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  1. I never liked my little pony until I took an arrow to the knee and my hatred grew 😀 Adventure Time is where its at sick Dovahpony tho

  2. Since Bethesda seems to think posting this sickening nonsense is a great idea, I will no longer be purchasing their products, and will be demanding refunds for the products already purchased.

    • I’m sorry, but if you refuse to purchase games from a company because their blog posts some stuff that has to do with a show or community that your not a part of….that’s kind of sad. Honestly I don’t think they are going to miss your money though.

  3. I can’t possibly be the only person tired of seeing this crap everywhere I look. I mean, it’s cool if you like it, but why on earth does it have to be everywhere?

  4. If there was horse armour for Skyrim like this, I would definitely buy it.

    Hell, I would buy ANY armour for my Skyrim horse, since I’ve already got through at least four horses. There I am quite happily clip-clopping through the wilderness when suddenly it’s GRRR-NOM-BYE-BYE-HORSIE!


    • Thank goodness i dont ride horsies otherwise the heartbreak would have turned me to the darkside of a rainbowless world full of vast fields of my little pony tombstones.

  5. Would patch 1.4 allow me to play with my save file which just reached 11Mb? Because I can’t fast travel or enter any new area, the game is completely broken. Ah, and I’m not talking about the ps3, this happens with a pc with 4 gb ram…

    I’ve played all fallouts with all dlc, bugs included, but this time you’ve screwed it pretty well guys…

    Time for a refund…

    • I have seen comments regarding the bug that occurs because of a flaw in the PS3s memory allocation protocols, however this is the first I’ve heard of it happening on a PC. Perhaps, the issue is entirely unrelated to the size of your game save. My save is current ~21MB with 2GB Ram and setting on High with no issues. I would not be so quick to tell Bethesda that they screwed up. I’ve seen people go as far as saying they rushed and released the game before it was ready. this is ridiculous. some of these issues cannot be discovered until the game hits the masses. And with any game of this caliber, bugs and glitches are bound to exit. Such is the price you pay for such an amazing non-linear, limitless and open game. I don’t disagree that bugs can be frustrating, but these things happen. If its not worth it to you then don’t play the game, don’t even buy the game, and most of all don’t complain about it.

  6. Holy crap. And here i thought those stupid little plastic toys went out of style back when i was a kid. And bronies? Really? Have the young men of these times really come to this? Emasculation of the male society by media, music and my little pony.

  7. I have been just been suspended by the forum for suggesting that keeping locking threads asking for Creation Kit isn’t exactly a “smart communication move”…which still I think. XD

    Hey Gstaff? Hey you all Bethesda Guys?
    Are you directly managing this “steroid-grown fascist trend” or the moderators are just getting a bit “out of hand” there?

  8. My how the tables have turned…especially on the internet. Had any of my friends done this ten years ago, we would have beat the crap out of him. Now people are praised and congratulated for being strangely, emotionally attached to a show about pink ponies with rainbows on their asses…I can only shake my head. The wussification of America…

    What’s next? Barney Bears and Teletubbie Trolls? Yay.

    But hey, to each their own. Looks detailed…I guess? Took some effort?

    • Well…Gstaff is just trying to fill up the “communication gap” due to the complete lack of information about the game.

      The mini-pony thing isn’t that bad, while I enjoyed more the Real Life Skyrim video…

      …and, moreover, at very least, on this blog he’s not behaving like a fascist, like people who lock my threads or suspend my posting rights (which suggests me that moderators are getting a bit “out of hand” on the CK topic)!

    • Dude, can you not read or do you just comment on stuff without Looking? MY customs are NOT about the show nor actual my little ponies. I am not a broney or anything, As ive stated ive been doing this long before the internet made the new ponies popular. its about using different things as base’s and showing my sculpting skills.

      • I usually comment on stuff without looking. Actually, this is the second…wait, now third comment I have ever made on this blog, and most likely the last. I made the mistake of putting my opinion on an already ridiculous topic without second guessing myself like I should have…damnit.

        In my own defense I did read a number of the comments. And I see this bronie thing all over the nexus anymore. And it worries me. When I was a kid, it was the girls that watched that show. My mistake completely for making assumptions from other’s comments without taking the time to view your dpage.

        It obviously took lots of time, so hats off to you for your dedication and creativity. Apologies for implying you were a wussie. Your sculpting is actually quite neat.

          • Ohh perfect, the wussies are the people of beth, since they intentionally added the topic “MY LITTLE DRAGONBORN”……

            As discused above ….. MIND THE GLITCHES and release the CK,instead of promoting MLP show.

    • I don’t want to spoil the good old times of you and your friends beating the crap out of each other, but emotionally it did leave one scar or another, didn’t it, bra?

