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  1. Why doesn’t Bethesda just hire this guy? Maybe as part of the extra DLCs, seems unfair this guy is so talented and offers this stuff for free…

  2. Xilver did a great job on the Oblivion mod, amazing compatible with other mods too. This should be one to look forward too.

    Skyrim mages need all the extra features they can get.

  3. He could do a lot more interesting things if he had the CK! πŸ˜€

    And so could the rest of us! πŸ˜€

    *Hint hint!* πŸ˜€

    ….. πŸ˜€

  4. Personally I’m more worried about bug fixes… I wanted to play with no console on pc and that didn’t work…. then on xbox I can’t finish the companions or thieves guild quests due to selling my thieves armor and vilkas being a dumbass…. on top of that I have an invisible follower due to vilkas glitch duringpurity quest and now I can’t absorb dragon souls or learn new shouts…. amazing game and I understand themarketing aspect of releasing before xmas but cmon why sell me so many glitches πŸ™ can’t wait for ck though modding always made buying 2 copies of bethesda games worth it. πŸ™‚

  5. Question for GStaff about the Creation Kit:

    Geck for Fallout had a navmesh issue that prevented the navmesh that allowed AI movement from working correctly in the esp files the Geck created. Creating all kinds of funky side effects, none of them good.

    Has this been fixed in the creation kit or has the navmesh system changed so much it has a mute point now.

    Without that fix you might as well not release the creation kit because it will be useless to us normal modders.

    A system that does not allow AI movement in the esp files the official editor produces without bugging out frequently would be pointless.

  6. Why haven’t you guys already considered his spells in the vanilla game? Summoning Illusionary allies in an illusion school of magic is basic thinking.

    In fact, so many things the mods added could have been added by Bethesda’s team if they would just gave it a second thought, like improving the framerate, add support for more memory, add more graphics without causing further lags and even standard gameplay stuff like breaking items and weapons via the smelter or fletching arrows, making the werewolf regenerate health as fast as stamina to make it in any way useful and the like.

    Mods are supposed to enhance, not do the devs’ job, honestly. I love the game, I enjoy every minute of it, but this is just lazy of you.

    • the memory issue is due to the gamebryo engine that bethesda has used since morrwind. the engine hasn’t been updated due to financial issues and was made before 64bit operating systems. a new company bought out the one that made the engine so hopefully fallout 4 will be made on a newer gamebryo engine.
      till then we’ll have to just deal with the outdated engine as i don’t believe bethesda can do anything about it on their end.

    • I completely agree. The midas mod for oblivion was an amazing mod (infact its the second reason i still play oblivion. The first being that i thought it was overall better done.) This game is great, don’t get me wrong, but it would be better with these spells and the old ones added in.

      Bethesda in my opinion is the best games company out there, however it feels like you are getting lazy in your thoughts for a “better” game. Xilver obviously has what it takes and yet you wouldnt even release his midas mod to console (having asked you in a blog.) Bla is right mods are meant to enhance not do your job, and if you do another elder scrolls game then maybe you should think of absolutely everything first (personally i miss the chameleon spell and oblivion way of enchanting).

  7. I’m thinking giskard is alone on this one. Release the CK, bugs or not! The navmesh issues were minimal compared to the overall awesomeness the GECK brought us. New quests? Scripting? Traps! The list goes on. Can’t wait for it to be released…the GECK was like advanced legos for adults…almost as much fun as the game itself from my personal experiences. I am not cool with the future of Skyrim editing stuck with hex editing and buggy work arounds. Take your time releasing the CK for all I care, as long as it comes out eventually.

    And thanks for your continued support of the elder scrolls and fallout modding community.

  8. Way to go, guys. You can’t even handle a simple (and not even harsh) criticism and just delete my post. Really shows your character…

  9. I’m gonna buy Skyrim as soon as the CK comes out, didn’t have time to purchase skyrim and actually play the game yet, so i’ll buy it when the CK comes out, install all the amazing gameplay enhancing mods and then play it πŸ™‚

  10. As a PS3 owner, I am so disapppinted that I’m stuck with the original set of incredibly boring, underpowered spells.

    I don’t think I’ll ever use Destruction magic again. Master-level spells take a long time to cast, and most enemies shrug it off anyway. Plus, they all look so similar. I have not found one spell that made me say “Wow, that’s pretty cool!”, yet every Midas spell is impressive, in its own way.

    • I agree, why don’t they just fix the master destruction spells?They’re completely useless, by the time you get off a firestorm, you’ll probably be dead, and you can do more damage just by using incinerate anyways.The sad thing is, Beth will probably never buff the master spells because Beth almost never releases any patches that fix the balance of the game.So console users will probably be stuck with crappy underpowered spells until Elder Scrolls: 6.