RAGE HD 2.0 update

Get more on RAGE on the go with the RAGE HD v2.0 update. The update, now available on the iTunes, includes new melee combat, official support for iOS 5, and enables the in-app purchase of two new episodes, Kraken and Aqueduct. The new episodes are available for purchase for $.99 via the “Store” button on the RAGE HD main menu.

After the break, check out more screens from the 2.0 update.

Reader Comments

  1. So your iPhone equivalent is basically getting more attention than the actual game. Thanks a bunch, I bought Rage just for id Studio but it seems at this rate I just totally wasted my money.


    • Frankly don’t care if you fix Rage on the PC any more or not. Skyrim runs so much better than Rage ever did and at 1/5th the physical size. I have no idea why Rage was so massive for mediocre graphics and no-SLI support.

      I know it wasn’t my system being the problem; was the poor coding and design of RAGE. Last ID game I’ll ever buy.

  2. There is no chance for the High Textures Rage for PC, Xbox360 or PS3. John Carmack commented on twitter long time “MMM… you are seeing as much as possible”. END.
    Stop investing in this company out of date! damn fanboys cause those type of afterlife. id tech 5 is horrible! going to be amazing, all of us “assholes”, probably buying Doom 4 anyway, because we are victims of false propaganda!

  3. some comments here are not fair. rage ios has nothing to do with rage multiplattform.

    rage pc start wasnt good, but that can happened with a new tech (id tech 5 engine). this singleplayer game is just three months old. please. new stuff is coming out, new patch, dlc, id studio (all over twitter). just play the game and have fun. give them a little time to do it right.

  4. I’d love to try RAGE PC but I won’t buy it till there is a hi texture pack, I refuse to play console ports with awful graphics.