    • lol… dude, just wanna start of by saying i don’t get that brony thing either but i couldn’t help noticing you use “friend” and “beat the crap out of him” in the same sentence… must mean you don’t have any true friends… if at the slightest misstep you’d beat eachother up :P…

    • As a former horse-obsessed little girl, I am perplexed why some interest in a harmless show has you worrying about “wussification”. Or why you look back on “getting the crap beat out of you” with fondness.

      Am confuse?

    • Skyrim what has to do with ponies??? The so “macho” dovahkin sterereotype beth chose for skyrim has to do with MLP. Get out oh here you!

  9. Moreover…now it’s clear like sunshine that this tweet from Pete Hines:

    “People tend not to do well with speculation and when things change. As a result we/I don’t share info until it’s more concrete.”

    …means that Bethesda is going to release *last minute* on January if everything is going well…but will probably further postpone.

    Keeping so much silence…not giving info while the deadline month is reached…locking threads…

    …you guys seem really to be behaving like people who’ve something to hide!

    • Jashkar you old troll. All they try to do is avoid people like you. They want to hold back the information until they are certain of it. Else people like you seems to think they have signed a binding contract in blood. Even when they give vague suggestions as to when they could imagine a thing will come you and other like you see it as if they have made an official press statement regarding a deadline. It doesn’t help either when you misread their statements and even after they explain to you your mistake you persist. Will you stop it there is a life outside gaming. Bethesda will release information when they da.. well please, accept it or find something else to do. I doubt you will find other companies that doesn’t either choose to never release information or even hints at things coming before they are 100 % certain, or companies that announce a date and then release the thing whatever the condition it’s in. Of course mistakes happens, but who is infallible?

      • Me. (joke) [XD]

        I have already too many “frozen issues” in RL which I cannot find a culprit (and flay him alive! XD). In fact it’s not a *tragedy* that they don’t give out any release date (on cold mind it sounds pretty silly, but not dramatic) or that they’ve not released it…but Skyrim is a “compensation chamber”…a very large part of mods I plan to use have important parts frozen by the lack of CK…since the dungeon part is the only unchanging part of the game, I don’t want to ruin its freshness by playing it too much (already done with Oblivion)…so I’ve frozen my play until the CK comes out and mods “make their jump”…

        However, until them…no damned “compensation chamber”!

        I’m playing Two Worlds 2…it’s a nice game, but it’s *not like* Skyrim with mods…while I do have some issues with Skyrim (which are solved by mods), well…there’s no rpg like that!

        I want my *drug*! That’s why I keep pestering Gstaff about the CK…it’s a chain consequence…I don’t want to waste my gaming experience, but I want my *drug*!

    • Its not what they’re doing. They’re just trying to make sure their software works because have you seen the massive amount of complaining people?(not people voicing their opinions. Just out right complaining and persisting to post their discontent in every. freaking. topic). Imagine the increasing number if they released buggy software.

    • “As a result we/I don’t share info until it’s more concrete.”
      Oh, so he means like how he told us we could equip shields, etc. in the right hand, and how he confirmed that werewolves were not in the game, or…

      I take Pete Hines’ words with a salt pile or two.

  10. I just came here to do some research on Bethesda and maybe find a little bit of interesting merch to indulge in [I think the pony is cute!]

    …It is always astounding to me what a fiasco internet forums are. Just sayin’.

  11. Ah…as for alternate starts. I know that they do exist, but without CK, I have a strong suspicion that they could create issues or mess up the game…which I definitely don’t want to…

  12. Why are they posting such nonsense when the entire community is waiting for the creation kit? Say something at least, Bethesda. If you want to be useful, or if you want this blog to be, speak about what we want to read, not this crap. It’s Jan 16th. Where is the so-promised Creation Kit?

    • Alex…I agree with you completely, but we should keep in mind that Bethesda isn’t like the Geth Collective of Mass Effect:

      Gstaff might work for Bethesda, but he’s just a community manager in charge of supervising the “social areas” of Bethesda. He probably doesn’t have direct access to insider information about CK or the new patch and, moreover, even if he had, he’s expected to stick to hierarchy.

      Companies aren’t democracy…they are a dictatorship…if you’re not the global CEO and you don’t obey, you pay.

      When Gstaff puts his “fillers” (which you called “nonsense”)
      on this blog, he’s just doing his best to keep some kind of communication with us while he’s no access to significant information or authorization to release insider information
      …it’s not Bethesda who’s making fun of us by not giving us the information and telling us things which we don’t care…
      it’s just a person working in the Communication area who’s trying to entertain/distract us while he’s nothing to tell us about the CK or the patch! 😐

      Think about it…

      …if you consider this from this point of view, it is better if Gstaff give us his “fillers” which could be a mixed bag (I found the mini-pony thing cute, while I didn’t find it so interesting…while I enjoyed some videos he posted)…but would be better this or the near-silence that you could experience on the official website?

      Honestly, if I have to choose (and info about CK or patch *aren’t* an option), I prefer Gstaff “feeding” me funny things than letting the blog not updated…*that* would be really depressing!

