Roundup: First Dance Edition

Here’s the latest and greatest from around the web.

We start with a video found on Geekologie of a happy couple’s first dance to Malukah’s cover of “The Dragonborn Comes.” We wish the couple all the best in their marriage and if  they reach out to us, we’ll send them a wedding gift.

Another video to catch is YouTube creator Tyrannicon’s video, The Great Battle of Skyrim

In other news, both PC Gamer (US) and PC Gamer (UK) announced their Top 100 PC Games of All Time this month. In the UK magazine, Skyrim reigns as the #1 game of all time with DOOM (#84), Fallout 3 (#59), Quake III Arena (50), and Oblivion (#20) also making the list. Stateside, Skyrim ranked #2 all time and was joined by Quake III (#43), Quake (#13), Oblivion (#7), and Fallout 3 (#4).

Elsewhere, check out these links…

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Reader Comments

  1. Tyrannicon’s video is a grim masterpiece of unparrelled carnage. Reminds me of Evil Dead 3 Army Of The Dead but with the terrifying atmosphere of the first movie in the series. Awesome work.

  2. What’s the news patch-wise for Skyrim? I’m supposing if you put the patch in for certification with Sony then you put it up with Microsoft at the same time? Are the team now working on the next patch? Any info would be nice. I really want to play the game. I want to Dovakiin my ass off and also check out what those red crosses on the map that comes with the game are all about.