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  1. -“Hey, Beth, where is Creation Kit?”
    -“It’s end of January already, you know.”
    -“…eh…uh…Look, a giftcard!”

  2. Have to agree.

    I’ve been checking here every day for word on the Creation Kit. I love Skyrim, but I really don’t want to delve into it fully until I can fix its many flaws (like the screwed up blacksmithing system, the limited spell selection and the eccentric “HAV SOME LEVELS!!!11!” level progression).

    Enough with the silly stuff. Enough with the whole “Yay! You get to be our unpaid beta testers!” thing.

    Creation. Kit.



    • Product promised at release
      JK GUYS
      3 months later
      Product promised by end of January (today would be end of January, thus BY END would be false)
      JK GUYS
      3 months later
      No one cares anymore.

  3. Hi bethblog, you promise that the CK will be released at the end of january, i hope tommorros will be released, i need the CK now, pleace release soon.

    PD sorry for my english

  4. Very nice Valentines Day cards. Love the retro colors on them as if made in the 1970s. Funny and sentimental sayings. They will definitely be used as desktop wallpaper come the Valentines week.