Skyrim Awesomesauce!

Welcome back for another roundup. Plenty of fun happenings Skyrim happenings around the web! We start with Skyrim: 2012, a fan video created by GoBroPros that shows what happens when Skyrim and real life cross over. The video has some pretty great post-production effects and definitely had folks smiling around the office. For more fun stuff, check out these links…

In other news, Skyrim has received a few more awards around the web, including Game of the Year from RipTen, EGM, Examiner, and The Escapist.

Reader Comments

    • To you all…please…let’s stop calling it Creation Kit (CK).

      From now on, it should be properly named Steam Integration (SI)…so let’s call it like that, ok?? XDD

      • @Jashkar

        There are multiple components here. The Creation Kit component and the Steam Workshop component. If folks want to upload their mods to other modding sites, they’ll still have that capability.

        • No. Steam Integration (SI) is my new slang name-code for the Creation Kit (CK)…CK needs a new refreshing name because people are getting too obsessive with that.

          Saying that I want the SI badly will at very least add an innovation in people’s requests!!! XDDD

          P.S.: But are realistic those rumors saying that, after SI release, Steam will be able to make me a coffee? But what kind of coffee? I like Espresso…will Steam make me an Espresso coffee or I need to use a third-party application for that?

    • Fan wants the SI badly!!! We’re all ready to connect and integrate. Use the Force Luke…no…sorry…Use the Steam Luke!!! XDD

  1. Hello! i know this isnt really a comment to post here but at least you can see it here!

    I am wondering if you have any plans of optimizing the PC version?
    overall, the game is great and i have not seen a single critical bug! i love TES series
    I have no problems with FPS except for cities, the whole PC community would love to have a patch optimizing the PC a bit 🙂
    THanks for your time reading! (if you even read 🙁 )

  2. Optimist: The glass is half full.
    Pessimist: The glass is half empty.
    Bethesda: You can fill the other half yourself.

    Kinda hard without the CK though, eh?

  3. Next patch please for PS3, you game is unplayable & coming here to find frivolous posts by Bethesda just adds insult to injury quite frankly…

    • i agree totally i was going along nicely now the brairheart bug has me stymied there must be something that can be done a fix in the near future would be great if you please unlike most i had no probs with oblivion but skyrim though a great game is loaded with the darn things

    • gstaff said on Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 3:26 pm:

      @I’m Serious, the blog post says “Beginning in January” not “Beginning of January.