1Up.com predicts Super Bowl with Skyrim

During Super Bowl week, it’s pretty common for gaming sites to use the latest iteration of Madden NFL Football to pick the winner of today’s big game. Kudos to 1Up.com in taking a new creative approach.

Speaking of the big game, anyone that correctly picks tonight’s winner and the final score correctly will be  entered to win a random drawing for a Skyrim-related prize. Email [email protected] to enter.

Reader Comments

  1. I didn’t check in the other post because of the amount of posts so I’ll ask here: Can I get a prediction on when the current patch will be submitted for certification on consoles and also when the team will be starting on the next again patch? I’d really like to play Skyrim instead of reading about what others are doing with it. 🙂

  2. I could try to predict something too. Let me take a look into my crystal ball to see the past, the present and the future … I see … WAIT! WAIT! … Yeah .. I see, that 1UP will get no price for environmetal care in the next future. At least not for such a meaningless waste of bandwidth. Ohhh … and now I see my own very next future, sitting at a computer and clicking “next”…

    Wait a second. There comes a person out of the fog. Black cape, black hood … really weird and spooky … seems to be a moderator or something. He is clicking “delete”…

  3. Usually doesn’t bring much luck to celebrate a victory before earning it, which seems to be what the Giants *did* by making public a webpage in which they celebrated their victory.