Watch the New Vegas Ultimate Edition Trailer

Return home to the Mojave Wasteland with Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition!

The Ultimate Edition includes the full version of Fallout: New Vegas as well as the Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues and Lonesome Road add-on packs. To sweeten the pot, you’ll be armed with the latest cache of unique weapons, ammo types and recipes from the most recent add-on packs Courier’s Stash and Gun Runners Arsenal.

Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate edition arrives on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Games for Windows on February 7th in North American and throughout Europe on February 10th.

Reader Comments

  1. Question: I have never played the Fallout series, so should I buy this or Fallout 3 GOTY to start? Don’t wanna get both of them now.

    • Fallout 3 GOTY to start – just for supermutants it’s worth the trip. As for Ultimate edition, I have all the stuff on pc already so not for me unless i wanted ps3 version whch i doubt. In Skyrim I have over 400 hours on pc but it’s starting to get boring I am level 40+ its a great game a little frustrating though.

    • DEFINITELY Fallout 3 GOTY. Much higher quality game, and a lot less bugs. New Vegas will only be one of the most amazing games you’ve ever played IF you like Fallout 3.


  2. I would buy it, but I’ve heard that the PS3 version is very, very laggy and it keeps freezing and running slow after certain point of the game. I want to hear if it’s fixed, because I want to experience F:NV as a good game – not a horrible experience. :\

  3. 0_O Really!?

    But it’s a bugged out, glitched & unplayable (at least on PS3), how can you expect people to buy this when you’ve hung us out to dry with Skyrim? Never again will I trust Bethesda with any future release for the Playstation brand, I’ve (& many others) been burned too many times…

  4. I’m not touching that with a 20ft pole! I’m still raging over the botched mess that is Skyrim, I’ve not played Skyrim since early December because of the unbearable lag…

  5. Are there any plans of releasing a real FoV fix for the PC players? I’ve stopped playing Skyrim because it gave me a headache after 1 hour of playing.. changing the FoV in console does not work for a long time, as soon as you fast travel or do anything else similar the game goes back to 65..

    I have barely played Skyrim since the start of december.. I have only been playing for 10-20 min at 10 diffrent occations just to check out some HD mods and just to slice up some townsfolk.

    Please! i beg you, give us a FoV patch! PLEASE!! i want to play this game but i cant!

  6. It’s really a complete shame that this is being pushed out when the frame rate issues with NV and FO3 have yet to be addressed in a satisfactory manner, on the PS3. I purchased the FO3 GOTY edition and the game just quit working and I was unable to completely the DLC. The same occurred to me after I bought the DLC for NV. Please consider doing something for your customers and attempt to fix the issue before you release a product like this.

  7. I was excited when i first saw the debut trailer fro New Vegas, after the epicness the was Fallout 3, I really wanted wanted this to be good, but alas, New Vegas turned out to be a disapointing, tasteless pile of goo…

  8. So, has the PS3 version been patched? If not, why even bother developing this for the PS3? Will the revenue gained from tricking the remaining eight people that don’t know it’s broken into buying it really offset the production costs?

  9. Oh nice! Too bad I’ve already sunk 300+ hours into New Vegas and it’s fine expansions, or else I would be more excited… Anyway, looking forward to what Bethesda and/or Obsidian does with Fallout 4 in the future, hopefully something else I can use to escape the drudgery that is middle class suburbia 🙂

    It seems like the Wasteland is always more exciting than real life.

  10. Fallout NV is a great game but the last 2 patches that fixed the game breaking save game bug, also nerfed many of the weapons claiming there where not balanced. Then several DLCS that where definitely not balanced added super weapons that made the rest of the weapons in the game absolutely pointless.

    Between the bugs and the unbalanced game play in the final 2 patches and the DLCs, I was not too impressed by Obsidans work. Except for the bugs and the unbalancing of the game in the patches. The original game was great, better than Fallout 3, more fun, deeper, more interactive.

