Brink receives WGA nomination

The Writers Guild of America has announced this year’s nominees for Outstanding Achievement in Videogame Writing, and we’re pleased to share news that Splash Damage’s Ed ‘Bongo Boy’ Stern received a nomination for Brink.

This marks the fourth consecutive year a Bethesda title has been nominated for the award. Previously nominated titles included Fallout 3 (2008), WET (2009), and Fallout: New Vegas (2010).

Reader Comments

  1. You forgot to mention the part where it is impossible for you to not get a nomination given the embarrassingly small pool of potential nominees.

  2. really… really. is that some sort of a joke, what kind of story does brink have. o thats wright it doesn’t have one. why not skyrim.

  3. I agree with afan, how on earth would such a landmark game like Skyrim not get a node, but a complete dud like Brink get recognized?