Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition – NOW IN STORES!

Get more bang for your bottle cap with Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition — available now available in North America on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Ultimate Edition presents the definitive edition of  Fallout: New Vegas — featuring the main game and all six pieces of game add-on content: Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, Courier’s Stash, and Gun Runners’ Arsenal.

New Vegas Ultimate Edition will be available in Germany, Australia, and Nordic territories this coming Friday (February 10th), and will be released in the UK, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands on February 24th.

And to further celebrates the game’s release, by popular demand, we’re releasing the sheet music for “Begin Again” — the Dead Money song from Just Bell, Mikey Dowling, and Chris Avellone.

Dead Money “Begin Again”_Sheet Music

Reader Comments

  1. Yet again, re-releasing and selling a broken product for a profit with no intention of fixing it.

    Bravo Bethesda, and a big sarcastic “thank you” from all of the PS3 users.

  2. I look forward to not being able to complete this version of the game due to it not actually being a finished game and having lots of great game-breaking bugs, just like the original edition.

  3. I dont know Bethesda why we ps3 user always have to suffer with ur goods. If all release for ps3 broken then plz dun make us suffer anymore. I am so much disappointed with Fallout 3 GOTY freezing issues and Skyrim issues. People still talks about freeze and lag issues of New Vegas and now how we think of getting same broken goods again and again..:(

  4. Okay Bethesda do you know something that would make Fallout better? Add two or three player online! What i’m saying is to be able to have two or three people on a team online with friends or random players by choosing random or invite friends. I’m just saying all my friends say their getting bored because they aren’t able to hang out with friends, but this could make more people buy and play therefor making more cash and publicity.
    Thank you for your time please respond.

  5. Just wondering if Bethesda is making the massive issues with the PC edition of FNV Ulitimate Edition public, and are there any plans on making a workable fix? Please Bethesda, quit working with Steam, its giving you guys a bad rep! Btw, I dont think that the extremely small fine print near the bottom of the back of the DVD box was enough of a warning that this edition would require working with Steam to enable the game. The warning should have been much more prominent.

    • Im from Spain too, when is coming to our country? In Uk was lunched the 24th, but in Spain it isnt even on the GAME list of releases. So please if anyone from Obsidian look this please leave us a response.

  6. People, you have to understand that this is a HUGE game, the scripting is immense, and adding multiplayer would mean doing lots of work like taking out V.A.T.S. Multiplayer would also add more bugs, which is counter intuitive to your complaints. Bethesda is doing what they can but there will always be a few issues they cannot fix.

    • @Metallica

      As noted, it’s only available in Germany, Australia, UK, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, and Nordic territories. If that changes, we’ll let everyone know.

      • Ok, thanks. Another question: How likely is that to change? Is it likely or unlikely? Maybe New Vegas sold poorly (i do not know), but because many of us expected this version, I think the ultimate edition would have many sales in Spain, as had the first Fallout 3.

  7. So my favorite things about FALLOUT3 was the character diversity, multiple outcomes, and espeacially how easy it was to move around the map. VEGAS was better in that there is an expanded arsenal, apperal, multiple sizes and sexes of creatures and of course IRON SITES!!!!!! VEGAS was however lacking alot in the matter of the strategy guide and actuall game secuence not matching up, and there were also way to many invisable walls “spaces that looked like i should be able to run or jump over” really made it hard to enjoy the game. I could definatly tell U guys put alot more thought and work into making fallout3 “fluid” until vegas came out i couldnt see room4 improvment. one thought for FALLOUT4 might be more scematics for wider range of weapons “maybe even armor/clothing”, o and the whole perks from followers thing kinda gettin unrealistic if you still wana call the game series a POST NUCLEAR “SIMULATOR” id leave just a “lil” bit o that imagination on the drawing board where it belongs. Still not one BOW n ARROW setup? hint hint, other suggestons-12 guage mouse traps “its a mexican tripwire thing drug growers use”,eye level fish hooks, homeade bear traps,potatoe gun,car salvageables “batteries, alternators4 genorators, leaf spring cross bow, tire strip sheild, enviroment hazards like “acid rain, FALLOUT STORMS, mud slides maybe some contagious dieseses” or some supernatural aspects unmet- gosts,time travel, parrelel multiversel subquests idk but please at least throw in a zeppelin in there somewhere lol gots alot o ideas yal probably aint got time4 em all just keep up the great work cause were all LOVIN IT!!!!