RAGE: Campaign Edition now on Mac, plus new PC patch!

We’re pleased to announce that Mac gamers can now get their hands on RAGE with today’s digital release of RAGE: Campaign Edition!

The Campaign Edition offers the full, unaltered RAGE single-player campaign, including the Wasteland sewer missions and the Anarchy Edition content (Double Barrel Shotgun, Rat Rod Buggy, Fists of RAGE, and Crimson Elite Armor) for the price of $39.99. The game is available now live on the Mac App Store, Aspyr Media’s GameAgent.com, and other Mac digital retailers.

In RAGE PC news, the 1.2 patch was also just released. Click through for more details.

The 1.2 update adds new features and addresses various compatibility and performance issues. At this time, if you have an ATI card, we recommend using these preview drivers.

Read the release notes from id below…

New Functionality

Texture Detail: Enabling Texture Detail will improve up-close texture quality by performing upsampling with adaptive sharpening. This does not update or increase the resolution of the base textures included with the game but improves the perceived resolution and crispness of textures. This is an intensive operation and is only recommended if you have a six core CPU or higher. Please disable this feature if you encounter poor performance, stability issues or are given a notification that the game has run out of memory after loading a map. The Texture Detail option can be found in the Settings -> Video Menu.

Transcode Benchmark: A new benchmark has been added that determines how quickly texture data can be translated from the compressed format on your hard drive to a format that can be used by your video card. The higher your score, the faster your PC is able to make higher detail texture data available. This is not a traditional benchmark that runs through a scene of the game and returns a min/max/average framerate based on hardware and video settings. Other than the GPU Transcode option, the score will not be affected by changing any video settings. The Transcode Benchmark option can be found in the Settings -> Video Menu.

Error Messaging: If you attempt to apply video settings on a system that is not capable of handling them, an error may come up stating that your system ran out of memory. You will be allowed to continue, however, it is recommended that you either reduce your video settings until this message no longer occurs or you will be asked to restart the game with lower video settings. If you ignore this error and continue playing without altering your settings you will likely encounter texture corruption and/or system instability.

Automatic Video Settings Fallbacks: When an advanced video setting fails to apply, the setting may be set back to a safe default. Anti-aliasing will fall back to NONE if the allocation of a multi-sampled FBO fails. Texture Cache will fall back to SMALL when the allocation of a large texture cache fails. Texture Detail will fall back to OFF when large page table allocations fail. On failure these settings will automatically fall back to safe values without the need for user input.

Changes / Fixes
• Fixed crash from potentially having stale transcode jobs in flight when switching between texture cache sizes.
• Fixed crash from using SIMD optimized memcpy with a PBO pointer that is not 16-byte aligned.
• Fixed GPU transcode option always turning off when restarting the game.
• Fixed progression in Dead City where player could not advance through sliding door to en route to the defibrillator upgrade.
• Fixed CPU feature detection.
• Fixed issues with launching MP by using double quotes around path name.
• Fixed lack of texture detail on parts of the screen at high resolutions due to limited feedback analysis buffer.
• Fixed thread stack space usage and freed up 700 MB of virtual address space.
• Re-enabled UBOs.
• Adjustments to default VDM values for balance.

Reader Comments

  1. What happened to the Mod Tools that were coming out for RAGE?

    Im sure I read a article saying Rage was going to have Mod Tools once?

    Unless I’m mistaken?

    • I assume probably not as Aspyr and other porting companies don’t like steam as the money goes to the developers/publishers of the windows version, the only reason some of Aspyr games are on steam is because Take 2 doesn’t give them exclusive rights of where the digital version can be bought from. So unless Bethesda/ID did a similar deal to Take 2’s deal then I doubt it.

        • If you don’t like macs don’t buy one ok. While we all harness the power of Lion you can be having fun with your windows anti-virus programs and playing RAGE for $20 off amazon. End of story, bye bye go away now.

          • the power of Lion is Not vary compatible with his woodland friends he eats them without thinking
            win 7 user for over 1 1/2 years no viruses and don’t use anti-virus programs.. i started with DOS/ADAM computer if you want a challenge PC if you want simplicity mac.

            macs are better for businesses simple and safer for it but we are comparing apples with oranges business/simple with challenging/fun i think all games should be on mac too linux id like to see rise up more Mac focuses too much on making things Smaller rather then Better witch frustrates me

  2. Bethesda!
    When you launch officially the Fallout series games for Mac?

    I successfully tested without any crashes launching the Steam versions of Fallout 3 & Fallout New Vegas in Wineskin 2.5.3 with engine WS8Wine 1.3.37 – the app which in the Mac OS X emulates WinXP. Fallout NV runs more than 9 hours perfectly right inside the Mac OS X.
    Fallout is ready to be launched using Cedex converting technology already.

  3. Nice to see this finally out but very, very late and Feral should have done the port. It would nice if you would talk to Feral to get the Fallout series and Skyrim ported over to Mac.

  4. Also why no announcement that this was coming. You would have scored some good will with the Mac community instead of coming off like douche bags for saying nothing after the PC/Console releases.

    • That’s maybe because Apple takes 30% from each sale as the fees to maintain the platforms and processing of payments – Apple sending developers & app makers the ready to use banking check with your earnings which is cleared.

      • Steam also takes 30%.
        It’s more expensive because it was ported by Aspyr.
        You see, Aspyr pays publishers a very large sum of money, buying the porting rights off them and then selling the game. All profit and risk is on Aspyr, they sell very expensive.

    • tell me about it 59$ for a game on a shelf comes with a “Case” a “Booklet” steam you get a code same price id like to think it pays for steam services but after a few games Im paying them too much if you ask me its a rip off and we should just buy the case to show steam what we think i love steam don’t get me wrong it protects companies like bethesda from pirating id like to think anyway but they inadvertently encourage pirating in effect

    • Yes I was so sick of that. Hopefully now that there is a price drop and a patch this game might get more popular and a better reputation. I did notice on my PS3 that the rage demo was a really popular download!!

  5. Glad the mod tools will be released soon. This game is in drastic need of modder content. Not to take away from the work of the developers, but I lost motivation to play a few hours after I started. There is some great stuff there like the racing, but quest motivation is low. At least when the console commands worked I could mess around a bit. I know the game isn’t difficult without them, but sometimes I just want to do destruction derby or rush and bash without worrying about watching my health. Please bring them back ID and Bethesda. I might at least be able to overlook the lagging and repetition and finally finish the game. This is the one Beth or ID game I regret buying new.

    • Sorry, got bogged down on the negative stuff, but have to say the patch is good, still getting lagging all over the place, but the stability is really good now, vast improvement. Thanks for the update. I think this game still has some great potential, which is why I’m still here hoping I can spend more time in the Rage gameworld. I guess I’m more of a modder than a player. I think I bought the game under false pretenses.

  6. Hi every time before i startup Rage i have to change the language of my computer to english.
    The reason that the game won,t start up if my computer is setup in a another language. Me being from europe ant the default setting for my computer as language being Dutch.
    Is there a Patch coming in the future addressing that issue.