    I liked it just the way it was, except for the bugs and the save issue.

    The other thing is, these GOTY versions of games tend to lose their meaning in the digital age. We can all have a GOTY or Ultimate version with companies like Steam if we buy our games from them and let steam update it.

    So its really just a compilation pack.

    What would make a GOTY exciting again is a GOTY upgrade pack containing background material, original artwork, official books, music from the game and all the stuff you leave lying around after production has finished. Perhaps a few resources for modders, ask a £10 for it separately and thrown it in with the GOTY for those who want it as part of the full package.

    Fans of the game will want the extras, but with steam, they will already have the GOTY thanks to how steam works. So it will be NO sale unlike the disk days when disk wear or disk corruption meant updating was a good idea.

  11. This is perfect for someone (like me) who hasn’t bought the game yet, and was waiting for all the DLC in one physical package. 🙂

  12. I wish that people would stop hating on Bethesda for their ps3 games… Has anyone heard of the 1.4 patch? And PC players, is your experience with such a great game as Skyrim really dependant on mods? Even though Id like to try out mods, I’m content with my Xbox 360 version. The CK is coming, so be patient. Something like that is veerry hard to make. Btw, if FO:NV is hard to play on ps3, or any other platform, blame Obsidian, not Bethesda. Thanks for not being ignorant, Moth

  13. I just wanted to thank all the creators, developers, publishers, artists, etc responsible for the games created at Bethesda Softworks primarily the fallout and elder scrolls series.I also am very glad that you decided to release all dlc to all platforms at the same time. Never really found out what exactly held you back from doing that from the start I always assumed it was some liscensing problems or something either way that was a great victory on your part. thank you for giving me something to do when I get the chance to relax that is totally encompassing. and brilliantly designed and thought out. you still seem to remember what gaming is about its not sales and marketing crap. its being able to forget the world around you and explore one that came from someone else mind. thank you

  14. Well… to taste whole Fallout you should probably play first two (made by Black Isle) but they are old, so I don’t know if you like old graphics :p (story is AWESOME). Fallout New Vegas for me is better game due to its athmosphere – but F3 is the first game of the series on this engine and its pretty good so I suggest start with f3 then fnv (there are many mods which makes gameplay and graphic better – especially fnv). still fnv was more fun to me (maybe because it was made by ppl who were working at original fallout :))

  15. Why must there be a level cap in Fallout 3 and New Vagas it’s just wrong in so many ways,please make a plan to take the level cap away

  16. Is there going to be an asian release of this? An asian english version? I got the Fallout 3 goty and the add ons were in japanese.I wasted my money.

  17. I own NV on the PS3, And Im guessing my game saves from the original will work with this edition if the two games are from the same country?

  18. Another shameless cash grab for a broken game.
    I really hope PS3 users don’t buy this as it would be a waste of money. They did the same thing with Oblivion. Re-release, and profit from, a broken game and defective product.

    Too all that say “don’t blame Bethesda, blame Obsidian”, I have to ask if you are serious? Bethesda puts their name on a product, gets paid from the sales of said product, and their website advertises it. They are just as much to blame as Obsidian.

    If you need proof, go to the support page at Obsidian’s website, look up support for Fallout NV, and tell me what you learn.

    Stop apologizing for Bethesda, it just encourages them to be one of the worst companies in the country.

  19. So…

    I just installed the latest DLC for Fallout New Vegas. I played through 10 minutes of the game and now the game freezes ALL the time. I get 4-5fps! I tried loading different saved games, reduce my inventory size, walk slowly, turning off the radio etc. NOTHING WORKS! The game just f-ing hangs all the time no matter what I do.

    How dare you Bethesda! You created the BEST GAME IN THE WORLD only to have it crash on me all the time!

    I will kill a baby cat each day until there’s a fix to this!

  20. Just play it on 360. Yeah you get the incidental game freeze once in about 50 hours but that beats the stuff I’m readin here.