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    • It’s the new MLP: FiM series, due to the quality in animations, scripts, voices and overall story it has gained a massive following on the internet.

    • It’s this TV show ‘My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic.’.

      It’s a great show, and it got a Giant fanbase. TBH, It actually created a rule 34b: If it Exists, There IS pony of it. ๐Ÿ˜›

      Fans of the show are ‘Bronies’, or ‘Pegasisters’ or Whatever they want to call themselves. So they often use a pony as their avatar. ^_^

      Link. Must. Have. Buy. NAO!

    • Never heard of bronies before?
      Basically it’s men usually between the ages of 16 and 25 or something, that enjoy everything about my little pony. They watch the show, make fan art, fan fiction etc. This is a really awesome thing for skyrim bronies ^^

      • Understand is not the best word. I’m not sure it’s possible to understand why a bunch of grown men would not only watch but be fanatical about a cartoon made for pre-teen girls.

  1. You people in the comments must have been living under a rock or something, My Little Pony is only like… one of the biggest things on the internet right now. Everyone and their mum loves the new series.

    Also this thing is bloody epic. The detail is just… wow! Shame it’s done on one of the ugly, less nice-looking pony models though.

    • Love, tolerance, talent and a loveable show?
      Yeah, based on the amount of exclamation marks in your post, you seem just like the guy that would hate something like that.

  2. The my little pony thing has recently popped up all over thanks to the wonderful tards of /b/… That’s random 4chan if you didn’t know… dunno why, but they seem to have an ever-growing hard on for Ponies and Bronies… FML. This little guy is pretty sweet though!

  3. [email protected] said on :

    The only people who enjoy MLP are pedos.

  4. Hahaha. Only thing it needs is one of those “butt symbol” thing, the imperial Dragon-in-diamond thing would work. Or a single character of Draconic.

  5. In the name of the Romanian Bronies i say to ye…Brohoofs all around :)) ..

    P.S. Kahsajara look it up on Equestria Daily or youtube it … i suggest starting with episode 1 season 1 if you want to have a good impression from the start ๐Ÿ˜€

    • No, the MLP craze came from 4Chan, they got semi-kicked out of there shortly after their new tv show came out. Now they’re a plague upon our world. Bronies >.<

      • You’re a plague among the world. We just try to have good times yet you haters seem justified that you can just come in out of no where shouting and shoving your opinions down our throats.

      • Hey, we’re not all bad! I know there are some bronies who can be very annoying and pretty much shove ponies in everyone’s face, but that’s a small piece of the entire fandom. There are plenty of sensible bronies who just stick to pony forums and such to post ponies, me included.

        There’s also plenty of very talented artists who are bronies and they’re usually very sensible as well.

      • Nope. It started in /co/ (Cartoons) because some blogger made a very inflammatory blog post about it, and it became a meme for a very short while until the actual brony community started. /b/-tards got pissed off and moot banned all pony-related content off, so it spread out into various communities. Now it’s a several thousand strong community spanning across imageboards and the Internet.

  6. OMG… Really?!? What’s next? Barbie Battle-Born?! Spyro-Alduin?! Maybe a Teddy Ruxpin “Cave Bear Edition”… ugh

  7. I would give my kidney for that, that looks absolutely amazing. And guys if you don’t like it why do you even bother commenting?

  8. Lol So awesome he made it to here!! Ive been doing customs for years, as action figues and ponies alike. I find it hilarious and awesome to make one thing, into another. I started using the MLP for just that reason, take something most people not interested in and make it into something epic. Ive been doing MLP customs since 07. It did not start on 4chan, it began with people doing there own regular pretty ponies, with new hair colors ect dating all the way back to the 80’s. There were a few Pioneers that began using ponies as a creative base around the time i did (07).look around and you will find alot of cool customs. Thanks for all the comments, I will be making a Dovahkiin fully poseable action figure next!

  9. Does this mean we will soon get the much anticipated Horse Armor DLC? — You do know that is the most purchased DLC for Oblivion, right?