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  1. Was a very good keynote address. Very interesting to listen to Todd Howard, and how developers work at Bethesda (Game Jam, etc). I truly hope that more Game Studios move in that direction so as to release even more interesting products that will put the power in the player’s hand. Allowing players to mod their games by providing them with the tools to do it, is quite rare in this industry, and something I hope more developers will look at.

    I’m really glad that Skyrim was such a success because it shows that the formula used by Bethesda works, and hopefully it will inspire other game developers to change the way they look at video games and players.

    P.S The creation kit is freaking awesome!

  2. Wowzers that was golden. The kind of speech people would pay thousands of dollars to hear and we got to hear it for free. Thanks Mr Todd Howard and to all who made it possible.

    Hail Bethesda! Hail Todd Howard!

  3. …anyone at Bethesda need an organ? More than happy to donate any of mine for that internal-Game Jam content to go public.
    I mean, seriously? Mounted Combat, Dragon Mounts, Spears, Werebears? THIS IS GOLD.

  4. Amazing keynote. It’s great to get a glimpse of Bethesda’s design philosophies, and I’m so glad to see the company appreciates the talent of its developers enough to let them go wild and just believe they will produce some incredible ideas.

    Reminds me of how ArenaNet trusts their concept artists enough to more or less let them paint whatever they want, knowing that whatever they produce will be golden. This approach needs to be used more often!

    Thanks for posting the video link =)

  5. I just want to let you guys at Bethesda know, as a huge fan of all of the previous games, if you guys successfully implement and release even half of the stuff in the sizzle video, Skyrim will officially be my favorite game in the franchise, between Werebears and Spears I am completely sold, also I would pay a ridiculous amount of money for that stuff, just in case that entices you any…

  6. Wow, if DLCs feature things like this….amazing and well worth it.

    Hmm…is it just me of is Todd’s hair looking fabu-lous! Full of bounce, body and curl.

  7. Thank you Bethsoft & Todd for sharing this awesome video! It’s nice to see video games get the art cred they deserve, and it’s very cool seeing creators CARING so much about what they do and what their fans think. Not only do many of your fans feel pride that they buy your games, but they feel pride and loyalty to your studio due to the freedoms you give us as gamers. Good stuff.

  8. And this ladies and gentlemen is why Bethesda deserved the Studio of the Year award 🙂

    I hope they bring out all of the Game Jam stuff even the giant mudcrab 😀

  9. I saw the video of that stuff you guys did in a week. I want to see all of it added to the game, especially atmospheric stuff like seasonal foliage, the water current shader, the kill cams, SSAO, that stuff.

  10. This keynote explains a lot, like why the PS3 version of Rimlag is broken. Todd said they did no external focus testing, since they did no external focus testing I can only assume they did no external beta testing to make sure the game runs properly. No wonder the PS3 lag issue made it past their internal beta testing, it’s hard to see such an issue when you don’t bring anyone from outside to play it and see how bad it is. Obviously they knew about it though, or they wouldn’t have sent only Xbox 360 copies out for review, even when specifically asked for the PS3 version, and they wouldn’t have made up all those lies that Pete Hines put out about how the PS3 version was on par with the Xbox version.

  11. If they do werebears and put in a lycanthropy skill tree, then I will predict that they will design one of the expansion packs to focus on this aspect of the game. It would be sweet if there were a vampire questline as well, as I don’t really see any reason to become one at this point.

  12. Brilliant keynote Todd. Great stuff. Good humor. Thank you and everyone involved for all the time and passion put into all your games. Cannot wait to see what comes next. Would be great to see the Game Jam or even some of the PC mods come to consoles in some sort of DLC package. You truly do make us proud to be gamer’s in this world we live in. You guys have been my favorites for years, keep up the good work!

  13. Todd “The God” Howard. God’s gift to the gaming industry. A veritable prodigy to be sure. You are without a doubt our Einstein, our Jordan. May your ideas of what a good game can be rein supreme from this day forward.

