Save the Date: QuakeCon 2012 Dates Announced

Prepare for Peace, Love, and Rockets!

QuakeCon, North America’s largest BYOC (Bring-Your-Own-Computer) LAN party, returns to the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, TX on August 2-5. Those interested in attending can reserve special room rates at the hotel by calling 1-800- Hiltons and ask for the QuakeCon 2012 rate ($154 per night).

For the latest updates, keep an eye on and our Twitter & Facebook pages for the event.

Reader Comments

  1. The Quake series used to be a favourite game at my own lan parties. Me and my friends would take over the living room or the kitchen for a weekend. Our favourite skin for quake 2 was the homer simpson skin, and the most flucky shot was on one first quake 2 MP map where I had a rail gun and said, wouldnt it be good if I shot that spot right and somebody ran up the hidden stairs right in to it. I took the shot and somebody did run in to it. lol. Not planned so it was very funny. Not as funny as automatically shooting a rock in to the favourite camping spot of friend every time we ran through the room and seeing the frag notice without even trying 🙂 Fun days, thanks for that ID 🙂

  2. I know you will not post my negative here.
    but believe me, these guys are going to ruin the delicate situation with Bethesda.
    Bethesda games are awesome, but always with serious problems.
    id software is basically an aggravating for defects, doom 4 is obvious another ridiculous 50gb of nothing. Bethesda need divide the blog, here only you with TES, Fallout, and put those pirates in another ship!
    i have all titles of bethesda, an relation with love and fight. but those guys from Texas… bad souls. capable to split a founder, to get more. bye.

  3. 145$ per night BWHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA are you out of your mind ?

    that’s like 30$ where i live and i get free breakfast also 😀

    what a hotel for only sleeping omg..