitutes a good mod…or a mod at all, really.
    If you want to choose some individuals to “represent” the modding community…how bout a bit wider selection. Thanks.

  7. Martigen and the DarkOne live and in the same place! Thats like seeing two super titans like Batman and the King Of Worms on the same stage. Truly this is gonna be epic on so many levels. Oh wait a minute Batman isnt real…

  8. I own Skyrim on the ps3 my wife plays that while I play mine on pc via steam.
    My only hope is that they give us an export tool. How nice would it be to build a mod and export is as an injectable save file that patches the ps3 verson to use low end user made content. Maby even allow us to pay $9-$12 for dlc that downloads mods from steam but for the ps3. Ps3 already has steam that’s to valve games like portal.

  9. The weeping of console gamers is like sweet music to me. What exactly did you think you could create with your trumped up toy speak and spells? Did you really imagine that you could create worlds with a controller and your little game box? Hardly.

    Suffer, lesser gamers, or return to the embrace of the mother.