  13. Next patch please for PS3, you game is unplayable & coming here to find frivolous posts by Bethesda just adds insult to injury quite frankly…

  14. I think what I’m going to do is wrap my game back up and put it in my cupboard then pull it out on 11.11.12 and re-unwrap it then. I imagine by that time the majority of the important bugs will have been dealt with and I won’t have to keep popping onto this blog to find Dovahkiin ponies and announcements of Skyrim winning currently undeserved awards.

    Will we gamers as a group learn from this experience and wait a year before purchasing any of these games?

    I don’t care how difficult it is to code/make games; it comes down to what I think consumer rights should be. This whole ‘selling as is’ idea in the video game industry just nips the hell out of me. Sell it as a beta first if you know for sure you’ve not actually finished the game to a point where the only bugs are cosmetic or very minor. Seriously.

    Either that or take longer. Maybe you could have taken a year longer and released it on the day the world is supposed to end in 2012. Would that not have been a cool enough substitute for 11.11.11?

    • blame the publishers, not the developers…
      5 years is a average time for a game in this size and complex.. 12-12-12 would have been a better date, but then again.. publishers are stupid.

    • But, with most people, skyrim works just fine with only a few quests bugging. The image of a broken game is created when the minority whose game doesnt work, begin to complain… Yes, i know about the issues with some ps3 users (my cousin being one of those users) and i know that everybody should be able to play this awesome game, which deserves all the awards it has achieved, but hey, In my opinion it’s better to release a game that works with 90% of people,
      Than releasing it a year later so it will work with 100%…

  15. would you kindly release the CK so we could begin fixing the hundreds of game breaking bugs you didn’t and never will bother to fix? thanks.

  16. This is the Bethesda Blog not the “Skyrim for the PC blog” if people want to bitch about the CK (or current lack there of) why don’t you disappear to the Skyrim forums, ‘Kay? 😉

    Meanwhile let me get a load of these ponies 😛

    • “This is the Bethesda Blog not the “Skyrim for the PC blog” if people want to bitch about the CK (or current lack there of) why don’t you disappear to the Skyrim forums, ‘Kay?”

      For what?
      For having our threads *locked* and our user *suspended*?
      That’s what moderators are doing on Skyrim Forum:

      Locking all threads who ask about CK! And if someone underlines that this isn’t probably the “best communication approach”, they suspend you!!

        • Well there is almost two weeks left to end of January so I can wait some more, patience is virtue especially when new tools will have great number of new or improved features, better to wait some more and have finished product then bugged CK.

  17. Skyrim is incredible. HOWEVER. Bethesda needs to patch at least hjerim and proud spire manner. For me, none of the weapon racks or plaques work which is very frustrating.

  18. Something tells me lots of the people here are either bitching about no CK or no bug fixes notice you actually have a game its not oblivion it is a game im sure some of you have been waiting several years for and are now bitching about because its not perfect play the damned game and have fun

  19. Fluttershy is the ultimate dragonborn, everypony knows what I’m talking about 😉
    If you dont know what I’m talking about, then you dont know what you’re talking about when commenting about my little pony, go give the show a chance guys, only the manliest of men are secure enough about their sexuality to give the my little pony: friendship is magic show a watch, because looking past all the pink butterflies and rainbows (whatever makes you biased towards pretty stuff) the show is really great! If you dont want to watch it, fine don’t, just dont go spouting hate when you havent seen the show, that just makes you sound like a moron and a troll to everyone else.

  20. That is all cute but when are updates/patches going to come out with the game, I’ve had the game a few months and I am unable to do any of the Companion’s guild quests because Aela the Huntress is nowhere to be found.

    Im speaking of the xbox 360 version mainly. I know other people are experiencing the same problem and would like to go further along the companion’s guild quests so I can become a werewolf and do those quests. She is nowhere to be found not at any giant camp or the Companion’s guild hall jorrvaskr. This is very frustrating especially since there is no work around either. At first it made me want to stop playing for some time or quit playing, and I haven’t played for some time but do want to get back into it do those quests and complete the game sometime as well.

  21. Adorable, now where the heck is the Creation kit? I have been waiting since launch for that blasted thing and this month is only one and a half weeks away from being over, and shocker, no kit. I would love it if you stopped posting crap and actually gave us some information or dates, or a friggin progress update on the patches/CREATION KIT.

  22. It’s amazing the amount of people wold just come here to comment on how they hate a show they probably never even watched because they’re too “Manly”.Or they think it’s “Just for little girls.”
    Please,there’s a reason why it’s popular,but if you keep acting like this you won’t get it.
    And those of you that watch the show and are fans don’t start any flame wars to defend the show. Just let it be.If they want to call us names so be it. Don’t get mad,don’t get angry,and don’t try to burn they’re house down with the lemons.

    And cut it out with asking for the creation kit already it will be done when it’s done no sooner.