    You have redefined what a true open world is and I personally want to see it in all of my games. Can you imagine what Resident Evil or Tomb Raider would be like in a true open world? How about GTA or Star Wars.

    You(or any other developer for that matter) could apply your game model to any IP and I would buy it.

  14. It was really hard to stop watching once you’ve gotten into it – Is there any way to download the video and watch it on the go? Like an iTunes podcast or whatever?

  15. Hey, if you guys could add a werewolf/ vampire skill tree that would be awesome because as of the moment they are really underpowered and don’t scale well… At all… I can be 2-3 hit on the “normal difficulty” and thats really disapointing because I would love to play as a werewolf.. I’d like a skill tree for vamps just because they’re kinda.. I don’t know – lacking like the werewolfs even though they don’t instantly die from 2-3 hits.

  16. Great Lecture!
    Give us Mounted Combat + Spears (and horns?) and let the Thalmor come!

    “Ride now!… Ride now!… Ride! Ride to ruin and the world’s ending!”

  17. I really enjoyed the speech and it was great to hear how things work with game creation at Bethesda. I think it’s a good thing to unleash creativity to see where it can go…very smart – and you’re known for that because of modding. I hope there will be more opportunities to touch base with the gamers who enjoy these games so much. It’s always good to see anyone from the team talk about what’s going on. Thanks for the laughs too! That “owned” baby photo was so funny and I’m going to have nightmares about giant mudcrabs.

    You might need more shelf space at Bethesda, right? Congrats on last night’s DICE awards – GOTY and all the others; they are so deserved!

  18. That was an incredible keynote! I wish all game developers would watch this video and learn from it.

    That game jam NEEDS to become a DLC. Seriously, I would pay for all of those things.

  19. as someone who admire todd howard and play skyirm for alomost 300 hours.

    i have to say what skyrim lack imo: challange

    when skyrim become unplayabale due to bugs i turn on my ps2 and play
    vagrant story.

    both games have dragons and while skyrim dragons are way coller looking, the dragons in vagrant story feel more scary.

    in skyvrim is only npc who scared from the dragons in vagrant story is me the player who scared from them.

    they can kill me in one blow. in skyrim n i kill them in 3 blows on the hardest diffucly.

    when i hear todd saying they orginalty plan to do vats system in skyrim, it make me think maybe this game could be the spirtual sequel to vagrant story.

    p.s maybe there will be mod or dlc pack with vats, and challanges dragons that took hour to beat.

    anyway todd is such great devloper. is such fun to heard him speak

  20. i think that the lycan thing should be added its good to have a new perk tree and i like the fact of being a werewolf in the game it very fun and i think it should get more stuff im up for most of the game jam stuff. todd howard you are a funny guy this was great video and very interisting to listen to

  21. Seasonal foliage, fat giants, spears, mounted combat and magic kill shots would really help me get immersed in Skyrim. Also letting me attack while I’m falling so I can drop down on that dragon/villager and let him have it. I’ll even spend a perk on it. I don’t care about riding dragons; I’d rather see good mounted combat (one handed weapons and maybe spears) than riding dragons. Maybe a shout that turns me into a dragon?

    • You could even add mounted combat as a perk to the 1-handed and two-handed skill trees (swords, maces, axes for 1-handed, maybe spears for two-handed?). The horses in Skyrim are really cool to look at but having to dismount in order to fight means that I ultimately never use them.

      Oh, and customizing a house would be great. I have more gold than I know what to do with.

  22. That video got me excited for the next DLC, but something kind of bugged me. Most mods on Skyrim PC version make the Skyrim Xbox360 version (and PS3 version) look somewhat boring. I think Bethesda needs to add everything they put on the PC, on the Xbox360 (and PS3 version), too. Not all mods already made, but all of the new things on the DICE Note should go on every console. And I think the multiplayer mod as an add-on would increase their sales by longshot. And I not saying it all should be free, if Bethesda needs the money, then I’m sure many would pay a small price (like $5 or $10) for things as incredible as what was on the DICE Note (and of course the multiplayer mod/add-on). Please Bethesda, consider my suggestion.