DOOM returns to Xbox LIVE Arcade

We’re pleased to announce that id Software’s FPS classic, DOOM, has returned to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace worldwide. This even includes Germany, where the the game was de-listed from a banned list last year.

Face off against Hell’s army as you experience the revolution of DOOM. Lay waste to hordes of demonic monsters with an arsenal of classic weapons including the infamous BFG 9000. Take the deathmatch online via LIVE and battle your friends for dominance of the leaderboards, or team-up with a friend in co-op.

DOOM is available now for 400 Microsoft Points. 

Reader Comments

    • Actually reselling old games on the current platforms means that modern audiences get to play games they otherwise wouldn’t have got a chance too. 😉

    • The recording industry has been doing this for years.

      For about $4, you can get a copy of the game and a full Pentium II computer and play it old school.

      Even cheaper if you emulate it.

    • I think selling old classics is a good cause. We “older” people can relive the time that “games were good”. The “young” people get to remember these awesome classics and play them how they were meant to be played.

      DOOM is indeed getting a little old, pretty much anyone known about it, played it and can hum the tune with ease. So “shit” is not a word that would define this game.

  1. Where Was It? Wasn’t It On Live Three Years Ago At Least? I’m Confused As To Why ID Says It Came Out Today…Perhaps For Germany And Other Countries That Didn’t Have It?

    • it was taken off the xbla because another company bought id software a couple years ago which somehow voided microsofts agreement to have doom.. they must have worked out a new agreement

  2. Got it, beat it and yes I punched the cyber demon to death on ultra-violnce lol I died about 5000 times first though XD

  3. Gstaff…sorry…until now I’ve tried to be sympathetic,
    but now this is too much:

    What this CRAP has to do with Bethesda (or with Skyrim)??!

        • @gstaff: Nah…the point is that I missed the point hinted at by Moth, so my thought was that you’d gone completely crazy and started putting random things into the blog…

          …so we come at my “WTF” reaction!

          I *know* that you’ve no faintest idea of when the CK or the patch will be released, so I am no more asking about that (while obviously I keep checking the blog).

          The problem is that at the 18th of January one starts wondering if the things are getting out of hand, because I *do* believe you when you tell me you’ll tell me as soon as you can give me info…but the problem is…*why* the development team isn’t giving you any info?

          Because if it was a mere authorization issue…or was something related to Sony or Microsoft to check and authorize this or that patch…some “big boss” signing something…I’d *not* be worried.

          Oh…well…I know that in RL documents and reports could take as much as two months to be signed by some “big boss”…the processes of a whole organization could be completely messed by the need to have something signed by some “big boss”…so it’s still delay…

          …but a delay on development departmert *that* scares me. If development team found some bug or some issue it have *no idea* how to solve, the “Time to Complete” could become unknown…that really worries me a lot! 🙁

          By the way…I suppose that by end of month we’ll know, so well…

      • Buahahahahahah! Now I’ve understood… XDD
        BTW…I HATE Doom and all shootemup, so the definition “crap” still applies for me!! XDD

  4. I’m sorry but when you say worldwide, That includes New Zealand, yet I do not see it on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

    So before you go making such a bold claim Bethesda, Think about the entire world…

  5. 1. Bethesda Softworks does not own Id. ZeniMax owns both BethSoft and Id. (And several other studios too.)

    2. Bethesda *publishes* Id, however.

    3. Ultimate Doom on the XBLA was previously published by Activision. Following the acquisition of Id by ZeniMax, and the transfer of the publishing rights to Bethesda, it had been removed from the marketplace, as Activision no longer had the right to sold it. It took a while to sort all the Microsoftian red tape so that Doom could be available again, this time under the BethSoft flag.

    4. Question this time: is it a transfer or just a new product? I mean, do people who bought it back when it was from Activision can redownload it now? Or is it technically a new product so they’d have to acquire it again?

    • In response to your question: I bought it when it was published by Activision and can still play the full game, achievements, savegames and everything.

      Strangely enough, the version I have now still says ‘Published by Activision’ in the intro and credits, whereas if I sign out of my gamertag and play the trial version it all says ‘Published by Bethesda’ instead.

      So it seems like the answer to your question is that it is both a transfer and a new product, albeit only new in the sense that Bethesda have done extensive work replacing some logos and small print.

  6. I may get this. I hate modern shoot ’em ups but old skoolin’ it seems pretty appealing. I remember being little (I’m almost 22) and watching my dad play it or one of its early sequels on his PC. In the dark!1one!!!1

    Anyway, I’m lazy so can someone tell me how many GBP 400MS points are?

  7. Doom… the best thing made ​​by id software, today and forever.
    But i can not stand playing one minute of this crap today.
    The father of the game in first person today is more the “grandfather with Alzheimer’s” forgotten everything.
    Sucks to know that Bethesda have to post garbage shooter. I bet the release of Fallout 4, the damn Doom 4 will appear together, to follow the wave. The same effect Skyrim/Rage together, damn shooter brought a negative fast with its bugs and nothing innovation, affecting Skyrim, before Skyrim own problems! hate it!